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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 63: The Shock of Hashirama




“Would you like to go with me to see Hashirama sama?” Mire said.


“What? Am I not welcome?” Qin Yi asked.


“no of course you are.” Mire was hurriedly waved.


she is somewhat afraid of Qin Yi. The previous sneak attack made her understand the strength of the three generals clearly. The three are Jonin, one of them could kill her easily.


their Kenjutsu skills are extremely strong, and they also have a Kekkei Genkai, which seems too powerful with.


Then, Qin Yi, that he is the Kage, naturally he is stronger, what’s power he has?


“Let’s go then.” Qin Yi went out first.


Five minutes later, the two of them met Hashirama Senju.


Naturally, the Iron Kingdom will not neglect such legend as Hashirama, they have arranged a huge house in mountains rivers.


When he saw Qin Yi he seemed very happy.


“Qin, you are finally here.”


“Hokage Hashirama.” Qin Yi walked over him with a big smile.


“How is your country establishing? I heard that your country is now a neighbor of the land of Whirlpools. Ha-ha, a few days ago, I heard the Whirlpools people complaining to me about you.” Hashirama said with a laugh.


“Haha, it’s nothing, it’s just, my people grabbing some food.” Qin Yi smiled lightly.


All these things were arranged by and signed by him.


he is good or bad doesn’t matter now, he was a king and he did what he must do.


The ninjas of the land of Whirlpools has always been in conflict with Qin State but there has not yet been a war.


“It’s okay, the Uzumaki clan is also an ally of Konoha. don’t make troubles with them, my wife is an Uzumaki kunoichi.” Hashirama laughed.


“aha, that’s surprised me.” Qin Yi said.


At this time, Hashirama smiled and said.


“Qin, this time, you’re not coming to talk about these things right?”


then Qin Yi looked at him seriously, Hashirama said again.


“Let’s talk inside?”


When the crowd entered the main hall and pulled the curtains, and the ninjas stood up next to each other, Qin Yi first said.


“Hashirama, I’m here to ask you for help.”


Hashirama turned serious, and in his heart knows that this young ally will not come just for chatting.


“Please say.”


“Tobirama sensei tell me that the five Kage Summit was originally meant to balance the strength and promote a peaceful relationship amongst the five major powers.” Qin Yi said.


Qin Yi knew that his arrival didn’t be expected from Hashirama and all of this arranged by Tobirama; This younger brother has a lot more intelligence than his brother.


Tobirama was here so he chose to be open and honest.


“Yes! That’s true.” Hashirama nodded.


“So, I am the Qin Kage, representing the kingdom of Qin, and I want to ask for a Tailed Beasts.” Qin Yi said.


In one sentence, Hashirama stunned, and then his face was more serious.


“Qin, I hope that you understand the distribution of the tail beasts to promote peace between the five great powers based on the fact that the five great powers have strong enough power!”


“And the Kingdom of Qin.”


At this point, he didn’t say anything.


“Hashirama, I understand this. But my state has already had some strength at this time.”


“I and the three Generals behind me have become Jonin, and there are 1,500 captains Chunin, they each leading a team of ninjas.”


“That is 6,000 ninjas!”


“Secondly, there are also 1,500 under training ninjas.”


Qin Yi said with powerful majestic voice.


his words make Hashirama, Tobirama, and even the surrounding Konoha ninjas.


“1500 ninja squads, that is 6,000 ninjas? Isn’t this the number of troops you had before?” Tobirama.


“Yes, they are making rapid progress and now they have the power of the ninja!”


“so, why do you think that a strong country as Whirlpools and will not act and just complain?” Qin Yi nodded and asked.


This time, the Konoha ninja is shocked.


“Only four months.” Tobirama stared at Qin Yi.


At this time, everyone knows that the Qin kingdom must have a secret to achieve such strength in a short period of time.


Even Hashirama’s eyes were already flashing.


The secret of enhancing strength in a short time and Qin Yi with his generals standing here without no side effects, it such a secret, everyone wants to have.


Without further dialogue, Tobirama turned his eyes to Mire. which nodded slightly to admit it.


“Qin, we are very curious about how you did it?” Tobirama finally said.


“a technique! But, sorry I can’t give it to you.” Qin Yi said. then, the atmosphere in the hall became tense.


A technique, so that the Qin Kingdom has so many strong people? So what is this technique? And he will not give it to his ally Konoha?


“Qin, you are really an incredible person,” Hashirama said with a smile.


The bad atmosphere suddenly dissipated, it became a peace; No matter what kind of thoughts they have now, this is not the moment to break the friendship.


The five Kage will soon be met If they did anything the reputation of Konoha can be swept away.


However, the timing of Qin is perfect!


Hashirama deeply stares at Qin Yi’s eyes and thought of it.


“Since the country of Qin also has enough strength and it is our ally, then, in the distribution of the tail beast, I think I can lean to Qin, my brother.” Tobirama smiled and Said.


“I have no problem, but it depends to the other four Kage too.” Said Hashirama.


“So I believe that with the strength of Qin state, will be able to persuade the remaining four Kage to take a tail beast.” Tobirama smiled and said to Qin Yi.

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