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R.P Chapter 149: Executing The Plan! [EDITED]

At 4 o’clock the next morning, at the Wall Rose.

A slight breeze blew, there were trails of smoke rising from the chimneys of the houses, and the civilians inside of the wall started a new day with fear.

Although the Wall Rose now had three holes, as they were guarded by the contractors, the Titans did not manage to rush into the wall. The nobles, residing in the inner layer, inside of Wall Sina, would not allow commoners inside of the innermost wall, they would only open the old town zone in the most dangerous times.

Once they let the commoners in, they could only consume the food saved by the royal family. As such, before the Titans rushed into the Wall Rose, the royal family would never grant the commoners entry.

The civilians living in the Wall Rose could only return to their homes and start a new day under the constant threat of the titans.

The bright morning did not sweep away the gloom in the civilians’ hearts. The shadows of the Titans covered everyone’s mind. To them, it was only a matter of time until the Titans would break through.

But even though it was dangerous, life had to continue.

At this time, on the Wall Sina, a military police regiment was stationed, not wearing the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’, but holding firearms instead.

These old guns could not deal with the Titans, but they were effective against humans. The military police regiment did not want, or even need, to fight against the Titans, instead, they just needed to ‘monitor’ the Survey Corps that was forced to stay on the wall.

As the head of the military police, Nile Dok, had even more power on the wall than some nobles. He was the most obedient subordinate of the royal family.

Nile Dok was carrying a single-shot rifle, and deliberately glanced to the head of the Survey Corps, Erwin Smith.

He and Erwin were friends back in the training corps. After completing their training, the two chose different paths. In the same period, Erwin graduated as the top of the class chose to join the Survey Corps, while he chose the military police brigade.

The Survey Corps was committed to investigating outside of the walls, constantly exploring the truth of the world. Because they often fought against titans, the death rate of the Survey Corps was extremely high, so few people joined them.

The military police regiment guarded the royal family and got rid of ‘unstable factors’ in the walls. For example, some scholars who advanced science or invented technology, or sects that proposed free thoughts. No matter if they were right or wrong, as long as they were against the royal family, they were their enemies.

Nile and Erwin had been friends for a long time, but today, their positions were opposite.

“Erwin, you don’t have to think about the hole in the wall. Let Levi Ackerman and Hange Zoe take a small investigation team to support the wall. That is all I’m willing to allow.

Now that the Wall Rose was breached, protecting the royal family was the highest priority for the military police brigade.

If the situation turns urgent, the military police will evacuate the civilians to the old underground city.”

In fact, once the Wall Rose was broken, the first department rushing forward should have been the Military police regiment. Ensuring safety inside of the walls and maintaining law and order was their responsibility.

But a command had changed everything. The aristocrats and the royal family within the Wall Sina jointly ordered all members of the military police to be stationed on the Wall Sina, to ensure that the Survey Corps, that was also stationed there, would stay on the wall.

It seemed that the royal family also knew that the military police, which had never dealt with the Titans, could not guard them. But the Survey Corps was different. The Survey Corps were going outside of the walls all year round, fighting Titans was common occurrence for them.

For this reason, when the Wall Rose had been broken, the contractors became main defense force. The Survey Corps had only a few people, and only sent three recruits to the third zone.

The truth was, that no one could be sent to the third zone. Besides the soldiers of the Survey Corps who dared to face the Titans, of the more than 2,000 members of the military police brigade, none were willing to go monitor those prisoners.

If the entire Survey Corps went to the battlefield, the military police brigade would lose face. Finally, Eren and others passed by to see this scene. Eren grew angry when he saw the weak members of the Military police regiment and took the initiative to accept this task.

The training corps didn’t belong to the Survey Corps or the Military police regiment, so it was decided to send the three there, forcefully inducting them into the military police.

The sun gradually rose, and the first rays of light reached the ground behind the wall, indicating that a new round of attacks was about to begin.

Su Xiao woke up very early, in this environment, he wouldn’t allow himself to enter a deep sleep.

Enthus, sleeping not far from him, had also woken up.

“Do you want to do it? That’s the main character. If you accidentally kill him, the consequences will be very serious.”

“You don’t have to worry about it, you just need to let Mikasa and Armin continue to sleep. Alright?”

“No problem, I can stabilize their emotions and block their perception.”

After Su Xiao and Enthus whispered, they slowly approached Eren.

