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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 64: Qualified!

Qin Yi also laughed and nodded.

Qin understands that he must show his power.

He will participate in the summit, he doesn’t make trouble and it was relying on his luck.

Or he chooses to fight, then he may face the four Kages!

what will happen is entirely based on Qin Yi.

Later, Qin and Tobirama were discussing freely and the atmosphere was cool.

After an hour.

They were returning to their residence, Qin Yi’ smile slowly dissipated.

“Your Majesty, Konoha will not stand in our side in this meeting?” Qin Lin said.

” Although I do not know what the tailed beast is, the attitude of Konoha is very ambiguous.” Yang Yi said.

Fang Lin was silent but nodded his approval.

Qin Yi did not say anything; He knew what’s going on clearly.

Originally, Hashirama wanted to support the growth of Qin State and become a strong ally to Konoha, but what he did not expect was that this ally was in strength level that’s make him afraid that it is not so easy to control.

In this case, although the two sides are already allied, if a tailed beast falls into their hands, Qin State power will inevitably expand again.

With two strong allies get stronger quickly what will happen in the end, it is unexpected.

Moreover, the final decision of this meeting relies on Hashirama, not to Tobirama.

For Senju Hashirama, the sudden insertion of Qin Yi will undoubtedly make him into a problem. This is the meeting of the five Kage. What is the situation of Qin Kingdom coming suddenly?

“there is nothing to said, prepare yourselves there will be a hard battle tomorrow.” Qin Yi’s eyes flashed.

“How did I catch their attention?”

The Qin State is a new village. For the five major countries, it is just one of the countless small villages.

So, if he wants to get the tailed beast, the first thing is to catch their attention!

“If you want to make them aware of your presence in the first place, you need to show your strength!” Qin Yi thought

But it is one way to show your strength, fight!

The time of the five Kage summit was soon.

On this day, the Kage of the Five Great Shinobi Countries appeared. The place where the talks were held was not within the territory of the Iron land but within a huge building some distance from the Iron land, which was shaped like a tower and surrounded by samurais from the Iron country.

At this time, the Kage of the Five Great Shinobi Countries was sitting on the five corner table, and they looked at each other, the atmosphere was very strange.

“the fact that we were able to convene this five Kage Summit with the first Kage of each of the Five Nations…”

“truly fills me with gratitude!”

As the original opening, Hashirama was covered with tears and his head was bowing on the table in front of him.

Tobirama was annoyed…

Then the first Raikage clenched his fists and said: “Lord Hokage, raise your head. That’s not becoming of a village leader….”

“I did indeed come here to endorse the gist of lord Hokage’s pact…” The Tsuchikage said.

“If you behave too humbly, you’ll make us suspicious.” The Mizukage said.

“This is a transaction, not something to get emotional over…” The Kazekage said.

This scene is exactly the same as the anime, and nothing has changed.

But just in the next moment,

The five Kage in the room suddenly surprised and their eyes became sharp.

In this spacious room, they don’t know when and how this figure appeared.

“who are you?” the first Kazekage.

The visitor has a purple hat over his head and his face hidden beneath the white coat, marched steadily and vigorously, but with a few steps had come affront the table.

“I listened to the Kazekage said that this is a transaction, then, should Qin State also participate in this agreement?” Qin Yi appeared.

After Tobirama eyes were slightly narrowed, and Hashirama was stunned. They thought that Qin Yi would not come. they didn’t expect such an appearance. The other four Kage are gloomy at this moment.

” little brat, this is the summit of the Five Great Shinobi Countries. What is your country of Qin, and what qualifications do you have to participate in this meeting??” the Kazekage screamed.

The five Kage are naturally the commanders of the world’s largest military organizations and the five strongest people. How can ordinary people join in such a Summit?


suddenly a whirlwind appeared in the hall.

“What qualifications do I have?” In the face of such a harsh and humiliating question, Qin Yi’s eyes became fierce.

“You will know what qualifications I have.”

He took a step. After this step, the five Kage eyes narrowed, and Qin Yi’s figure disappeared.

At the same time, he was behind the Kazekage putting a Kunai next to his neck.

“I don’t know if I kill the Kazekage can prove that the country of Qin has such qualifications?” there is a little blood in the neck of the Kazekage.

Everyone in the room was shocked. They did not expect Qin Yi to have such a that instant teleportation?

The Kazekage eyes narrowed, but still calm, but his heart was surprised that this young man was so powerful.

He was trying to print under the table, but at this moment, he was suddenly shocked and stopped.

“I can let you fight me here, but I promise that the results will not change.” Qin Yi said with indifferent voice, and then the Kazekage saw the Sharingan in the reflection of the teacup on the table.

At this time, Qin Yi lowered his head slightly, and the white coat obscured his eyes to the others. the Kazekage was under Genjutsu.

This is clearly Sharingan!

During the Five Kage summit, a sudden appearance of a young man, in less than two minutes and defeated the Kazekage.

“Mr.Kazekage, now you dare not act rashly, I think.” Qin Yi slowly raised his head with a smirk.

“This strength should be enough to prove that my country has the qualifications for distribution?”

The four Kage are all looking at the scene.

“The country of Qin is qualified, please sit down.”

Tobirama said after a deep stare at Qin Yi.

“But before this, please let go of the Kazekage, we are not allowed to do this here!”

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