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P.A.S Chapter 65: 100 points

“Here she is again…rubbing my rice … 500 Berries.”

In a humble but clean room, Ron walked in, putting dishes on the table. Nami came to the table and sat down to speak.

Nami was living in Garp’s house for a while, the old man seldom cooked, but his meals were just too bland. Of course, compared to the one prepared by Ron. Also, the canteen’s meals of the marine HQ weren’t much better than that of Garp.

“Cheapskate, it is just a meal.”

Nami groaned with her hands holding her cheeks.

Ron sat down in front of her, making complaints.

Of course, he was just teasing her. The fifteen-year-old Nami wasn’t only annoying, but cute, adorable, and good-looking.

“Hey! The second-level magic, I have mastered it.”

While eating, Nami smiled at Ron and said: “I am a genius, no? How long did you spend mastering the second-level magic?”

“Well, mastering the Second-level magic? Hmm…”

Ron looked at Nami slightly surprised, and said”: “It was difficult…”

It was around 15 days since they came to the marine HQ.
Nami asked him about the second-level magic about ten days ago. He taught her the wind slashes basics, he basically just directed her towards the right path. Unexpectedly, it took her about ten days before she could release the magic.

No wonder that Ron felt that the spiritual resonance was triggered by Nami through the magic mark yesterday, and his spiritual attributes were increased by 1 point. It seemed that Nami really made a breakthrough in her magical practice.

However, Nami didn’t have a magic wand. Even if her mental strength broke through, he estimated it to be around 20 points. Even if she could release second-level magic, it wouldn’t be that powerful.

“Yes, it is.”

Nami tilted her head and said: “It will take me a few minutes to recover after releasing it tho.”

“Try not to use it, first improve your mental strength.”

Ron groaned for a while and said: “If it makes you dizzy, it may cause spiritual damage. If it was physical training, even if you exhaust your body, it will recover by time. The spirit can’t do that, and it should be kept in good condition as much as possible.”

Ron pondered for a while and said: “Don’t push yourself too hard, you may damage your spirit that way. You should always check your spirit condition while practicing magic.”


Nami nodded.

Ron couldn’t help but glance at Nami. Being able to master the second-level magic in ten days was a bit beyond his expectation. Although Nami didn’t go through the rune exploration phase, and the needed runes were granted by Ron, but without a magic wand, mastering the second-level magic should be a bit difficult.

However, Ron did not really care about Nami catching up with him. On the one hand, Nami was still far from mastering all the second-level magic combination, and she also reached the limit of her current mental strength. On the other hand, his spirit, his spiritual attribute, was too close to breaking through the 100 points barrier.

He spent the last 15 days meditating and practicing.

Originally, his spiritual attributes already reached 96 points. In half a month, he improved his spirit by 2 points through cultivation, in addition to one point from Nami’s magic mark resonance yesterday, which made his total points, at that time, reach 99! He was only one point away from the long-awaited 100 points.

And Ron felt that he was too close to obtain the last point, lacking just a little. He thought that he could reach the 100-points by night!

Finishing their meals.

Nami did not leave. Instead, she started meditating in Ron’s room.

Ron didn’t mind her staying there. He found a quiet place, closed his eyes, let out all his thoughts and distractions, and entered a state of ethereal meditation.

One hour …

Two hours …

Time passed quickly.

Immersed in the state of meditation, Ron lost track of time, ignoring everything related to the outside world. He sank to the deepest part of the mind and spirit.

Deep meditation.

Ron rarely entered this state because he couldn’t actively enter this state. But, he could only dimly fall into it during cultivation.

In a state of deep meditation, his thinking was almost stagnant, at a level of ecstasy, not knowing who he was, where he was, what he was doing.

He couldn’t even leave that state at will.

It could be canceled only by external influences, such as being hungry or being awakened, otherwise, his spirit would remain immersed in that state.

Sinking deeper and deeper in the realm of the spirit, Ron suddenly felt that his surroundings changed, from hazy, illusory, chaotic, gradually becoming differentiated, and various lights appeared: golden, Red, cyan, and blue.


Ron was looking at the changing world so dumbly.

He was in a state of ecstasy that he forgot his own existence. He was curious about the changes in the world before him. What were these lights?

Ron, whose thinking speed was far superior to ordinary people, found himself lost in this world. As a caveman discovering a new item, his thinking speed there was so slow…

In the mist.

He heard a vague call.

“… Emm …”

“… Ron …”


Ron woke up suddenly.

He lost his deep meditation, having an intense feeling of dizziness. He recovered instantly, but not only that, his thinking speed was tremendously improved.

“This is…”

Ron was startled when he sensed the change in his own spirit, and then he had a sense of excitement. That change, undoubtedly, was the transformation of his soul again!

It was the 100 points evolution!

Although it was too late in perceiving other changes, his speed of thinking alone became two or three times faster than before.

Ron turned to look at Nami.

From a spiritual perspective, he could not only see Nami’s movements being tens or hundreds of times slower, like stagnation, but also could perceive the smallest details as if he was looking through a magnifying glass.

The thread on her clothes was magnified like a tree, and he could even see his clear face reflected in the pupil of her beautiful eyes.

As Ron looked closely again, things became clearer that even the tiny blood vessels in Nami’s eyes could be seen, everything was extremely apparent and detailed.

Zoom in again.

Ron tried to bring this subtle insight to the limit, and finally enlarged the tiny blood vessels to the size of a finger. Trying to zoom further, things became a little vague. It seemed that it was his limit.

“Near cellular observation!”

Ron couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

In addition to that…Ron also felt that the whole world seemed to be different.

Before him, the world he perceived was the ordinary world. At most, from a spiritual perspective, he could penetrate matter and see small things beyond the naked eye, but he could not observe and perceive things beyond matter.

However, he became aware of other substances.

Blazing, restless, destructive…It was a flame.

Flow, no trace, invisible…that was the wind.

Do not!

He could perceive all the elements in his surrounding… He became aware of the tiny things that could not be seen or touched before!