At this time, the three people sat back-to-back, sleeping deeply, which was because of the alcohol from the fruit wine.

There wasn’t actually much alcohol in the wine, but together with the caffeine, it could cause serious hangovers.

The reason why alcohol made people drunk was that alcohol could penetrate human cells and squeeze out part of the water inside of the cells, causing drunkenness.

This was the reason why people were thirsty after getting drunk.

Caffeine made this phenomenon even worse, so some fruit wines could get people drunk even with a very low alcohol content. For example, some ‘wines for losing your virginity’ contained caffeine. [1]

Now that Eren and the other two were in this state, their heads were dizzy, and their bodies were powerless.


From Enthus’s hands emerged a ray of light, which gradually spread over the three’s bodies.

“You can go ahead, as long as you don’t attack Mikasa and Armin, they won’t wake up.”

Maintaining this skill was barely a struggle for Enthus. This kind of skill, to dim someone’s perception, was a basic skill for every sorcerer.

Su Xiao, who stood close to Eren and the other two, gently pinched Mikasa’s white cheeks. After a few seconds, Mikasa frowned, but didn’t wake up.

Su Xiao was relieved. He grabbed Eren’s neck with one hand and pressed him to the ground, choking him.

The pain of suffocation caused Eren to struggle, his eyes widened, but Su Xiao had already placed his other hand over Eren’s eyes.

Eren grabbed Su Xiao’s arm with both hands and tried to push himself of the ground, intending to prop up his upper body. Noticing this, Su Xiao pressed his knee on Eren’s lower abdomen.

Crack, crack.

Increasing the strength of his grip, the sound of bones breaking could be heard. Next to him, Enthus looked at this scene, scowling incessantly.

“Hey, hey, don’t kill him.”

“Don’t worry, I will control myself.”

After thirty seconds, Eren’s tongue was out. Usually, people could shout when their throats were chocked, but Su Xiao’s grip was too tight, even slightly damaging Eren’s spine.

After Eren had lost consciousness, Su Xiao walked outside of the wall, carrying Eren’s body.

Enthus looked at Su Xiao’s back and shook his head. Other contractors liked to communicate or interact with the protagonists, but Su Xiao did not.

Su Xiao looked at a titan four meters tall outside of the wall. The titan became active as the sky was getting brighter. After seeing Su Xiao, its mouth opened wide.

Su Xiao rushed forwards, throwing Eren, who was still unconscious, into the titan’s mouth, then kicked the titan’s jaw, closing its mouth.

Eren’s leg was bitten through, and the titan directly swallowed Eren.

The glint of a blade flashed as Su Xiao, holding Dragon Flash, pierced the titan and quickly took an iron chain to firmly tie it up.

Enthus also ran out of the wall at this time.

“The protagonist is not dead, right?”

“He’s not dead. Get him away as soon as possible, and hide this somewhere close to the third zone.”

Enthus nodded, then picked up the titan and walked into inside of the city. The reason why Su Xiao chose the four-meter-tall titan was to make it easier for Enthus to carry it.

After Enthus left, Su Xiao nodded. The two had signed a contract, so he was not afraid of Enthus killing Eren, unless he wanted to be buried together with him.

Su Xiao picked up the remains of the leg from the ground. After looking for another titan and hurting it, he dragged its body over and silently waited at the hole.

Less than an hour later, the titan had almost completely recovered. Su Xiao heard the voices of the contractors in the distance when his perception was stretched to the max, some contractors were about to return.

Su Xiao shoved the titan in his hand towards the vicinity of Mikasa with full strength, and at the same time, threw the broken leg over. At this time, the skill dimming the perception of Mikasa and Armin were removed.


A loud noise woke Mikasa and Armin, who wanted to stand up immediately, but felt powerless.

“Eren, Armin, are you okay?”

“I’m alright.”



Armin glanced around, except for the titan that gradually stood up, and Armin, she didn’t see anyone. Then, Mikasa suddenly saw a piece of leg, and she was familiar with this leg.

Mikasa’s pupils constricted, and her mouth fell open.


That was Eren’s leg, Mikasa recognized it.

Not far away, there were ‘some blood splatters’ on Su Xiao, who was looking at the direction that Enthus left in. Now he only needed to wait.

As for the suspicions of Mikasa and Armin, he did not care too much, as long as he did not leave any evidence to ‘killing’ Eren, he would be fine.


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