The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 80: Jinchuriki

“By annexing of the land of Whirlpools my king’s power has been enhanced so much.”

“So, what if we expand more?” Qin Yi’s eyes flashed.

If he remembers correctly, there is still a man who can provoke war in the prison of Qin State.

And the identity of this guy is not the same as that shown on his day. It is the ninja of the village.

“Kakuzu, you may be able to fool other people.”

“But you can’t-fool me.”

“As a traitor of Takigakure, you wanted to take the seven tails, and at the same time, incite us to war with your village?”

“It’s a very good idea.”

“However, I don’t mind launching a war on your excuse. It is very good to annex a country again!” A mysterious smile appeared in Kakuzu’s mouth reflected in Qin Yi’s eyes.

From the establishment of the kingdom of Qin, the power of his country has risen sharply, the Portal has been established, the ratio of time has been pulled, and the country of the Whirlpools has been swallowed up, and his king’s power has been constantly rising. The expansion of the country will make him become stronger quickly. This also made him become very enthusiastic about war.

It can be said that in the King’s world, every king makes war if conditions permit.

After the annexation of Uzushiogakure, Qin Yi’s vision has turned to Takigakure.

However, he was not in a hurry. He has just expanded and some things need to be retired. In addition, he will also need to complete the transition of the seven-tails.

Three days later, Qin Yi plunders the huge Chakra capacity and strong vitality from some Uzumaki. he personally felt that he was completely different from the previous.

If his body holds chakra before just like a small cup, then now he is a big tank!

“With such a capacity, if I practice with the Swallow technique to the limit, I may be able to compare it with the chakra of a tailed beast!” Qin Yi was shocked.

As for the targets of this plundering skill, they are also those who are unwilling to join the Kingdom of Qin. They belong to the rebel group and were mercilessly suppressed and killed by Qin Yi.

Later, he aimed at the seven tails in the village of the Whirlpools which was sealed up at the moment.

After that day’s war, Uzukage and others joined the state of Qin and became a part of the country. There was no gap between the two villages.

Whether Whirlpools Village and Qin Village are interoperable or not, both Ninjas are growing rapidly and becoming stronger. Seven tails were also thrown into Whirlpools village.

Now Qin Yi came to the front of the seven-tails altar, with the Uzukage, oh no, this time should be called the Governor or the Uzumaki leader.

“Qin Kage sama.” He said.

“Is the seven tails here?” Qin Yi asked.

“Yes, is Qin Kage ready to seal it into his body? This may be very risky.” The Uzumaki leader said and there are fears in his eyes.

After joining the Qin Kingdom, his mind was influenced and he was closer to this country.

“Yes, I’m ready.” Qin Yi’s eyes flashed.

Next, the Uzumaki leader with all Uzumaki clan who stayed around the altar was released the seven tails, the seven tails roared, the wicked atmosphere and huge energy of it were so vast.

“Qin Kage sama, it is the moment!” the Uzumaki leader roared and he was printing.

” Adamantine Sealing Chains!”

The chakra chain immediately rushed out from the back of the Uzumaki Leader to the seven tails. Only for a moment, the chain will firmly tie the seven tails, letting him roar and struggle.

” Adamantine Sealing Chains!”

Qin Yi roared, the chakra chain rushed from his back, tied the neck of the seven tails, and then it quickly pulled toward to himself.

” Stinky boy, what do you want from me?”

The Seven-Tails roared with an angry voice.

“Lock you into my body!”

Qin Yi roared, the Chakra chain that extends out of his body is even more powerful.

The seven-tailed body was pulled to Qin Yi in an instant, and as the seven tails get closer to him its body shrinking rapidly.

then, the Seven-tails brought in. Qin Yi tore the upper body clothes directly.

On his belly, there was a sealed array of complex lines.

” Eight Trigrams Sealing Style! No, not just the Eight Trigrams Sealing Style, there are other complicated seals.”

The Uzumaki leader was shocked when he saw that, he didn’t expect Qin Yi will master the seals in this short period of time.

Followed by, Qin Yi quickly points a few times on his belly. Then the seal disappeared.

“Successful!” Qin Yi took a sigh of relief and he smiled.

“Qin Kage sama, please be careful that the seven-tails are so powerful!” the Uzumaki leader said.

“thank you, Uzumaki leader sama, don’t worry I can handle it.” Qin Yi said.

Then he sat cross-legged and started meditating.

In his body, Qin Yi’s figure appeared in front of the seven tails.

“Chomei, after that, I will bother you to listen to me.”

“I need your strength to give this world a real peace.” Qin Yi said.

” bastard, what the hell do you want to do?” His huge body struggles, but he can never break away from the chains on his body. Every time he struggles, he will be more painful.

“I said, what I want is world peace. To achieve such peace, we need to complete the unification of the world first, only when the world has only one country, the real peace will come! “

“In a chaotic world, contradictions will never end. In this case, peace will not come naturally!” Qin Yi said.

“peace?” Seven -tails roared.

“It’s not just humans, everything in this world, I want to give them peace and let them live in peace.”

“Humans and beasts, and souls…as long as they have intelligence, all creatures with wisdom, can become friends.”

“No?” Qin Yi said.

The seven tails seem to be starting to him and thinking.