The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 65: Seven Tails!


Qin Yi smiled slightly and suddenly his body transformed a white smoke.


everyone present surprised by this scene.


“Is it just a clone?” Hashirama said.


He should reassess Qin Yi’s strength.


In the conference room, four people walked slowly, and ahead them was Qin Yi, with a steady breath.


After he arrived, he glanced at the five Kage and then smiled.


” can you give me a place?”


The five corner table for five Kage, and there is no position for another kage. But when he came, he Stopped the Kazekage with a clone and showed his strength. 


At this time, Qin Yi put forward such a request, so that the Kages in the room are staring at him, especially the Kazekage, he was so angry.


“Kid, there is no place for you here!” Qin Yi heard that and his face also became gloomy.


“Kazekage sama, I hope that you think about what you’ll say and then open your mouth, I would like to use your blood to honor our dead soldiers.”


Kazekage surprised: “Who are you?”


Qin Yi smirked and didn’t answer.


Hashirama scratched his head and said: “Then add a place, Qin Yi is a friend and ally of Konoha, I hope we don’t start a fight.”


“The theme of our meeting is for sake of world peace.”


The rest of the Kage were silent for a while then they are sat down.


he could simply defeat the Kazekage just using a clone, this person’s strength is unfathomable.


he five corner table was changed to six corners, and Qin Yi sat down with a smile.


The three generals behind him slowly drew back and stood in the corner.


Qin Yi and the four Kages were suspicious, especially the Kazekage.


His enter make them respect him but so suspicious about him.


“It’s a great honor to be here to meet your five Kage.” He had put his hat on the table and smiled lightly.


“Now that we are here, let’s begin our negotiating!” Tobirama said.


There was no action from the five Kage, the Kazekage stared at Qin Yi then he said.


“We have a Tailed beast in the country of the wind, so I want to use this Tailed beast to exchange alternative payment of a portion of the fertile land of the Land of Fire my closest neighbor, and 30% of the asking price from each of the tailed beasts that the other nations would pay for.” As soon as he said Qin Yi smiled ironically.


“Kazekage, don’t mess around!”


“You ask too much, Kazekage!” At this time, the Kages in the room were all blown up.


At this time, the five great countries do not know much about tailed beasts.


After that, it was a quarreling negotiation, about the distribution of tailed beasts, about money and so on. they transformed from ninjas to merchants.


The voice of yelling and hitting table was high.


Qin Yi listened silently with a faint smile on his face.


At the end of the day when the five Kage stopped, the Mizukage looked at him.


“Lord Qin Kage, you listen to quietly? You have any good idea?”


Qin Yi took a sip of tea on the table and then said.


“I have no opinion on your negotiation.”


“I just hope that Konoha can give us seven tails.”


“Of course, if we have to pay, we will pay for Konoha.”


Seven tails? This kid wants just one Tailed Beast,


Basically, according to the balance of the strength standards of the villages, the strength of the weak will be assigned a stronger tail beast, the powerful is to make up for the quantity.


“Seven tails? Ok then.” Hashirama said after he signaled to Tobirama.


“Konoha just need nine tails.” Hashirama said.


” the Land of Lightning, I have Two-Tails and Eight-Tails!”


“The land of water, Three-Tails, Six-Tails.”


” the Land of Earth. are Four-Tails and Five-Tails!”


After the negotiation, the nine tail beasts were allocated. In fact, the issue now is the seven tails.


“Since the land of the wind does not want a tailed beast, then the money that Qin Kage will pay for the tailed beast, we will give it to the land of the wind,”  Tobirama said.


Kazekage did not know what the tailed beast used for. The Land of the wind is in the middle of the desert. The land of wind is lacking is the land and various resources. and is more cost-effective compared to the tailed beast that can’t control it for always.


“Then, the six Kage Summit has ended. and I hope that all of you here will abide by the contents of the agreement.” Hashirama said with a smile.


Qin Yi and the other five Kage signed their names on the agreement with a smile on their faces.


The purpose of this trip has been achieved. Although he made troubles with other Kage, it is worth it.


He has a tail beast, his strength will expand very quickly, and will haven’t lack of Chakra anymore, he has a war machine!


It may be difficult to conquer the world right now but soon he will make Qin kingdom stronger enough for a big war.


As for the contents of the agreement, there is no doubt that it is not easy to start a war. Qin Yi did not care, Hashirama is still too naive, how hatred between people for decades can easily disappear.


It’s only when everyone becomes at the same group and after a long time, that the hatred between them goes away.


At the end of the meeting, Qin Yi and the three generals went out of the tower.


Hashirama followed them and call.




Qin Yi turned back: ” Hashirama, Tobirama, thank you for your help.”


“You don’t have to thank us, Qin, you really get stronger quickly!” Tobirama sighed and looked complicated.


Qin Yi looked at them with appreciation and salute each other.


“Qin, when you go back, be careful all the way!”


Hashirama said with hesitating.


“If you need any help, please let me know.”


Qin Yi took a deep look at the first Hokage Hashirama, and he was deeply impressed by his generosity and kindness.


Hashirama obviously knows that this trip will not be too peaceful. His performance at the Summit was too dazzling, and he threatened the life of a Kage.


Although this method is effective, it is taboo.


The Kage of a big country, but helplessly bowed to an unknown like him, the consequences can be imagined.


But even with such huge case, he is still willing to help him.


“don’t bother Hashirama Sama, we can handle it well.” Qin Yi smiled.


After that, he took the three generals and quickly left.


Hashirama and Tobirama looked at Qin Yi leaving, were sighing.


They all know that this time, Qin Yi changed a lot.

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