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R.P Chapter 73: The Offender! [EDITED]

While holding the bra in his hand, he was further shocked when he noticed that it was actually a piece of equipment!

[Silk bra]

Origin: Catalog of Magical Forbidden Book, School Street No. 3.

Quality: white

Genre: Armor.

Durability: 11/15

Requirement: female.

Equipment effects: charm +1, cup size +1.

Rating: 7

Introduction: Your breasts will look incredible, believe me.

Price: 900 paradise coins.


Su Xiao scratched his head. It was of a little use to him and could only be sold in the Reincarnation Paradise.

The red vortex was still there, so Su Xiao made the second attempt.

Having learnt from the last lesson, he tried to feel for hard objects.

Soon, he felt something hard with a smooth texture.

Thinking he’d just give it a try, Su Xiao pulled out the item.

[Universal wrench]

The Reincarnation Paradise only announced those two simple words. Su Xiao’s face went blue as he raised a silver-white wrench.

This was not even classified as equipment, it was an ordinary item in the Reincarnation Paradise that workers used all the time, its value should be around 3 paradise coins.

How come Queen had this in her storage space? Was she a handyman?

That was obviously impossible, but Su Xiao guessed the reason.

Queen most likely knew about the system of the ‘Scarlet cards’ so she probably put this into her storage space on purpose.

In the Reincarnation Paradise, no one could be certain of leaving the derivative worlds alive. Queen must have put a lot of useless items into her storage space just in case.

This way, even if she died, she would not allow her killer to get any benefits.

With Queen’s character, it seemed likely.

Su Xiao sighed and lost his hopes for the third draw.

With his permanent lack of luck, and with what he could only assume to be a large amount of trash in Queen’s storage space, the chance of getting anything good was really too low.

Su Xiao casually grabbed something from the vortex and looked at it.

“Oh my…”

What appeared in Su Xiao’s hands was a bottle.

[Rejoice shampoo (manufactured by workers)]

After hesitating for a long while, Su Xiao endured and decided not to throw the bottle of shampoo against the wall.

This could also be useful, if he were stranded in the wilderness during a mission, it wouldn’t be bad to be able to wash his hair at a river.

After forcibly comforting himself with this logic, Su Xiao sat down on the bed, put Dragon Flash on his legs and began meditating to get rid of his depressed mood.

The method of meditation Koshiro taught him was not simple.

Recently, he felt that after each meditation, his perception became more and more accurate.

When Black-white was trying to shoot him, Su Xiao was able to feel where she was aiming, that should be related to his frequent meditation.

Su Xiao recently slaughtered a lot of ghouls, but he did not fall to madness from the incessant killing.

Although his hands weren’t just stained with blood, but were thoroughly drenched, his mind remained very firm and unaffected.

This, too, might be related to his frequent meditation.

As long as he had the time, he would meditate for two hours before going to sleep, this habit has been fully ingrained in Su Xiao.

After meditating, Su Xiao always felt a bit tired, so it helped him fall asleep more quickly.

4th district, Shinjuku City, during the night.

The moon stood high, although there were many tall buildings in the 4th district, it was dark, as if humanity had given up on this area.

It was the truth. There were no human beings in the 4th district because of the proliferation of ghouls.

A whistle could be heard, and a figure in a black robe with a wide hood appeared in the suburbs of the 4th district, which had been overgrown by wild grass and weed, even the sounds of wild animals could be heard from time to time.

The black shadow carried a large linen bag, which was obviously filled with something big.

“The contractors in the ghoul’s faction are all useless and holding me back. And there is only one single person on the CCG’s side, what happened there?”

A male voice sounded from under the hood.

A pair of black, triangular eyes appeared in the moonlight. Only these eyes could be seen, and one could feel that the owner of the eyes was definitely a bad person.

Those eyes were full of negative emotion, hate, cruelty and madness.

“Huff, huff.”

The bag behind the triangular-eyed man swayed a few times, judging from to the sounds, there should be a human inside the bag.

