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R.P Chapter 73: The Offender!


Holding the bra in his hand, he was a bit shocked, what made him even more speechless, this was actually a piece of equipment!


[silk bra]


Origin: Catalog of Magical Forbidden Book, School Street, No. 3 Street.


Quality: white


Genre: Armor.


Durability: 11/15


Requirement: women’s exclusive equipment.


Equipment effects: charm +1, cup +1.


Rating: 7 (Note: White equipment with a white equipment rating of 1 to 10 and a score of 10 will be marked as ‘rare’ with special attributes attached.)


Introduction: The cup is the charm, believe me, it can’t be wrong.


Price: 900 paradise coins.




Su Xiao scratched his head. This thing was of a little use to him and could only be sold in the reincarnation paradise.


The red vortex was still there, Su Xiao started the second chance.


With the last lesson, he began to look for hard objects.


Soon, he touched something, its appearance was very hard, and the texture was smooth.


Holding an attitude of giving it a try, Su Xiao pulled out the item.


[Universal wrench]


The reincarnation paradise only gave two simple words, Su Xiao’s face was blue as he raised a silver-white wrench.


This thing was not even equipment, it was an ordinary item in the reincarnation paradise, the workers in the reincarnation paradise will use it, and its value should be within 3 paradise coins.


How can Queen have this in her storage space? Is she a worker?


It was obviously impossible, Su Xiao guessed a kind of answer.


Queen may have often open scarlet cards so she may put these in purpose in her storage space.


In the reincarnation paradise, no one can ensure that he will be able to leave the derivative world alive. Queen puts a lot of useless items in the storage space just in case.


This way, even if she is dead, she will not let enemies get benefits.


With the character of Queen, she would definitively do this.


Su Xiao sighed and did not have any hope for his third selection.


With his permanent passive unluckiness, and with a large amount of trash in Queen’s storage space, the chance of getting good things was too low.


Su Xiao casually took out a thing from the bloody vortex and looked at it.


“Oh my..”


What appeared in Su Xiao’s hands was a bottle.


[Rejoice shampoo (manufactured by workers)]


After hesitating for a long time, Su Xiao endured not to throw away the bottle of shampoo.


This was also a harvest. If he is in the wilderness in the mission, it is not bad to wash his head by the river.


After forcibly comforting himself, Su Xiao sat in the bed, and put dragon flash on his legs and began meditating to release the depressed mood.


The method of meditation Koshiro taught him was not simple.


Recently, he had a feeling that after he meditated, his perception will become more and more acute.


Like black white’s sniper previously, Su Xiao could feel it in advance, and it was not unrelated to frequent meditation.


Su Xiao recently killed a lot of ghouls, but he did not fall in madness by the unnecessary killing.


Although he was full of blood, his mind was very firm and unaffected.


And this was perhaps related to his frequent meditation.


As long as he had time, he will meditate for two hours before going to bed, which has become a habit.


At the end of the meditation, Su Xiao felt a bit tired, and this fatigue could make him fall asleep more quickly.




Night time in the 4th district, Shinjuku City.


The moon was high, although there were all tall buildings in the 4thdistrict, it was dark as if humans had given up this area.


It was the truth. There were no human beings in the 4th district because of the proliferation of ghouls.




The whistle came, a figure in a black robe with a wide hood appeared in the suburbs of the 4th district, surrounded by wild grasses, and could hear the night sounds of wild animals from time to time.


The black shadow carried a linen bag. The bag was large, there was something hidden in it.


“The contractors of the ghouls camp were all junks, dragging down the speed of the task of mine. There was surprisingly only one person in CCG camp. What happened?”


A low male voice came under the hood.


A pair of black triangular eyes appeared under the moonlight. Only these eyes could be seen, and you could feel that the owner of the eyes was definitely a bad person.


Those eyes were full of negative emotions, mean, cruel, and crazy.


“Hooo, hoo.”


The bag behind the triangular-eyed man swayed a few times, listening to the hoo, there should be a human inside the bag.


