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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 81: Time Space Ninjutsu

“Despicable boy, I’ve fallen into your hands. Whatever you say, I’m with you.” After a long while, the seven tails fell down and said.

Qin Yi saw that the other side no longer resisting, he smiled and gradually disappeared.

Outside, the Uzumaki leader saw Qin Yi open his eyes and immediately greeted him.

” how’s it going? Qin Kage?”

“calm down, It’s not a big problem.” Qin Yi nodded and smiled.

Being a perfect Jinchūriki is a long process, and Qin Yi doesn’t care whether he was a friend with it. What he needs is to make use of the Biju strength.

Qin Yi returned to the state of Qin.

After becoming a Jinchūriki, he began to study his own series of ninjutsu.

Among them, there is his most important technique Space-Time Ninjutsu.

Qin Yi has been researching for three days on seals, he mostly focused on how to use the Chakra of the of the tailed beast. At this point, he began to study other aspects of the seal. Qin Yi realized that some seals techniques could be seen as Space-Time Ninjutsu. If he analyzed them and then added and added his own understanding, he will be able to develop own Ninjutsu that is truly unique.

This study took him two months.

the scroll of seals is more complicated than Qin Yi imagined. After the study, he was amazed.

” Fūinjutsu is completely independent and it is a large category.”

“This power is exceptionally unique and amazing!”

In this, he found his teleportation technique, and the most inspiring thing for him is Knot Seal Formation!

“Knot Seal Formations I developed can be said to be a special kind of seal. which can be combined with each other.” Qin Yi smiled.

The two-month study made him invent new seals and new ideas and routes on how to develop his own ninjutsu.

another three months passed.

In the past, Qin Yi invented the Swallow technique just in three or four days, it was such a genius technique, but this time, it has been half of the year of study.


this some

of the results.

” my teleportation technique has been developed to the next stage.”

“Knot Seal Formation, development is completed.”

“In addition, True Rasengan, Rasenshuriken, Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan… have been developed.”

“My strength has grown…” Qin Yi opened his eyes slowly and a smile appeared in his face.

He was sitting cross-legged in front of a waterfall.

“initial development has been completed, then, let’s try!” Qin Yi stood up.

he looked at the fish that was floating quietly in the river ahead.

“Seal “

his finger made quickly two seal runes one on his hand and the other in the fish immediately.

Then, instantly, Qin Yi disappeared and suddenly he appeared in above the fish and the fish just in his hand that was with the seal rune.

A smile appeared on his face. At this moment, one seal rune appeared on the other hand.

This process is instantaneous with the speed of Knotting Process.

the rune appeared in his original place, and his figure also appeared out at this moment, standing on this ground.

“I can teleport directly when the seal was made to the position where the other seal is located.”

“In addition to Knot Seal, at the same time, I can also multi-knot at the same time, then I can teleport to many places at the same time!” Qin Yi thought and waved his hand.

Then, the seals 100 meters in front of him, in the stones, the trees, on the flowers, all of them have dark and strange runes.

The moment his right foot raised Qin Yi’s figure disappeared.

From this moment, his body flashed rapidly within the 100-meter circle, and it was difficult to see his location or his trace.

After ten seconds, he stopped.

“This powerful Seal of Teleportation is the result of the development of the second stage of Knot technique.”

“At the same time, it is to incorporate the nature of space-time ninjutsu into the Pseudo-Seeking Ball.”

Laughing and standing in the center of the land all over the seal, Qin Yi himself knows. This is the area of

100 seals beside him on the ground.

“The second stage of the Knot Technique has not limited the scope of the seal. This seal can even appear on the enemy’s body without him knowing!”

“let’s try this!”

His eyes looked straight ahead at a flower that floated in the wind, and his right hand printed a seal.

“Wind Release: Breakthrough!”

The seal immediately dissipated, and turned into a C-class Ninjutsu, he cut the flower into four parts.

Of course, the release speed of this print is one or two seconds slower than the Pseudo-Seeking Ball, and it can only release the C-class Ninjutsu, but this is the limit that Qin Yi can do at present.

“used in the right time, such an attack will be destructive!”

In addition, it is another seal that Qin Yi developed.

Quickly printing with both hands four times, Qin Yi took only a moment.

He stepped out and teleported over to a branch, and his right hand printed again.

” Earth Release: Rock Pillar Technique!”

The branches broke, and a sharp rock pillar rushed out and went straight to Qin Yi’s nuts. Under these circumstances, if he is stabbed, he will turn into a eunuch.

But at the same time, Qin Yi’s mouth curled up.


The air around him suddenly trembled, and his surface did not change, but the stone pillar passed directly through his body as if it had penetrated it.

Followed by, Qin Yi’s body disappeared from there, and when it appeared again, it was already standing on the ground.

“activating the seal, I can transfer the enemy into the space of the seal so he receives his own attack.”

“Compared to the technique of the Flying Thunder God, my technique is even more unpredictable, and it can be called real-time space ninjutsu!”

High-speed movements, transfer attacks, and scattered prints have raised the power of this technique to the limit. At the same time, this technique also has the function of flying thunder god and Kamui.

If he encounters Tobirama Senju in the future, Qin Yi won’t be afraid in front of him anymore.

“You are a yellow flash, and I am Rajin!”

Immediately afterward, after doing some other experiments, Qin Yi was very satisfied with the technique development.

“These techniques are enough. The only disadvantage in the ointment is that it costs too much Chakra!”

Yes, with the combination of Teleporting and Knotting, every second will consume a lot of



Fortunately, however, his body there is a large rechargeable battery.