Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 29: Think About It! (Edited)

While in the Reincarnation Paradise, Su Xiao spent most of his time in the trial field and the exclusive space.

He did not resummon the copy of Koshiro but chose the actual combat mode and exercised his combat skills.

Although he had several ‘failures’ during the period, Su Xiao still gained a lot.

The three-day period ended, and Su Xiao received a reminder from the Reincarnation Paradise.

[Hunter, you are about to return to the real world. Please, remember the Reincarnation Paradise’s rules and regulations.]

[Don’t reveal anything about the Reincarnation of Paradise in the real world. If this warning is ignored, you will be executed immediately.]

[Hunter, you cannot use any ability gained from the Reincarnation Paradise, except for personal attributes and passive skills.]

[Most of the equipment and items obtained through the Reincarnation Paradise can’t be taken out in the real world. For the duration of your stay, they will be locked. Access will only be restored after returning to the Reincarnation Paradise.]

[Transmission begins. Location: the real world.]

The familiar sense of transmission appeared. When Su Xiao regained consciousness, he was lying in a cold metal box.

The temperature inside the box was very low, and it was somewhat narrow. Su Xiao’s face turned black. There was only one possibility as to where he was.

He kicked at what he presumed to be the cover of the box. With his current strength, his kick bent the metal and forced the cover open.

Su Xiao’s heavy kick not only opened the box but also made him cover he was lying on rollout.

The box he stayed in was like a long metal drawer.

“Clang, clang.”

The metal cover fell to the ground with a loud noise in the otherwise quiet room.

Su Xiao looked around the room he found himself in. The white lighting in the room seemed cold, and it appeared his guess was correct. This was a morgue, a place where the bodies of recently deceased were stored and examined.

He had been shot in the past, and the body was apparently deposited here. He entered the Reincarnation Paradise after they assumed him dead. The Reincarnation Paradise locked his vitality, so he had not actually died.

The loud noise ringing from the morgue attracted people’s attention.

In the hospital’s duty room, a nurse in her internship period was shocked by this loud noise.

The nurse heard the sound ringing from the morgue in the lower layer, but her colleague on duty with her went out to buy food for them. There was only her who stayed on the first floor of this small hospital after midnight; most others already went home, so she did not dare to go out.

“No~, it’s not a ghost, don’t even think about it, a teacher said that there are no ghosts or gods, don’t panic, don’t panic…”

The nurse named Yi Ruo had been an intern for two months now.

Her slender figure and white cheeks made Yi Ruo look somewhat delicate, making people want to protect her, but when wearing a nurse’s uniform, she had a different kind of charm.


Another loud noise rang from the morgue. Yi Ruo screamed, and the pink cup of tea slipped from her hands, fell to the ground, and broke.

This loud noise was caused by Su Xiao violently breaking the heavy door of the morgue.

He walked along the narrow corridor. The rooms on both sides were marked with the signs of the various departments. The pungent smell of disinfectant made Su Xiao judge this to be a hospital in the city he stayed in.

Su Xiao had been there once, so he had some impressions of this small public hospital.

He was not in a hurry to leave, the sword that his family passed to him needed to be found first.

Everything else could be lost, but not the sword.

Su Xiao was looking for the hospital staff. He did not have any clues about the whereabouts of his sword.

Soon, Su Xiao came upon the duty room, the lights inside were lit up, and a beautiful nurse was staring at him.

Su Xiao pushed open the door to the duty room. Before he could speak, the eyes of the nurse sitting in the chair turned upwards, then she fainted and fell from the chair.

Su Xiao looked at the nurse who fell to the ground, stepped forward, and pinched her philtrum [E/N: the skin between upper lip and nose].

The nurse woke up, but upon noticing Su Xiao, her eyes were full of fear, and she subconsciously tried to scream.

Su Xiao immediately covered the nose and mouth of the nurse, noticing the soft feeling of her cheeks.

“Be quiet, or I’ll kill you.”