The triangular-eyed man surprisingly came to the suburbs of the 4th district at around 10pm and also packed a person in a bag.


“Be quiet, or I will cut your tongue.”


The triangular-eyed man dropped the bag and kicked against the bag.


A cry came from the bag, and the person’s sound stopped.


“Right here.”


The triangular-eyed man untied the bag, and a boy came out.


The boy was about seven or eight years old and looked cute, and his face was full of dirt.


On the small face which was full of dirt, there were two clear traces of tears, and the clear eyes had already become red.


“You are unlucky, I can’t find anyone else, so I can only choose you, but the amount of flesh and blood is somewhat not enough.”


The triangular-eyed man-made weird laughter, and his dry fingers like chicken feet, buckled in the mouth for a while and pulled out a sticky substance like chewing gum.




The triangular-eyed man spat out black saliva, cautiously made the sticky substance in his hand into small pieces and threw it around, and left a part in his hand.


After finishing all this, the triangular-eyed man took out a scimitar as long as a palm and made weird laughter.


“Hoo, hoo, hoo.”


The little boy was even more afraid and struggled desperately on the ground, but his hands and feet were tied with tape, and he could only wriggle on the ground.


“You are so small, how many pieces should I divide.”


The triangular-eyed man was thinking.


“Five, you are too small.”


The triangular-eyed man licked his lips with his tongue, and the machete in his hand approached to the little boy…


In the suburbs under the moonlight, a cruel scene appeared. A man in a black robe was using a knife to skillfully cut the child. Although the child was sealed, he made a low voice from time to time.


Ten minutes later, the little boy turned into a pile of minced meat, which was thrown to the ground randomly, and there was some a black sticky substance that could be seen faintly on the fragments of the body.


The triangular-eyed man was hiding in the distance and waiting silently.


An hour later, two red lights passed under the night, which were ghoul’s red eyes.


“Is this a murder? Haha, it is really good luck, I surprisingly can eat human flesh.”


The ghoul picked up the little boy’s body and gorged it after discovering that there was no abnormality around him.


The triangular eyed man curled his lip as if he was somewhat dissatisfied with only one ghoul appearing.




As the triangle-eyed man murmured with a low voice, the gorging ghoul suddenly burst out.




The blood mist splashed, although it was an explosion, no fire appeared, but lots of minced flesh flew.


This time, the blood smell was even heavier. Not long after, it attracted more than a dozen ghouls. These dozens of ghouls began to grab the body of the little boy. The human flesh was rare in the 4thdistrict.


The triangle-eyed man shouted again, and those ghouls burst at the same time.


They all had a characteristic, that is, they had eaten the body of the little boy.


Two hours later, the bloody smell on the suburban of the 4th district attracted dozens of hungry ghouls, all of the ghouls were attracted by the bloody smell of the little boy.


“Sixty, seventy, it’s enough.”


The triangular-eyed man was hiding in the distance, and a black light appeared in the palm of his hand.




A loud sound came, and the dozens of ghouls that were in the same place exploded.


The soil splashed and shattered.


When the aftermath of the explosion receded, two white treasure cases floated on the ground.


“Hey, surprisingly two white treasure chests appeared, but it’s normal. I’m ‘double servings’.”


The triangular-eyed man was satisfied and put the boxes into the storage spaces and received the hint of completing the ‘Achievement Mission’ from the reincarnation paradise. When he entered the derivative world, and he just started to smash ghouls in the 4th district. Although he was also in ghouls’ camp, he had special ways to avoid the deduction of the value of contributions points after killing ghouls.


The triangular-eyed man’s face that was full of joy became black. He seemed to have received some news.


“How can reincarnation paradise always warn me? I am supposed to get double rewards after the task, or you can just execute me.”


The triangular-eyed man sneered with disdain and did not care about the warning given by the reincarnation paradise.


He was the target that Su Xiao had to hunt, the N.12470 contractor!


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