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P.A.S Chapter 66: Elemental Affinity

“This feeling…”

Ron’s senses were enhanced, this feeling came from the world, from the sky and the earth, the intertwined elements that constituted everything. He unconsciously reached out his hand and opened his palm.


Just with a single thought, the fire element rushed out from his palm, and quickly turned into a small flame, and then grew into a fierce, devilish flame.

Without condensed runes, this flame was purely created by spiritual powers, controlling the fire elements between heaven and earth to form a cluster of flames.


Nami looked at Ron’s movements, and after a moment of stupefaction, she called him out again.

Ron was lost in his small world, ignoring her calls, she couldn’t help feeling a little nervous.


Ron sensed the freed elements, and after hearing Nami’s words, he shushed her with a wave, and then extended his left hand.

With the movement of his thoughts, the wind elements came together, condensed in the palm of his left hand, and soon formed a ray of breeze, which gradually became larger and turned into a small tornado visible to the naked eye, spinning rapidly.


Ron looked at the small tornado in the palm of his left hand, and the flames floating above his right hand, and couldn’t help grinning. This feeling, the ability to gather the elements directly without passing through the condensation of runes, it was as if the world was spinning between his palms.

Not only wind and fire.

Ron’s opened his hands. In the middle of the flame and wind, a water mist quickly appeared and gradually condensed into a full water ball.

Under the water ball, the earth elements were gathered and gradually condensed into stones.

Earth and water.

Even without unlocking the water element rune, Ron could still perceive the water elements’ existence and call the nearby ones.

Looking at the tornado, flames, water ball, and stones, the four basic elements suspended between his hands, a sentence inexplicably emerged before Ron’s eyes.

Elemental Affinity.

Putting his hands down gently, all the condensed elements dissipated in the air, and then a thought moved, summoning the achievement system and switching to the career interface.

At the bottom of the interface, there was a new line in his personal attribute profile.

Profession: Supreme God Dharma (God of Law)

Magic Mark: Mid-level (Spirit Attribute +20)

Magic Marks Creation: first-level (up to 2)

Rune Resonance: Spiritual Attribute +1 point.

Owned Runes: 28.

Current Wand: Elf wand.

Elemental Affinity: 20%.

Total Achievement Points: 56 points.

Under the current wand line, there was a new entry for elemental affinity, and the value was marked as 20%.

“Elemental affinity…”

Looking at this new attribute, Ron couldn’t help but ponder. It seemed that his enhanced perception of the element stems from the stronger spirit after its evolution, but the ability to control and attract elements, and converge it, was related to the affinity for elements.

But this affinity didn’t seem to have much effect.

Ron frowned slightly, and tried to condense the wind elements again, but even if he went all out, his condensing speed was not fast. As the wind elements were gradually gathered, the small tornado on the palm of his hand was no longer mild, but it became progressively violent.

Ron could feel that if he continued to condense this move, he would lose control soon. He could not help shaking his head, letting the tornado disperse again.

“… What was that just now?”

Nami was next to Ron, watching his movements, and couldn’t help being slightly surprised.

If she didn’t witness the scene where Ron condensed the four elements, she would think that Ron was failing to study new wind magic.

It was a bit unusual because Nami was sure that condensing two different types of runes at the same time was impossible. After all, when she tried to summarize two wind runes simultaneously, they collapsed instantly. She tried it with two wind runes and failed, let alone with two different elements.

That was to say, the condensed elements by Ron was formed without the help of runes.

“Just now, I started really understanding magic…”

Ron looked at Nami, while thinking about the attribute of element affinity. At the same time, he briefly stated to Nami the changes that would occur when the spiritual force becomes higher.

Nami listened, and couldn’t help but bit her lips. She couldn’t perceive what Ron said, and she couldn’t even make her mental power manifest, she could only rely on the runes to release magic.

However, Nami’s words touched Ron, causing Ron’s eyes to flash, and said: “…You just said that you can only rely on runes to release magic, right?”

“Yes, what’s wrong?”

Nami asked strangely.

Ron pondered a bit, walked to the window, pushed it open, waved his palm towards the sky, and several wind blades were released.

“As I expected”

After using several magics in a row, Ron’s face gradually showed a smile. The elemental affinity wasn’t just about the ability to play with some small elements in the palm of his hand.

With the elemental affinity, the magic runes would be aggregated, the number of gathered elements would be more, and the mental power consumption would be less!

For instance, the first-level magic he just released had a reduced mental power consumption, nearly 20% less than before, as for the power, it was increased by almost 20%!

“Unfortunately, there is no amplification effect on the magic barrier.”

Ron tried all his learned magics, one after the other, making sure that the element affinity enhanced all his abilities, but he noticed that the magic barrier, the eternal magic, wasn’t improved as the others.

Well, the reason behind that was kind of obvious. After all, the barrier magic has nothing to do with the elements. It was purely a combination of spiritual power and the rune.

Although his magic barrier wasn’t enhanced, the other changes were a massive improvement for Ron!

After the last fight with Gumir, Ron judged his own strength, and he was sure that he should be able to fight neck to neck with the HQ rear admirals. He assumed that It would be a bit troublesome to win against them. But with this new improvement? He should be able to wipe their a*** with no problem.

Even if Gumir had a disability, and didn’t practice a lot because of his retirement, his strength would not fall far behind the current HQ rear admirals.

In other words, Ron, who did not yet master the third-level magic, closed the gap between him and the rear admirals, and he even surpassed them a bit.