Since Su Xiao had just now left the Reincarnation Paradise, he still had a very murderous aura around him.

The nurse nodded quickly and looked at Su Xiao with teary eyes. She looked very pitiful.

“Which police department sent me here?”

Su Xiao guessed that this nurse must’ve seen his body in the morgue, which leads to her shocked reaction.

“Hm, Hmm~.”

The nurse pointed at Su Xiao’s hand to indicate that she couldn’t speak, and Su Xiao loosened his grip.

“Hah, hah~.” She first breathed heavily.

“You, aren’t you dead? No, no, I don’t care, don’t come closer.” The nurse said while her body trembled, her body fell slack, and tears swirled in her eyes.

Su Xiao was still coldly glaring at the nurse.

“Answer my question.”

Su Xiao’s cold voice caused the nurse to shake harder.

“It, it was the department of Dongcheng that sent you here.”

After receiving a clear answer, Su Xiao just got up and left towards the Dongcheng department. He was born in this second-tier city, and he knew where the Dongcheng branch is.

He stopped a taxi on the street and had it take him straight to the Dongcheng Police Department.

Ten minutes later, Su Xiao arrived at the front of the Dongcheng department.

He would not enter the department from the main entrance, and he was, after all, supposed to be a criminal with a murder case on him.

Su Xiao’s sneaked into the evidence room of Dongcheng Police Department within half an hour.

The more he searched the evidence room, the uglier his expression got. His sword was not there.

Su Xiao had begun to get impatient. The longer time he spent, the lower the opportunity of him finding his sword. He left the evidence room, and he started to look for the officers in the police station.

It sounded crazy, but with his current body, he didn’t care about the police here.

Soon, Su Xiao was staring at a young policeman sitting at his desk.

Su Xiao gradually approached the policeman from behind. After getting close enough, he suddenly violently pulled the policeman’s neck with his left arm, his left hand gripping his right arm while exerting pressure on the back of the neck with his right hand, performing a rear-naked choke.

This technique could be described as hardcore. It completely blocks the blood supply to the brain, if the power applied is enough, with the right technique, it will only take three to five seconds to cause people to faint, after 20 to 60 seconds, brain damage would set in, and one could cause irreversible death after applying the hold for 2 to 3 minutes.

The young police officer did not even have a chance to shout out loud. His body directly slackened.

Su Xiao grabbed the young policeman and left the police station the way he entered. At midnight, he could easily come and go to and from the police station.

In a dark alley, the young policemen gradually woke up.

“If you don’t want to die, answer my question.”

“Who are you? I am…”

The young policeman hadn’t finished talking yet, but Su Xiao had punched his chest.

Wallowing in pain, the young policeman curled down.

“Where is my sword?”

The young policeman looked at Su Xiao with a puzzled face, his expression full of pain. Su Xiao’s punch felt like being hit by a train.

“What sword, who are you?”

“Su Xiao.”

Su Xiao stood in the dark alley and said his real name, not disguising himself.

Since the matter escalated to the present level, there was no need to cover it up. He could be sure that by tomorrow, he would be ‘upgraded’ to a wanted criminal.

“You, it’s you, your sword confiscated by some people in the department.”

The tone of the young policeman was flat, and there was no abnormality.


Su Xiao grabbed the hand of the young policeman, crack, crack, after a burst of crisp sounds, a scream like a pig was being slaughtered emerged from the alley.

“This time, it was your five fingers. The next time is your neck. After you die, I will go to find other police officers and ask them, and there is more than one policeman in the police station after all.

Think about your family. Is this kind of persistence really worth it? After you die, your beautiful wife will be toyed with by strangers, and they will sleep with your wife and beat your child….”

The young policeman’s face distorted. His eyes seemed to be full of anger. Apparently, Su Xiao guessed correctly, and he really was married.

“Alright, alright, your sword was taken away by our director. It doesn’t have anything to do with me.”

“Good, take me to your director!”