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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 62: Heaven and Hell








“Your Majesty, the attacker has been cleared.” Qin Lin came back and said softly.


“Well, will keep taking our break.” Qin Yi is still sitting next to the campfire and his expression remained unchanged as if he had anticipated such a result.


Yang Yi awakened the Ice Release just the second day after Qin Lin.


After the progress of these three guys, they liked to show off so much even that the whole village knew their strength.


“lava and ice.” Qin Yi was thinking in and looked at Fang Lan.


“This, will not awaken the Light Release, right??” Qin Yi suddenly shuddered when he thought about the admirals.


Fortunately, Fang Lan did not show any signs of an awakening bloodline limit and was the only normal person in three.


Mire team was a bit shivering at this time.


Three Jonin, a Kage, two of them have Kekkei Genkai, what is going on in this Qin country?


Three hours later, Qin Yi led everyone to continue on their journey.


Fortunately, there was no harm this time.


Just on the road, Qin Yi and others saw many refugees, their eyes were hopeless and they walked aimlessly.


This made their expressions become serious. but they did not communicate with these people, only when they passed by, Qin Yi said.


“Go along the coast and you’ll meet a country called Qin state, which is gathering refugees.”


“Trust me, it should be a good place for you.”


When the refugees stayed for a while, they were about to ask, but Qin Yi and others had stride across.


the five major hidden villages have just been established, and the Warring States period is ended. These refugees are the largest group the major countries afraid of the risk of lack of recourses but the country of Qin needs more people, but the risk still on the table.


Subsequently, Qin Yi and others were advancing toward the land of Iron. On the way, they saw many refugees, in groups in different areas; the scene is very sad.


“These are the people who are displaced in the Warring States period at the time of war and after the destruction of a country or village.”


“The number of these people is so huge that no country dares to accept them,” Mire said.


Qin Yi is silent, watching these ragged clothes, skinny bones have lost hope, waiting for the descendants of death, the heart of the five flavors.


He is not Jesus, he is not going to act like a savior, he is a king and he is never been a soft-hearted person.


Only at this moment, Qin Yi’s heart touched. When he saw it…


A woman who is hungry burying her dead child in her arms and squeezing her and her face full of tears…


A man in his thirties, with a dirty knife and cut from his thigh, cooks it in flames, feeds his meat to his hungry young son.


 A man was carrying his sick wife.


They were literally in hell and there is only despair, but when Qin Yi see these scenes his soul touched.


As long there is desperation there is also the power of life.


This power called to love and sacrifice more powerful than any power.


At this moment, Qin Yi also knew the theme of this different world. and he understood the origin of the belief in stability and peace in the Hashirama, Madara and every plot character that appears in the future.


The war has caused misery, and people from different camps hate each other. Peace will never come, and refugees will always exist.


They want to change this suffering, but they can’t even the two gods of ninjas they couldn’t do it.


The greatest limit that they could reach is to protect people close to them and give them peace.


The world is too big, far from what they can change at the moment.


“So, we let them drift in this world, waiting for death?” Qin Yi suddenly said.


Even the Konoha that promote love and peace do not dare to accept these miserable refugees? Inside the five great countries is heaven, but outside, it turns out to be hell!


Heaven is really separated from hell with only a line!


“Qin Lin.” He suddenly said.


she understands what he thought at the moment, without hesitation, she walked toward the refugees.


He once again said what he said to the other group of refugees.


“What your five great countries dare not do, I will do it and they are accepted them in my kingdom!” Qin Yi said.


Mire and the three ninjas behind her were shocked.


All the refugees along the way were informed and they began to rush to the country of Qin.


Even if they are desperate, the instinct to surviving still gives rise to hope.


Even if it’s being cheated, it doesn’t matter. At least they will try their last hope, isn’t it?


those who are faced death will be afraid of cheating?


On the sixth day from they quit Qin Dynasty, Qin Yi and the two teams arrived at the land Iron.


Unlike other countries of the world whose militaries use shinobi, the Land of Iron’s military is made up of the samurai.


After the guards let Qin Yi and others enter.


“Qin Kage same, I need to go to see the Hokage same, excuse me.”


When she arrived at his lodge, Mire bowed.


“Is Hshirama already here?” Qin Yi smiled.


“Yes, Hokage sama have already arrived yesterday,” Mire said.


At this time, she did not have any disrespect for Qin Yi, but she admired him very much. Although he is only a 17-year-old boy, both the strength and the courage shown in the previous days are extraordinary.


Those who are refugees are not so simple issue. If they are gathered their number will be enough to build up a country. Such a burden, even the five major countries cannot afford.


However, the seventeen-year-old boy will try.


“So, I will go with you to see Hashirama.”


Qin Yi accompanied Mire.

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