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P.A.S Chapter 64: Zephyr’s Annoyance

“… Those who are strong, they have their physical strength as the root, the Six powers as the main body, and the Haki as the leaves and branches!”

“The various body techniques, the six powers of the marines, are a combination of long-range and short-range attacks, dodge and hard resistance defense, speed and more….”

“The armament Haki is an extension of the six forms… “

In the square area in front of the marine HQ, with a short purple hair and suit, a marine with a solemn tone was directing the recruits.

He was the chief instructor of the new recruits, the former marine admiral Zephyr.

Zephyr was attacked by a pirate in the fifteenth year of The Great Age of Pirates, and his arm was severed. But the current timeline was the nineteenth year. So, it was before the time when Dr. Vegapunk made him a Kairōseki special arm.

Ron came to the new camp and learned more about Zephyr. It was said that he didn’t lose his arm over losing a fight but for protecting his pupils.

At that time, the recruits on the ship were killed one after another, and Zephyr paid the price of one of his arms in order to save the remaining two, Ain and Binz.

Since that say, Zephyr’s mindset changed quietly.

Strangers couldn’t feel it, but most of the recruits in the newcomer camp could see that Zephyr’s character changed, he became more harsher and more irritable, not as kind-hearted as he once was.

The marine who was once against wasting human lives as if it was nothing, started ordering the teams under his command to kill at first sight of pirates!

Ron was also there in the square area.

In fact, for him, the physical training was almost meaningless, but this was Zephyr’s first lecture. He was the chief instructor, a former marine admiral, and also Ron wanted to fulfill his promise to Gumir, so here he was, attending the lecture. Anyway, He was doing ‘’standing meditation’’, which did not delay his practice.

“Observing the opponent’s movements… eh?”

Zephyr placed his hand behind his back and walked around the recruits in the square. While explaining, he noticed Ron, who was standing at the end of the back row.

It seemed that his posture was straight, and his expression was serious, but Zephyr noticed that his eyes were dull, no focus, and he seemed to be distracted.

He frowned, a little displeased.

“You there, go out!”

Although Ron was in a state of meditation, he was also aware of the outside world. He noticed Zephyr’s eyes on him and stopped meditating.

Zephyr frowned at Ron and said: “I haven’t seen you before. You are the new recruit, hmm “Ron’’ who had a fight with Gumir the other day?”


Ron admitted frankly.

Hearing this, Zephyr’s expression became more stern: “I’ve heard that you are quite good, but you can’t slack off, and you can’t rely too much on the devil fruit abilities.”

At that time, the three admirals were all his students, and among these three, the one he disliked the most was Kizaru. On the one hand, the character of Kizaru was an easygoing man who seemed to take most things lightly no matter the severity of the situation, on the other hand, he relied too much on his devil fruit ability. He didn’t Listen to Zephyr repeated counseling.

To become an admiral, kizaru relied a lot on his devil fruit, and the thing was that he used this to tease Zephyr several times, which made the latter despise him even more.

Zephyr read the physical reports, and especially noticed that Ron, who scored only 27 points, was able to fight head to head with Gumir, which meant only one thing: his devil fruit abilities were well developed. But that didn’t hide the fact that his physique was very poor. Zephyr didn’t want to witness a second Kizaru. Although Borsalino was so dependent on his devil fruit ability, his physical strength was still passable.

“The ability of the Devil Fruit, even it was the logia type, will also consume physical strength. If your body was too weak, you wouldn’t be able to exert the fruit’s true power.”

“Even all types of Haki, which are a must to stand alongside the strongest on top of the seas, require physical strength. Especially, Armament Haki, which depends extremely on the body power!”

Zephyr’s gradually became more intense, saying: “Your body is weak, so weak, even if you learn Haki, it won’t do you any good, because it will become so ineffective. With your strength, learning Haki would be an excellent asset for you, but yet, your entrance assessment was only 27 points. Too weak.”

“Relying on your Devil Fruit’s power, you may be able to win against rear admirals, but with your soft body, there is no way in hell that you will surpass the vice admirals!”

“You have one month… Next month’s physical test, I want to see your score increase from 27 points to over 80 points! Return to the line now!”

Ron:” … “

Zephyr’s fierce criticism made him speechless.

How could he improve his physical, from 27 points to 80 points in a month! Also, even if he managed to do so, it won’t improve his strength that much. By that time, he already mastered the third-level magic.

However, there was no way to say something about magic. He wouldn’t be able to convince Zephyr with just words, and at that time, he only reached the level of a rear admiral, he wouldn’t be ready to go against a former admiral.

To prove that his magic was strong enough that he could ignore enhancing his body strength, but his current power wouldn’t prove a thing.

[One month … If I master the third-level magic by then, I will be able to leave the HQ]

Ron thought for a while, then murmured again:
[will the third-level magic be enough to match the vice admiral’s strength…hmm]

After dissolution, Ron applied for living alone and was approved.

This world was ruled by strength, and it was the same in the marines. Ron had the power to fight against Gumir, which had the privilege to apply for his private residence, and even allowed to bring relatives to live in the headquarters. So, it was obvious that Ron should have such privileges too.

A week later.

On the square in front of the marine HQ.

“… Where is that recruit? Ron?”

Zephyr glanced at the crowd and shouted when he didn’t see Ron’s figure.

The recruits on the field looked at each other. Someone at the front hesitated and whispered to Zephyr: “Teacher Zephyr, Ron has never been here… except the first day and when you came last week.”

“F* moron!”

Hearing that, Zephyr suddenly showed an annoyed look.

“What was he doing not coming to the training camp? Sc* around at home? F** bas****’’

There were all kinds of training equipment and props in the newcomer training ground. Skipping training sessions would undoubtedly mean that he was being lazy and turned a deaf ear to his lecture.


Seeing Zephyr that angry, many recruits were frozen in place, unable to breathe properly. Then, someone whispered, “Sensei, are you going to call him over?”

“Train first.”

Zephyr shouted: “Tell him to come to the training grounds tomorrow! If he doesn’t come or want to follow me, then be it!”

Back in time, if one of the promising rookies started to skip practices, he was always willing to peruse them, as he did with Kizaru.

But since the incident, his character changed a lot, and he became impatient and short-tempered.

Students, who are so dependent on their devil fruit abilities to become stronger, turned into arrogant Ba*, he had no time for waste on such kind of students.

He would just wait until they hit a dead-end, unable to move on, to get stronger. At that time, they will admit their mistakes, and come back asking for forgiveness and guidance.