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R.P Chapter 146: Plan [EDITED]

The black contractor being killed, no, slaughtered like that surprised all the contractors, changing the looks they sent towards him immediately.

Dust, too, saw this scene, and surprisingly felt relieved.

The situation in the third zone was already chaotic enough. Bloody Rose and him were in the same boat, it wouldn’t do to for them to continue try and outdo each other.

Su Xiao’s immense fighting capabilities alerted Dust, who was worried that a third group would appear.

However, after observing Su Xiao’s ‘fierce’ character, Dust felt completely relieved.

The Titan’s attacks were still going on. Bull, who was still in the thick of things, had been intimidated from observing the Kiko-shu’s horror, and the other contractors that were fighting in melee were suffering.

If their tank, Bull, were to retreat, things wouldn’t work out as well.


Two five-meter-tall titans squeezed into the hole at the same time. The two titans were obviously crowded, but they did not fear pain. After grinding open parts of their skin on the coarse stone wall of the hole, the two titans attacked Bull.

This scared Bull a lot, he clenched his shield tightly and started to retreat, allowing the two to enter the perimeter inside the wall.

“Bull, what are you doing!?”

One of the melee contractors shouted, his eyes turned red. Now that the main tank had withdrawn, the contractors that were fighting in melee went into crisis.

Two huge hands grabbed at two of them. One of them quickly retreated, but the other one was a bit too slow, and was caught in the hand of the titan.

Crack, crack.

The crisp sounds of bones breaking came one after another. The contractor couldn’t even scream before the long-handled ax fell from his limp hand.

The titan looked at the contractor in his hand. Loosening its hand, he threw the contractor into its mouth like a jelly bean, followed by a terrible chewing sound.

This scene caused many contractors’ scalps to go numb, this was the first casualty among the battle line, against the titans at least, and it was one of them being eaten alive.

The minds of the contractors in the defensive line began to waver, and after seeing the ranged combatants comfortably fighting from behind, these people felt even more unbalanced.

Why do those people get to hide in the distance, while they had to face the Titans head on?

But these people had forgotten that they chose this position by themselves, so they had to bear the consequences.

“You are the weakest tank I have ever seen.”

Su Xiao walked past Bull. Compared to Queen, Bull was just hot shit. Queen had not retreated a step, holding out until she died. That took guts, she did everything to keep him from hurting her teammates. And she’d achieved her goal. Until her death, Su Xiao did not manage to hurt a single hair of her teammates.


Bull just wanted to argue with him, but after seeing Su Xiao, Bull’s body trembled, he turned his head and stopped talking.

Because the situation was dangerous, Su Xiao had no choice but to stand up. Since he had already exposed his strength, he was ready to fight for the first prize of the attack and defense war.

The reward for the first place was five soul crystals (small). With those five soul crystals (small), Su Xiao’s sword specialization could be upgraded to level ten.

Su Xiao slowly walked to the front of the hole, cutting off a titan’s calf with one sword strike. The Titan fell forward, Su Xiao dodged the titan’s huge body and cut open the titan’s nape with another strike.

At the moment, this hole was the best spot for him to fight at, since he could easily deal with two titans at the same time.

But if the number of titans exceeded ten, Su Xiao had to be cautious. Ten titans could encircle him, then things would be dangerous.

If the number of titans exceeded twenty, or there were Kiko-shu among them, Su Xiao was likely to die.

He had an innate disadvantage against the Titans, and the titan’s only weakness, their napes, were too high up for him to hit, unless he could learn to use the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’.

However, it was not easy to learn to use the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’. He just did not have enough time for that.

After Su Xiao blocked the hole, the other contractors also helped against the two five-meter titans.

The attack and defense war had officially begun.

Su Xiao blocked the hole at the very front, with Bloody Rose near him helping out. When Su Xiao rested, Dust, in the distance, held up the firepower, while Enthus buffed everyone.

The contractors that had been fighting in melee against the titans looked at each other. Now that the battle line had stabilized, they’d become the spectators.

One of the melee fighting contractors silently took out a white quality gun and took a few shots at the titan climbing through the hole. The other melee fighters soon imitated him.

Bloody Rose looked at the back of Su Xiao, who fought against some titans, and looked somewhat concerned.

The hidden power of their camp had revealed himself, but this guy didn’t seem to be good at communicating.

After defending the battle line for an hour, Su Xiao went to the back as the current wave ended.

“It’s your turn.”

Su Xiao looked at Bloody Rose. There were enough contractors present, so he allowed himself to rest immediately as he started feeling tired, in case he needed his strength.

“Roger that.”

Bloody Rose did not hesitate to fight, she stabbed incessantly with the long-barreled gun in her hand, sawing into a titan’s legs. After she stabbed a dozen times, the titan fell, and she began to attack the titan’s nape.

With Su Xiao demonstrating, Bloody Rose had also found a way to deal with the titans, but compared to Su Xiao, she was much slower.

Su Xiao used a single strike to cut off the leg of a titan, and another one to cut off their heads, fast and clean, then he could rest for a while as the titan gasified.

Sitting on the ruins of a house, Su Xiao took out some fresh water and drank.

“It seems that I was right, you’re the strongest person in the third zone.”

Enthus came over, covered by blessings, giving people a feeling of vitality.

Enthus was the most relaxed person on the battlefield. He only needed to release his various buffs.

Although it looked glorious, he actually did not have much fighting power.

“I’m surprised that you didn’t join any adventurer group. With your skills in buffing, no adventurer group would reject you.”

Enthus smiled bitterly.

“My adventurer group… disappeared. Since I can’t fight side by side with my brothers anymore, I won’t join any other adventurer group, never.”


Su Xiao did not ask about Enthus’s story. He was not interested in other’s private life. That would quickly get annoying.

“That said, how do we block this hole? I have seen a big stone before, but unless we have someone with a strength attribute of 30 points or more, otherwise even if we can lift it somehow, we won’t be able to transport it far enough.”

What Enthus said was very reasonable. The attack and defense task was not to only to block the Titans from entering, but also to find a way to block the hole.

There were three holes. In Su Xiao’s view, since he had been assigned to the third zone, he could complete the attack and defense task as soon as they blocked the hole in the third zone.

After completing the attack and defense task, he would be able to explore the Titans’ world and execute his hunting tasks, so the sooner he completed the task, the better.

“Enthus, you don’t need to fight, so you have a lot of time. So…”

After Su Xiao whispered a few words to Enthus, Enthus was shocked.


Enthus looked at the protagonist of the plot, Eren.

“Our appearance has destroyed the story, so there is no need to think about continuing the story. If Eren does not become a titan. No one can lift that big stone. I don’t believe that the strength of the heads in the other two zones can reach 30 points. Furthermore, even if they had that strength, would they even help us?

I will not force you to do this, you can decide by yourself.”

After Su Xiao’s words, Enthus was silent.

“The other contractors will have objections.”

“I will kill whoever objects.”

“Such strength, but what a bad temper. Alright, I’ll followed this plan of yours. When do we start?”

“At night. Right now, there are too many people, and the Titans can’t act at night. More than 80% of these people will not stay here.”