The triangular-eyed man not only came to the suburbs of the 4th district in the middle of the night, he was also carrying a person in his bag.

“Be quiet, or I will cut out your tongue.”

The triangular-eyed man dropped the bag and kicked it a few times for good measure.

Hoarse cries came from the bag, but the sounds stopped soon after.

“Right here.”

The triangular-eyed man untied the bag, and a boy climbed out.

The boy was about seven or eight years old and looked cute, even though his face was full of dirt.

On his small, dirty face, two tear tracks were clearly visible, and his eyes were already reddish.

“You are unlucky, I couldn’t find anyone else, so I could only take you, even though the amount of flesh and blood is somewhat lacking.”

The triangular-eyed man-made gave a weird laughter, then pulled a sticky, chewing-gum-like substance out of his mouth.


The triangular-eyed man spat out black saliva, then cautiously formed the sticky substance in his hand into several smaller pieces. He threw most of them around, but kept a small part in his hand.

After finishing, the triangular-eyed man took out a small scimitar, with the blade barely as long as a palm, and continued laughing in his weird way.

“Hoo, hoo, hoo.”

The little boy was even more scared now and struggled desperately on the ground, but his hands and feet were tied with tape, so he could only wriggle around.

“You are so small, into how many pieces should I divide you.”

The triangular-eyed man was thinking out loud.

“Five, you are just too small for more.”

The triangular-eyed man licked his lips, the machete in his hand approached the little boy…

In the suburbs, under the cold moonlight, a cruel scene was appeared. A man in a black robe was using a knife to skillfully cut a child. Although the child’s lips were taped shut, the noises he made was still audible from time to time.

Ten minutes later, the little boy had turned into a pile of minced meat, which was randomly strewn around the ground. Some a black, sticky substance could be faintly seen on the fragments of the body.

The triangular-eyed man was hiding a small distance away and quietly waiting.

An hour later, two red lights rushed closer, that being a ghoul’s red eyes.

“Was this a murder? Hahaha, this is really good luck, I can eat human flesh for once.”

The ghoul picked up the little boy’s body and gorged on it after noticing no abnormality in the surroundings.

The triangular eyed man curled his lips, somewhat dissatisfied with only one ghoul appearing.


As the triangle-eyed man murmured with a low voice, the eating ghoul suddenly burst apart.


Blood sprayed into a fine mist, although it was an explosion, there was no fire or shrapnel, but lots of minced flesh flew around.

This time, the bloody smell was even heavier. Not long after, it attracted more than a dozen ghouls. These dozens of ghouls began to grab the body of the little boy, human flesh was a rare delicacy for ghouls in the 4th district.

The triangle-eyed man murmured again, and those ghouls all burst at the same time.

They all had a one thing in common, that being, they had eaten the body of the little boy.

Two hours later, the bloody smell on the suburban area of the 4th district had attracted dozens of hungry ghouls.

“Sixty, seventy, it’s enough.”

The triangular-eyed man was hiding in the distance, and a black light appeared in the palm of his hand.


A loud sound echoed, and the dozens of ghouls that were in the same place exploded.

Soil splashed and splattered.

When the aftermath of the explosion receded, two white treasure cases floated on the ground.

“Hey, two white treasure chests. Well, that’s normal. I’m ‘double servings’ after all.”

The triangular-eyed man was satisfied and put the chests into his storage space as he received the notification of completing an ‘Achievement’ from the Reincarnation Paradise. When he entered this derivative world, he just started killing ghouls in the 4th district. Although he was also in the ghouls’ camp, he had special ways to avoid the deduction of contribution value that should come from killing ghouls.

The triangular-eyed man’s face that had been full of joy suddenly became black. He seemed to have received some news.

“How come it’s another warning from the Reincarnation Paradise? Just give me my doubled rewards or go ahead and execute me.”

The triangular-eyed man sneered with disdain, not caring about the warning given by the Reincarnation Paradise.

This was the target that Su Xiao had to hunt, the contractor no. 12470!