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F.S Chapter 81: Discussing the Plot!

Seeing that Eriri didn’t understand the meaning of Yosuga No Sora, Mu Fan could only explain to her: “The origin of this name refers to family and the rapidly changing and the love that goes beyond everything.”

“Can the plot of this brother and sister be made a game at all?”

Eriri licked her lips and made her own suggestion without hesitation: “Although the ACG culture is hot now, the theme of brother and sister was used for a long time, and most of the society doesn’t recognize such a thing, even if it’s relatively small things let alone a game. No one would accept such an idea, not to mention buy the game.”

“What do you suggest?” Mu Fan didn’t worry as he looked at Eriri and Asked.

After all, Eriri was a person from this world, and it’s okay to hear her advice.

“I think you would better change the ending by making Nao Yorihime, Akira Amatsume, or Kazuha Migiwa the main character in the main storyline. After all, love that transcends taboo wouldn’t be accepted by the majority of people.” Eriri said as she pointed at the papers.

Upon hearing this explanation, Mu Fan glimpsed and unexpectedly asked: “Is it that what you prefer?”

Without reason, Eriri’s face turned red and denied: “I don’t like childhood friend, I hate them.”

Then why are blushing?

“Nao is indeed a good choice for the plot, but what you don’t know, this game has four endings, and each of the four girls got a chance at being the final heroine.”

However, even after saying, this it’s not like playing the game, as he couldn’t explain everything.

“Brother and sister love is really okay?”
Eriri raised her eyebrow as she asked again.

Is it necessary for you to be stuck in that?

Mu Fan didn’t think that Eriri was insulting him. Eriri was really conservative in this regard, but many said that Yosuga No Sora was good after actually playing the game.

“Even though the story seems real, it isn’t. After all, it’s just a fictional story that was made and even if in reality this couldn’t be done, but it can in fiction. The superhero stories out there aren’t real, and no one has such a power, but they are still very much liked.”

Mu Fan smiled and said: “Since it’s a fiction, Brother and Sister can be together.”

“So, what do you think about the Story?” Mu Fan asked.

“Although I don’t really like light novels… From a reader’s point of view, I really like the ending.” Hesitating for a moment, Eriri pushed her glasses and praised.

“Since you agree with the plot…”

Mu Fan smiled and said: “This type of game’s appeal lies in the plot, and since the plot isn’t boring, isn’t it enough?”

“This is true.”

Eriri liked her lips and hesitated before saying: “But I suggest you write the other endings tomorrow, so the players can control the ending they want.”

Saying this, Eriri pointed at the text and said: “For example, you can set difficulties for each heroine and make the game harder by needing a strategy for each heroine which will reduce conflict and make people adapt.”

“Well, you are worthy of being a mangaka, Eri Kashiwagi-sensei, you can already understand everything after reading the plot.”

Mu Fan clapped his hand and praised.

In fact, Eriri’s words were correct.

For example, the game had four main stories that needed time to get, and since Eriri understand the community of this world, she can make the difficulties of each character, which would make the game more real and satisfying.

“Do you want to die!” Eriri slammed her hand at him and said: “I told you not to call me that at School.”

“Sorry I was excited!”

Mu Fan touched his head and smiled apologetically. He expressed his gratitude to Eriri: “Really thank you, Eriri! If it’s not you, no one would understand the story I wrote.”

“I… I just want to make the game sell better, so I can get more money, okay? I… I didn’t do this to help you!” Her pretty face turned red.

Eriri is short on money, are you kidding?

Familiar with the proud Eriri, Mu Fan was immune to this as he knew that she had money and her family was rich as well.

“Well, let’s take it to the game production club so I can get my share as well!” Mu Fan didn’t refute her as he smiled.

“The income of the food club is good, so why do you want more money?” Eriri suddenly came over and asked.

If I said I wanted to support my sister, would she believe me?

Mu Fan smiled a bit, but he didn’t dare say this sentence after he wrote that story so he could only cough and said: “Of course, I need to by a house, a car and get a girl and play your favorite game.”


Eriri looked at Mu Fan with disgust and contempt.

“Eriri-san, is your family going bankrupt?” hesitating a little, Mu Fan asked.

“You are going bankrupt! your entire family is going bankrupt.” Eriri suddenly bit her teeth and stamped her foot on his.

“Are you a tiger? I just asked casually.”

A sting came from his foot as he exhaled cold air and frowned.

Dealing with a tsundere is really troublesome.

“Who asked you say something like that?” Eriri’s face was red as she knew she overdid it.

“Then why did you start drawing?”

To tell the truth, Mu Fan found it weird that Asuna and Eriri, two misses of wealthy families were busy every day with these things while they have all the money they want.

Eriri couldn’t help look at Mu Fan and said: “Of course, for the sake of my ideal, I don’t want a salted fish life like you.”

“I really admire you, you can live a very relaxed life, but you want to live up to your ideal.”

Mu Fan wasn’t angry.

Is the brain of wealthy people not the same as normal ones?

“I will also get up and fight for my ideal.”

When he finished this Eriri stood up, pulled Mu Fan, and started walking.

“What are you doing?”

“Of course, we’ll go to the art club to draw Sora, and for the sake of my ideal, you’re coming with me.”


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