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F.S Chapter 84: Confrontation!

After agreeing with Eriri to go to the Game Production Club tomorrow, Mu Fan and Eriri went back home. When Mu Fan reached his home, he found Yamada Elf waiting in front of his door, and it seems like she has been waiting for a long time.

It seemed like she wanted to compare their novels.

He will fight back no matter what, he didn’t want to give out his sister.

Even if you can’t beat your enemy, you still need to fight like a man, right?

“Oh? Is she tried due to lack of sleep?”

However, when he saw her leaning on the door with closed eyes, he was horrified.

She looked like… Gabriel when she pulled an all-nighter.

Do girls nowadays pull all-nighters normally?

“You were really rude yesterday and didn’t respond to the rest of my messages and you even hanged the phone on my face before!”

When she heard Mu Fan, Yamada Elf’s eyes opened, and all the exhaustion on her face faded away as she seemed full of energy suddenly.

“You want me to talk to you and delay me from writing my novel so you can win easily?”

Hearing Mu Fan’s suspicion, Yamada Elf couldn’t help frown as she said: “Hey, you think your low leveled novel could win against mine?”

“Of course, you should’ve seen how much I wrote yesterday, no?”

“Well, it’s only 100,000 words, I can finish them in a minute using my superpower.”

Girl, stop daydreaming.

Mu Fan looked at Yamada Elf with a blank face, she resembled Kuroneko, but the latter didn’t know him well. He could only say: “Do you think you can scare me? Didn’t you stay up last night to write?”

Seeing that she was exposed by Mu Fan, Yamada Elf’s face reddened as she said: “I didn’t, I just summoned a devil to do it instead.”

“I don’t have time to hear your nonsense!”

“If you don’t believe it, then come to my house and see if there is any document on my pc of the novel I just wrote.” Yamada Elf said proudly.

“Did you delete the documents so you can boast now?”

Mu Fan couldn’t help turn around and looked at her.

At this time, when Mu Fan opened the door of his house and entered, Yamada Elf followed behind and said.

“Heibon, since you finished your novel, then let’s compare and see who will get Eromanga-Sensei.”


Mu Fan glanced at the windows and saw everything still locked and knew that Sagiri was okay.

He will make Sagiri the judge to see which novel was better.

Compared to Yamada Elf’s house, Mu Fan’s was a little bit shabby.

You can tell that her house was like a castle from the outside.

Thinking about this, Mu Fan blushed. He couldn’t compare to Yamada Elf in his previous life.

“From your tone, I can’t see anything that suggests your welcoming me here.”

“Hey, your currently my enemy, why would you think I will treat you as a guest?”

Yamada Elf snorted in dissatisfaction, she followed Mu Fan into the living room and poured a cup of tea for herself and looked at Mu Fan before saying: “So where is your manuscript?”

“It’s here.”

Mu Fan took the manuscript of Yosuga No Sora and handed it to Yamada Elf and started reading the manuscript that she wrote.

As a best seller writer, of course, she could write and a good plot and good characters.

The novel she wrote makes the reader unable to stop reading.

Her novel was good.

He estimated that this book would be a hit when it is published.

But even so, Mu fan didn’t think that his Accel World would lose to Yamada Elf’s. After all, Accel World sales were pretty good in his previous world. It won’t be impossible to break into a million copy.

As for Yosuga no Sora, it was also at the peak of novels, if it was made a novel not a game, it wouldn’t lose to her novel as well.

However, this novel was full of flat chests. It can be said that this was prepared by Yamada Elf for Sagiri’s style.


At this moment, Yamada Elf’s hand hit the table as Mu Fan was shocked by this and turned to look at her. He saw her face full of tears.

“Ah, good luck with this, you will probably win.”

Yamada Elf was unwilling to read the novel at First, most Sisters love stories were not good, but this was so good that she couldn’t help the tears from falling down.

The love in the story made her have a deeper understanding of love.

Nothing matters if there is love.

“That’s natural, this is the origin of sister loves novels.”

Mu Fan said in his heart as he laughed.

However, he still felt that her words were a little bit confused, as her novel was pretty good as well.

If it wasn’t written for Sagiri especially, he might not win this…


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