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F.S Chapter 83: Why Are You So Skilled? [Part 2]

“I have learned a bit.” Mu fan took the brush from Eriri’s hand and smiled.

“You want to draw Manga after only learning a little?”

Eriri picked her Eyebrows and couldn’t help retort: “Don’t blame me when you fail. Drawing Manga isn’t like drawing other things, or else mangakas would fill the streets.”

“I understand what drawing manga means. Wait a bit and see what I draw.”

Because there is not much time before class starts, Mu Fan didn’t want to delay any longer. He picked up the brush and concentrated on the drawing board and started moving the brush.

Maybe Mu Fan wasn’t as skilled as Eriri, but he got Yosuga No Sora from the system, and he didn’t just get the novel, he got everything related to it, be it manga, anime, or game.

He can draw directly from the picture in his brain, while Eriri didn’t have a model and couldn’t draw the character and would have to think before she draws but he didn’t.

It’s like how Mu Fan didn’t have to think about the plot when writing a novel.

He started drawing Nao with a sailor moons school uniform, she had black hair and wore glasses…

Mu Fan’s brush moved fast while imagining the character.

He was surprised by his talent. He also enjoyed the feeling he got from drawing.

At this time, the picture he imagined for Nao started taking place.

The picture he drew was of Nao getting knocked down while on the ground trying to cover herself with her hands on her skirt with a shy look…

Although it’s simple when it’s said this way, it was important to show the details.

Since he was drawing, he relied on the picture in his mind to draw her so Eriri could take notes from this and draw other scenes herself later.

“Okay, so how is it?”

Just when there are few minutes left before class starts, Mu Fan finished drawing and turned around and asked Eriri.

Although the details weren’t as good as Eriri, the picture was good.

And the style he drew with wasn’t something a beginner should have.

Shouldn’t he be a Mangaka who was delayed by learning how to cook and write novels?

Looking at Mu Fan, Eriri’s expression was weird.

“This is about it! I’m going to class, I will go back first if you have time, you should redraw it according to this picture.”

Mu Fan didn’t notice the strange look on Eriri’s face, he handed the picture to her and got up with a smile on his face.

He drew Nao, but it was only to show how she looked to Eriri so she could get the idea how to draw this Character, after all, Eriri was the one who will draw the scenes of the game.

“Oh, Ok.”

After receiving the picture, Eriri slightly glimpsed at it, and when she saw it, she couldn’t help sigh first, then frown.

She couldn’t help look at Mu Fan’s back who was leaving the club room as she said full of shock: “Why didn’t I know, you’re so skilled in drawing as well, Why are you so skilled?”

Mu Fan continued to write the other storylines of Yosuga No Sora.

While writing, Mu Fan thought about his life, he didn’t even have a childhood friend, female wise.

When it was break time, Mu Fan opened the official Website of SAO.

Although he didn’t play for a while, he still checked the website to see his rank. He was shocked to find that he was dropped to into the ranks to the 1,000.

Most of the people were talking about why did the first ranker before now drop that much.

Mu Fan closed the post and looked at the ranking, and although he didn’t play for a long time, the highest level currently was level four.

The first place was Names Kirito, while Kuroneko was ranked fifth.

Suddenly he noticed the tenth ranked player with a familiar name.


He thought that he knew the name, but he didn’t think that they were the same person, he didn’t think that his club president would play SAO.

Mu Fan didn’t think too much about it before closing the website and decided to finish writing the storylines today as there weren’t that much remaining.

Just changing the development a little would bring a new storyline.

As for SAO, it was still in the early stage, and he could find a good grinding area with Hatsune’s help and advance to the top ten again so he could increase his fan base and get Fantasy points.


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