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G.O.S.S Chapter 516: Roja came!

After beating Neji, Yakumo directly moved to the finals. Still, nine people made it to the finals, and she substituted Neji.

The sun was sitting. Tow people stood in a high place.

Impressively, the two were Kabuto, and the other one was Orochimaru. With Kabuto making a report.

“This is the general situation, the preliminaries ended smoothly, and the finals would soon start…” speaking until here, Kabuto stopped and looked at Orochimaru with some hesitation.

“I heard from the Anbu that an accident happened and some secret scrolls were stolen… Including the scroll of seals, someone said that it was probably the Shinobi’s god, Roja’s doing!”

Hearing Kabuto’s words, Orochimaru didn’t respond, and Kabuto directly spoke: “Orochimaru-sama, The water in Konoha is muddy, we can’t see what will happen, I couldn’t analyze many things, and if a serious accident were to happen…”

“This, I want to know whether you want to continue the original plan?”

He looked at Orochimaru with hesitation.

Orochimaru gaze was deep as he said: “Naturally… We must continue…”

“The old man endured wars several times, Konoha experienced many crises and wasn’t destroyed, and he lived until now, but he lived enough, and it’s time to end it, it would be interesting.”

Kabuto lowered his head and pushed his eyeglasses.

“In my opponent, you don’t have firm resolve, as long as Roja remain, there is no way something could shake the Mist’s status in this world.”

“Even if we do something here, Konoha won’t suffer much as it will be limited to a small range and there is a possibility that the Mist would take action and directly end it.”

Orochimaru suddenly laughed and said: “Kabuto, your feelings are extremely keen.”

While saying this, Orochimaru turned his head and looked at the Horizon, and his vision was profound as he started talking: “The Mist won’t meddle in my plan.”

Kabuto directly caught on his meaning and was astonished, but Orochimaru didn’t say anything else as he looked at Konoha’s center.

“I need you to do something.”

“I will do anything you order.”

“Bring me Sasuke as soon as possible.”


Kabuto didn’t understand what Orochimaru was thinking about, but he didn’t ask any question.

Sasuke was under Kakashi’s supervision, and Kabuto would probably fail this but, Orochimaru wasn’t worried.

But he didn’t know what Kurenai and Yakumo would do in this invasion.

In a special yard made for Chunin, Yakumo and Kurenai were standing there in front of Roja respectfully as the latter was talking.

“Well good job, what I want to say now is, the next month, in the finals, there would be something hitting Konoha, when the time comes, don’t’ meddle in it, just look from the side.”


Kurenai directly nodded, but Yakumo was slightly surprised as she tilted her head and asked: “something hitting Konoha?”

“It’s just some major Drama, and I won’t say many details…”

Roja revealed a deep gaze as he turned around and directly disappeared from the Yard.

One month quickly passed, Konoha was about to conduct the finals of the Chunin exam without any accident as in the Original Story.

Various people from many countries come to see the matches in Konoha.

The location of the test was a huge stadium.

Nothing should disturb the exam, and many Anbu were situated in high places while remaining vigilant.

There was a formation around the stadium, it wasn’t as strong as the Four violet flames formation, but it will be enough to hold against a few ninjutsu.

At this time, out of the nine Genins, only Uchiha Sasuke wasn’t there. Everyone was in the audience stands waiting.

The proctor of the exam wasn’t Hayate, and it was Genma who looked serious and held a toothpick in his mouth.

As they announced the matches, the Genins may be the same except for Yakumo replacing Neji, but the matches were different, instead of Naruto, Sasuke was the one facing Yakumo.

And it was the first match, but Sasuke was still not here.

Sarutobi was in his seat with the highest authority in the village.

He was wearing his coat and hat as he sat down.

“Did you find Sasuke?”

Sarutobi knitted his brows as he asked the nearby Jonin in a low voice.

That Jonin said: “There is a squad of Anbu looking for him… Perhaps Orochimaru already took him… If that’s the case, we won’t be able to find him.”

“… I knew.”

Sarutobi’s eyes sank slightly, and he raised his head as he thought, he titled his head and said: “Kazekage-Dono, should we wait… Um?”

The ‘Kazekage’ was thinking as the Hokage looked at him, but his whole body was stunned, he turned like a stray cat, all the hair in his body stood to an end.

Not only Sarutobi but all Anbu as well as the Jonin also had a similar expression.

That’s all because they saw one person here walking gradually.

The person who swept the cloud village.

The person who is behind the Mist.

The person who destroyed Konoha once.

Many Shinobi were frightened and awed… The Shinobi No Kami, Roja!

Why is he here?

Is he here to destroy Konoha?

Almost in a flash, almost all of Konoha’s ninja were sweating at the situation.