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P.A.S Chapter 67: Storm Vortex

Elemental affinity brought Ron more than just strength, but also gave him a significant impact on his magic studying.

Ron tried it. The reduced mental power consumption of elemental affinity could be used along with the elf magic wand. It was a huge compensation for the large loss of spiritual power when studying third-level magic.

“Elements can be manipulated…”

During his practice, Ron suddenly thought that since he could control the elements of water, maybe he could also explore the elemental runes of the water system. That way, he could master the water magic without needing to extract its rune from the system.

It was much more difficult to explore the basic runes of the water system from scratch than to explore any other derivative rune. After all, he had no reference at all. However, that time with the elemental affinity, it was no more an indiscriminate search, he should be able to find some hints.

Ron thought it over, then shook his head slightly.

After all the time spent on the third-level magic, exploring the water system’s elemental runes was probably more complicated than unlocking the third-level magic or even the second-level guardian magic.

In addition to the elemental affinity, the transformation caused by the 100-point spiritual attribute was also huge, which increased Ron’s thinking speed by nearly three times, enlarged his God Mode’s spiritual perspective coverage, which became more meticulous, and greatly improved his mental energy’s normal self-recovery.

With that transformation, Ron became able to almost continuously release first-level magic, with barely any mental energy loss. Even, his second-level magic consumption impact was reduced a lot, that became no more a big problem to be aware of.

Counting his normal recovery of mental power, the number of possible releases of second-level magic abilities increased around two times during a battle.

Ron’s loss of mental power was reduced, his average spiritual recovery was increased, and his thinking speed also improved… All these factors brought together, undoubtedly, cut off the thorns on Ron’s path of exploring third-level magic!

“The next step is to go all out and delve into third-level magic.”

Ron took a deep breath. His eyes were flashing, showing how excited he was.

For third-level magic, as always, Ron’s first step of exploration was to delve into the wind system.

On the one hand, the wind system was the first magic he acquired, the one he had the most profound understanding of. Secondly, the wind system had strong adaptability. Unlike the ground or the fire systems, which could easily get out of control.

After the evolution of his mental power, Ron’s exploration of third-order magic was as fast as he expected, greatly accelerated.

Besides, he gradually conducted in-depth research on the essence of the runes, and for the rune combinations of the third-level magic, he no longer used the exhaustive search method, trying all the possible scenarios, but he had a little direction.

For example, the two derivative runes that represented ‘decomposition’ and ‘aggregation’ were diametrically opposed, and cannot be combined together. They must be separated by other runes.

Ron discovered four such details.

These four characteristics also allowed Ron to rule out many possibilities.

Before the transformation, Ron was using his exhaustive search method based on one of his earliest discovered characteristics, that was, third-level magic…must be based on second-level magic.

It was like second-level magic that required to have basic runes.

For the third-level magic, it was not just about the existence of basic runes in the combination, but also the three runes that make up the core must be the three runes that could make up the second-level magic. Otherwise, it would collapse directly from the core, in other words, instant fail!

This feature was first inferred and confirmed by Ron, and it was also the most important one. Because of this feature, Ron was able to directly reduces the number of possible combinations to less than 100,000.

This number might seem huge, but it was a feasible task for Ron, using the brute-force search (exhaustive).

In addition to this, the discovery of the other three characteristics helped further reduce the 100,000 possibilities to 50,000.

There should be more than one third-order magic, so the remaining 50,000 possibilities could theoretically be further reduced. If Ron got lucky, he might explore a third-level magic after only a few attempts too.

One day…

Two days …

Three days …

Ron was trying all by himself on the empty shore behind the marine HQ and rested for only four hours a day. He went all out that he was barely eating, focusing only on unlocking the third-level magic.

Under Ron’s deduction and experimentation, the possible third-level magic combinations were tried one by one and eliminated one after the other.

On the fifth day.

Ron determined the rules concerning the sixth derivative rune.

On the seventh day.

Ron identified the 5th characteristic and further narrowed the scope of exploration.

The eighth day…

The ninth day…

The tenth day…

Ron didn’t know how many attempts were made, after these ten days of exploration, and the discovery of the fifth characteristic, Ron estimated that the remaining exploration scope should be less than 20,000 species.

With Ron’s current speed, he could try around a thousand combinations a day. And there must be more than one third-level magic, and on top of that, he could get lucky any time.

“Basic runes, with decomposition, amplification, order, aggregation…”

On the coast, Ron held his elf wand, his eyes flickered to the sea, and his thoughts moved. A golden light spot appeared in the wand pearl, and then quickly, numerous lines extended to form nine intertwined runes.


The entire golden rune broke apart, bursting out a shell-like impact, falling to the sea, splashing sea waves.

Ron remained calm, recovered some mental energy, and began to try again.

Every failure was a step closer to success for him.

“Basic runes, with decomposition, amplification, order, aggregation …”

More than ten thousand failures in ten days, But Ron’s heart was as calm as the river. There was a little fluctuation after the nine runes come together.

However, this time, as soon as the big magic circle, created by the nine runes, was formed, Ron noticed something strange happening, it was different from his previous attempts. His calm and water-like eyes instantly fluctuated.


Almost without any hesitation, Ron waved his wand.


Howling wind!

About tens of meters away from the sea, the turbulent blue wind that was visible by the naked eye whirled wildly, converging toward the center like a vortex, forming a huge attraction power. The sea water was stirred up, raising large waves, rotating like a storm, rushing towards the center.

Ron could feel the immense power resonating in the center of the vortex, and he thought that he could be dragged toward the center of the storm.

With a slight panic in his heart, Ron released his mental powers, resisting the attraction and flying backward.

After he backed off almost tens meters.

The agitated seawater and storms, the huge whirlpools caused by the enormous attraction force suddenly solidified, frozen in the air as if time stopped.

Immediately after that…


The cyan light bloomed in an instant, and the seawater attracted to the center suddenly exploded, and the water droplets splashed in all directions like bullets.

Under Ron’s shocked eyes, nearly a hundred meters in diameter of sea waters suddenly sag and set off huge waves!

At that time, he also heard system prompts in his ears.

[Tip: You have unlocked the third-level magic of the wind system, Storm Vortex ]

[Tip: You have completed the achievement “Master of Magic” and you got 3 achievement points]