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R.P Chapter 79: Maze!

After taking a break for roughly half an hour, the three people recovered some physical strength.
Su Xiao took off his shirt and took out a large bucket of water from the storage space. He emptied it on his head, and the water was stained in red when it reached the ground.
Arima Kisho and Yuna did the same thing, it could dilute the bloody smell on their bodies and reduce the chance of being discovered by ghouls.
“Is it so dangerous for you to explore the 24th district every time?”
Su Xiao looked at those two, exploring the 24th district was inevitably too dangerous.
“Of course not. It was the first time we encountered this kind of ghouls. Where did these ghouls come from? They are so strong even without kagune.”
Yuna’s answer made Su Xiao feel surprised. She had been exploring the 24th district for half a year. Hadn’t she encountered this situation before?
“Superior Arima, You seem to be familiar with these ghouls.”
Su Xiao looked at Arima Kisho with a deep gaze.
Arima Kisho took off his glasses and smashed the broken glasses.
“They are special ghouls only in the 24th district, but I don’t know the specific information.”
Arima Kisho looked indifferent, maybe he answered Su Xiao’s question because they fought in the bloody battles.
“Is it? Take this.”
Su Xiao had two bags of dried meat in his hands and threw them to Arima Kisho and Yuna.
Yuna grabbed it very easily, but after the dried meat was thrown in front of Arima Kisho, Arima Kisho took a step back subconsciously.
The bag of meat fell to the ground, and one of Arima Kisho’s hands hung in the air.
It was almost impossible for Arima Kisho not to catch the dried meat thrown by Su Xiao, with Arima Kisho’s close fight ability, catching the dried meat in this distance was normal.
Arima Kisho wore the glasses and picked up the dried meat on the ground.
Yuna squirted and ate the dried meat and did not notice the scene.
But Su Xiao noticed that there was a problem with Arima Kisho’s eyes, and Arima Kisho needs to rely on the pair of glasses to maintain his sight.
Su Xiao had always been wondering why Arima Kisho wore a pair of glasses because it was inconvenient to wear a pair of glasses in battle.
“Good food, it can recover energy quickly.”
Arima Kisho ate the dried meat and looked at Su Xiao.
“I recommend you wear contact lenses.”
In the near future, Su Xiao will fight side by side with Arima Kisho, just as they had dealt with the primitive ghouls. If Arima Kisho dies, he will be not far from death.
“I used to wear it, but I am not used to it.”
The two stopped talking, Yuna looked at the two confusedly.
After finishing the break, the three people set off and prepared to leave the 24th district.
“The meat wall in this direction has not changed, we can be returned in the same way.”
Yuna led the way ahead, holding a tablet in her hand, recording the route where the three came from.
Their current position was already in the deep part of the 24th district. The passage was intricate, it was completely a maze.
“God, the route has changed.”
Yuna held the tablet in her hand, the bloody red meat wall in front of her blocked her route.
According to the tablet display, there was a road here, but now it was a dead end.
“What should we do now, break this meat wall?”
Su Xiao took the knife and stepped forward.
“You can try and see how much the terrain has changed.”
Su Xiao held the handle of the dragon flash tightly by both hands, the longsword entered the meat wall, and pulled it harshly, tens of centimeters long crack appeared.
Yuna rushed forward to see the situation after the hole.
It was the other side of the meat wall that appeared into Yuna’s sight.
“Ah, we can only use the most stupid way.”
Yuna put away the tablet and pulled out a compass in the backpack.
Su Xiao put away the sword away after pulling it out of the meat wall, and the meat wall began to heal gradually in less than a minute, the meat wall returned to its original condition.
“Is the compass effective?”
In the intricate 24th district that had lots of directions, Su Xiao felt that the role of the compass was minimal.
“Effective, I have tried many times, no matter how complicated the route here, as long as there is a specific direction, you can get out of the 24th district.”
Although the three were trapped in the 24th district, Yuna and Arima Kisho were not nervous. It seemed that it was not difficult to go out.
“Left, right, left, right…”
Yuna’s slender fingers swayed from side to side and began to choose roads by fate.
Arima Kisho did not speak, as if he is used to it, just waiting for Yuna to choose.
“On the right, the airflow on the right is faster, and the chance of a dead end is not great.”
Su Xiao suddenly spoke, Yuna’s fingers were stiff in the air.
“The airflow is faster? Why didn’t I feel it.”
Yuna looked at Su Xiao with some suspicion.
Su Xiao took the compass from Yuna.
“I am leading the way, is that okay?”
The answer from Arima Kisho was very simple.
The two followed behind Su Xiao and walked quickly.
Five minutes later, a bloody red meat wall appeared in front of the three people. This was a dead end.
“Cough, occasional mistakes.”
Su Xiao looked puzzled at the meat wall in front of him. He did feel that the air flow here was faster.
“Byakuya, are you reliable or not, how do I feel here is deeper than we just stayed.”
Yuna scratched her head and looked at Su Xiao with doubt.
Yuna was not blaming Su Xiao, even if she led the way, she also chose the route by fate.
“Probably, no problem.”
The three continued to walk. Ten minutes later, a meat wall appeared again in front of Su Xiao.
Unlike the last time, there were several ghouls in the dead end in front of the three people.
“We have been hiding from you, why are you forced to follow us, we don’t want to fight.”
One of the ghouls was full of tears and looked at Arima Kisho with fear.
“All Ghouls are going die.”
Yuna’s Qunique box in her hand changed, and ‘M. Red Moon’ appeared.
“Boom, boom, boom….”
After random shots, the blood filled the passage.
“Go on.”
Su Xiao did not believe that he could not find the correct route.
Twenty minutes later, a meat wall appeared in front of the three people, and a dead end!
After half an hour, it was still a dead end.
After an hour, it was a dead end.
Su Xiao’s mouth twitched, and he seemed to be lost.
“Can I try?”
Yuna looked at Su Xiao with some helplessness. Su Xiao did not speak but silently handed over the compass in his hand.
The way Yuna chose road was different from Su Xiao. Whenever she encountered a crossroad in the route, Yuna would murmur for a while and then choose the route.
Even if Yuna led the way, the situation had not changed.
An hour later, the three stood in a dead end.
“Damn, we had bad luck this time.”
Yuna stamped her feet, clenched the compass in her hand, and the compass slammed.
Two pairs of cold eyes looked at Yuna, Yuna was shocked and quickly checked the compass.
Fortunately, the compass was just some scar in the appearance, no serious problem.
“I will do it.”
Arima Kisho took the compass, this time Arima Kisho led them.
It had to say that Arima Kisho was very lucky with the pro-son of the original author.
In the next twenty minutes, the three never encountered a dead end.
“According to this progress, we won’t be able to go out soon, I’m full of blood and feel slimy, it’s so uncomfortable.”
Yuna pulled the neckline of her shirt and gave some envious looked at Su Xiao and Arima Kisho.
The two were male, they didn’t care about the naked upper body, but Yuna couldn’t do the same.
The three people approached a corner, and ArimaKisho was walking in front, suddenly stopped.
Yuna just wanted to make a sound, and Su Xiao behind her rolled his arm, and he caught Yuna’s mouth.
After Yuna saw the situation in front of her, her big eyes widened to the limit and her pupils shrunk.


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