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F.S Chapter 85: As long as Sagiri is Happy!

“This is the novel that you wrote for Eromanga-sensei?” After staying silent for a moment, Yamada Elf stood up and said.


Mu Fan sighed, he didn’t care if Eromanga saw Accel world before, even if she didn’t, he would find an illustrator.

But since he knew that Sagiri is Eromanga-sensei, he didn’t dare chose random novels, he will only choose novels that might interest her.

“Well… Although your story is very good, I don’t think I’d lose when it comes to sales…”

Yamada Elf sighed: “Just that your work is with sister love genre, so I have no chance of winning.”

“Why?” Mu Fan glimpsed slightly. He thought that she wouldn’t admit her loss easily. He really didn’t expect her to admit it directly.

Seeing the look on Mu Fan’s face, Yamada Elf returned the Manuscript and said seriously: “That’s because the main purpose of this is Eromanaga-sensei, who is your sister, right?”

“Hey? How did you know that?”

Mu Fan’s expression was full of terror. In his memory, no one should’ve known that Sagiri was Eromnaga-sensei, only he knew, and that happened by accident.

How did she know?

“Come upstairs with me.”

Leaving with her to her house, she waved at Mu Fan while she was on the stairs.

It seems she’s wearing pink…

Mu Fan looked up unintentionally and glanced up. His eyes looked under her skirt, and he secretly sighed. Girls nowadays can’t keep their guards up…

But since she let him enter her house, she must have trusted him.

After following her up, she turned the computer and pointed at a folder and said: “In fact, I always follow Eromanga-sensei, and I record every live broadcast.”

“It turns out that you are the one donating hundreds of thousand of Yens to Sagiri.”

Seeing this, Mu Fan’s eyes widened as this reminded him of the last broadcast.

Having said this, Yamada elf came beside the window and pointed at the window below.

“From the moment, I moved here, I found that your sister was drawing illustrations, and her room was the same as Eromanga-sensei’s, so I guessed that she was Eromanga-sensei.”

Mu Fan came to the window and looked at his house. Sagiri was sitting at the table as she was carefully drawing Kuroyukihime.

Mu Fan didn’t expect Sagiri to be so happy when she was drawing…

Mu Fan was a little surprised, and suddenly he thought of something, and his mouth twitched: “That is said, you are a voyeur?”

“I didn’t have much time to pay attention to other people’s lives.” Yamada Elf’s face was red. She looked at Mu Fan and said: “You wrote this novel, and you have a sister, are you gesturing to something?”

“I just didn’t want Sagiri to stay in her room all day, I want her to be braver and start coming out.”

Mu Fan rolled his eyes and said to Yamada Elf.

“No wonder I found that Eromanga-sensei rarely leaves her room in the past few days. It turned out she doesn’t leave at all.”

Yamada Elf couldn’t help look at Mu Fan in sympathy as she said: “But I can understand that, you’re writing novels for your sister?”

“In this case, even if I send the novel to Eromanga-sensei, I can’t be your opponent.”

Yamada Elf sighed and threw her last novel into the garbage.

“Haven’t you saved it on your computer? You can’t throw a book like that.”

Holding Yosuga No Sora in his hand, Mu Fan looked at Yamada Elf with horror.

He didn’t expect Yamada Elf to be so determined, her hard work was thrown into the trash just like that.

“This time, I lost. I don’t want to continue with this light novel, but next time, I will make one that Eromanga-sensei would like and defeat you.”

Hearing this, Mu Fan was speechless about her obsession.

But he won’t let Sagiri see his novel, after all, she might think that he has some thoughts about her.

“But, Yamada Elf Sensei, you seem to have forgotten our bet?” Suddenly, Mu Fan thought of something as he picked his eyebrows and laughed.

“You… What do you want? If you do anything, I won’t mind, but you will be in prison for the rest of your life, I will write new novels and bring them to you with Eromanga-sensei’s illustrations.”

Looking at Mu Fan strangely, Yamada Elf was red, and her hands covered her chest as she was ready to call the police.

Girl, you really think too highly of yourself, do you think I would risk going to jail just to push you down?

“Even if you cover your chest, there is nothing to cover, moreover, you think Sagiri would draw for you?”

Mu Fan replied without hesitation. He didn’t think that the girl who talked about Ero last time was so shy in real life.

After thinking about it for a bit, Mu Fan said: “I just hope that you can come by in the future and be friends with Sagiri, you two are about the same age, so you should get along.”

Upon hearing this, Yamada Elf’s face which was dim a while ago was now full of energy as she said: “Isn’t there a possibility that I would make her draw my illustrations?”

“If Sagiri agrees, I have no objection” Mu fan smiled slightly. Anyway, Sagiri was previously drawing illustrations for others, if she agrees, he won’t prevent her from doing what she likes.

Anyway, Sagiri is cute, and she is a Sensei at work, as long as she is happy, everything okay.

Bidding farewell, Mu fan returned home and cooked for Sagiri and returned to his room and started writing Yosuga No Sora. He finished all the storylines and sighed in relief.

After looking at the time, which was 10 pm, he held the nerve gear and prepared to start the fame.

Link Start!

Suddenly he appeared inside the city. He took a deep breath of fresh air, and although he knew that it was only virtual, it still was refreshing.

This game can allow people to just live inside it without going out.

At this time, a sweat chuckle came.

“Onii-chan, you’re finally here!”


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