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F.S Chapter 82: Why are You So Skilled!

“Isn’t it your job to draw them? What if someone came to the club to eat?”

Mu Fan who slept late last night didn’t want to leave the cooking club and lazily sat in his place.

“No one will come,” Eriri said while holding his arm.

“Why are you so sure that no one would come…”

After saying this, Mu Fan stopped and quickly realized that the sign on the door said closed.

“Are you sure you’re helping Asuna and not messing things up?”

Mu fan looked at Eriri and questioned. He seriously doubted that Asuna didn’t want to come, it’s probably Eriri who talked to her about this.

“You can open again after school.” Eriri retorted.

“What? I can make tens of thousands of Yen at this time.”

“I have no interest, is 10,000 Yen enough to control you?”

Eriri said with contempt.

“Do you think we’re all as rich as you? If I don’t make money, I won’t have anything to eat.”

Mu Fan rolled his eyes as he said.

“Hey, it’s necessary for the artist to know the author’s opinion. If I don’t understand how you want the character to be, I will draw Sora as an old woman, so don’t blame me if I did.” Eriri was not convinced.

“I think it’s necessary for me to set give my opinion to you.” Mu Fan’s mouth twitched. If she really drew her as an old woman, I’m afraid that no one would play the game.

Who would like to play a dating game with the main heroine as an old woman?

“Let’s go.”

Eriri quickly pulled Mu Fan’s arm and went out from the cooking club. They locked the door and under the surprised gazes of the students went together to the art club.

He couldn’t do anything else if he wanted to protect Sora.

Feeling the burning gazes that the students gave him, Mu Fan was speechless.

He already explained things to Asuna, but most of the students still think that he and Eriri are going out. He estimated that no matter what he said, no one would believe him.


Eriri closed the door of the art club and arrived beside the drawing board and gestured to Mu Fan to sit down.


Looking at this, Mu Fan was surprised, Eriri was actually so bold to draw Yosuga No Sora in the club?

Isn’t it disastrous for her to be caught by her classmates?

Mu Fan sat next to Eriri and hesitated a bit before asking: “is it alright to draw here?”

“Of course, there is no problem in drawing but isn’t this an art club, not a manga drawing club?” Eriri knew what Mu Fan wanted to say and replied.


Mu Fan was speechless, recently the art club was developing toward drawing manga.

Although it didn’t change to manga club, they still draw them. But except for Eriri, the other members’ mangas were a mess.

“This is how Sora should look like.

Since Eriri wasn’t worried, Mu Fan didn’t hesitate. When he finished the story last night, he drew up several main characters. He took a few sheets and showed them to Eriri.

“The face is a white, sweet looking black pupil and a delicate figure, a beautiful silver hair…”

After carefully looking at the design and reading the description, Eriri pushed her glasses up and turned toward the drawing board, took a deep breath, and started drawing.

She first started with the long straight hair, and then, she started drawing the face. As time passed, the figure started to show.

Mu Fan carefully looked at the painting, he could tell that Eriri wasn’t any less talented than Sagiri, but their style was different. Sagiri was focused on the characters face while Eriri was good with details.

“What about her bust?”

At this time, Eriri asked Mu fan.

“The same…”

As he was about to say this, Mu Fan heard a sound coming from the brush in Eriri’s hand and looked at her to find her fuming and about to get angry, so he directly changed his words and said: “I mean, it’s not big and somewhat really small.”
“Oh? That’s really a lot easier.”

Eriri didn’t forget to take a look at Mu Fan, before turning her head and continued drawing.

Eriri drew Sora who was holding a little rabbit doll in her hand while sitting on a train. This could show her personality.

A cute face and a white snow skin with a pure white dress with silvery white hair scattered on the seat of Sora. While she blankly looked out of the window seeing the changing scenery.

Mu Fan couldn’t help admire Eriri, who brought at least 90% of the original Sora in her picture.

I have to say; she is really gifted in drawing poor chested girls.

Looking at Sora, Eriri smiled with satisfaction and said to Mu Fan: “Is it okay? I didn’t expect anyone like you to write such a beautiful character.”

“I can’t hear the praise in your words.”

Mu Fan rolled his eyes and looked at the picture carefully, he couldn’t help but praise: “It’s perfect.”

“That’s natural, after all, It’s me who drew it!” Eriri smiled smugly. But when she looked at Noa, the other character, she frowned: “This isn’t a poor chested character?”

“What is the problem?”

Mu Fan asked in amazement: “Didn’t you bring Asuna as a model last time?”

“Yes, but now I don’t have any material.” Eriri looked at Mu Fan.

It’s a bit embarrassing, after all, she was a girl, but her chest is small…

Mu Fan smiled a bit and hesitated, before saying to Eriri: “Since there is no material, give me the painting tools, I will try to paint it myself.”

Upon hearing this, Eirri’s face suddenly showed surprised as she said.

“You can also draw manga?”


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