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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 61: Another Level


“It’s you, Mire! Welcome.” When he saw her, he smiled., she was the first one that he met in Naruto world.


At the first time he was very afraid of her, but this time god knows what he can to her…


“Thank you for your hospitality, Qin Kage, the Hokage ordered us to come and guide you to the Kage Summit.” Mire smiled.


“where and when?” Qin Yi asked directly.


“after seven days in The Land of Iron,” Mire said.


“Well, it is not too late, let’s go now!” Qin Yi stood up.


Qin Yi’s hat was swaying and he left from the desk, and the three generals were serious and closely following.


In a blink of the eye, Qin Yi and the others have already left.


“follow me, Mire.”


she didn’t expect that Qin Yi will be so firm and neat.


“Oh, yes, Qin Kage.” Mire bent slightly and leaped to catch up.


Respect for the strong is the instinct of people living in this era of war. She was shocked to find that Qin Yi had surpassed himself in a short time and that the power of the Qin kingdom had undergone earth-shaking changes as well. This incredible fact makes her stunned.


Outside the office building, Qin Yi and others met Gandalf, who was leading several squads to patrol and planning.


“your Majesty.” Gandalf smiled.


“After I leave, the country is your responsibility, Mr. Gandalf.” Qin Yi nodded.


“be assured, your majesty,” Gandalf said seriously.


Mire stood behind and glanced at Gandalf, she felt more awkward. When she noticed the number of ninja squads present and her eyes contracted.


“how could this Qin country, which has been weak at the beginning, has become so powerful in a short time?!” she thought.


After Qin Yi give charge to Gandalf, they leaped outside the village directly.


Mire’s Squad stayed in the country of Qin only a half an hour and they were totally shocked.


“what is the direction of the land of Iron?” Qin Yi suddenly asked on their way.


At this time, he wears the Kage clothes and his eyes hidden behind the hat, he seems somewhat mysterious and majestic.


“The land of Iron is located in the west of Land of earth, we have to hurry up,” Mire said softly.


“Well!” Qin Yi nodded and they fell silent again.


After crossing the sea by boat, Qin Yi and others stepped on the land of fire.


They had to cross the edge of the land of fire, and walk along the river, crossing two or three villages in the middle, and then they will arrive at the land of Iron.


On this day, the two teams did not stop at all, until the evening, they were resting a little.


“we’ll take a break for three hours.” Qin Yi said.


Mire glanced at him and nodded gently.


she felt that the young man had only disappeared for three or four months, and he had become so majestic.


The seventeen-year-old Kage, at this time he is the youngest Kage.


Just as they paused for a while and set a small bonfire, three squads of masked ninja were fast approaching.


“They were too fast, what are they rushing to do?” the three squads of ninjas surrounded Qin Yi and others, stared at them from the dark.


“No matter what they’re doing, our target is the Qin Kage in the middle.”


“The country of Qin has been consuming too much food recently, we can’t live in their borders.”


“they hunted the most of beasts and fish in our area.” Ninja said with low. 


” Since their arrival, we can’t live well! the village has many food problems now.”


“This time I’m lucky to find their Qin Kage out from his country. This opportunity can’t be missed!” a ninja said and all of them were staring at Qin Yi.


“after a moment, when I give you the signal, we all attacked and killed them.”


During they were talking, Qin Yi suddenly looked up, and he was directly staring at the position of the group, and he showed a smirk.


“No, you’ve been discovered!” he shouted.


“attack!” The captain’s face changed and immediately ordered.


At the time, 12 ninjas leaped from the tree and rushed toward Qin Yi and others.


“Enemy is attacking!!” Mire stood up violently. and the three other ninjas were nervous.


At the same time, the three generals were also turned around to face the attackers.


The twelve ninjas, all masked without any symbols of ninjas, and there is no way to know their identity, but they were very fast, almost a second and they have already reached the top of everyone.




The three generals pulled out their sword, and they were glowing with Chakra.


In the next second, they jumped on to the twelve ninjas.


“Don’t,” Mire said.


But in the next second, three generals took their weapons, and instantly, and they had already face-to-face with the attackers who were so close down.




Suddenly, the three generals simultaneously waved their swords at the same time.


The attackers were shocked by the momentum of the three generals. they were in a moment of subconsciously fear.




The sound of the cut was heard but all of them stood fine, by then 6 ninjas cut off.


“Puff puff!”


Blood splashed, and in a blink of an eye, the bodies fell down.


Mire was shocked, after few seconds, the three men only used one strike sword and they’ve killed six enemies.


” Lava Release: Scorching Stream Rock Technique!”


Suddenly, when the three generals landed on the ground, Qin Lin general opened her mouth.


“Puff puff!”


More than a dozen spittle turned into strong lava rocks reaching in high speed.


In an instant, it hits three ninjas letting them burn.


“Kekkai Genkai?!” Mire shocked.


On the other side general, Yang Yi was putting his hands in the ground.


“Ice Release: Cold Airflow!”


a light blue airflow swept away toward the front.


and then there were three ice sculptures of ninjas trying to escape.

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