The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 82: The Legend

In the past six months, the seven-tails has been very quiet. It didn’t have any choice under the oppression of chains and seals.

during this time, the seven-tails saw the development of the Qin Kingdom and the vibrant and diffuse positive energy everywhere that united the country, and this made him wonder.

In the countless years of his growth, he has seen countless humans and nations. But they are full of contradictions and confrontation, and the war has almost never been stopped.

The country of the whirlpools was clearly the enemy of this country, but at this time, the two sides have merged into one country and there is no gap or differences between the people of the two countries and they are living peacefully.

This is amazing, it’s such a magic, this makes him start thinking about what Qin Yi once said to him.

“Is it really the only way to get the real peace is to emerge into one country?”

“Can humans and tailed beasts live in harmony as well?” the seven tails start thinking.

He remembers what the sage of the six paths tells the nine beasts in the distant past.

In addition, Qin Yi’s attitude towards him during this time was not as a beast but as an intelligent creature.

“What am I thinking? This kid is clearly trying to use my power!” the seven-tails became madder.

another month passed quietly.

During this month, Qin Yi constantly experimented with his newly developed ninjutsu, there are some defects and he tried his best to repair them to reach the ultimate level at this stage.

It was not until this day that he felt exhausted.

“I have to rest for a month.” Qin Yi said with a long sigh.

He returned to the king’s world to rest, with the different time ratio of the two worlds the king’s world only spent about two months.

it was just two months but it made a huge change in Naruto’s world.

Everything is revived, the seeds and the branches grow. The people live and work in peace. Even, they spontaneously expanded the palace for Qin Yi.

Today’s King’s Palace is bigger.

Qin Yi satisfied lying in his chair, looking at the thriving situation.

Behind him, his maid Qiu used her soft hands to massage his forehead.

“At this moment, I can enjoy the life of the king.” Qin Yi thought.

Qin Yi gave himself a long vacation.

During the long vacation, there were surprises that made him happy.

First of all, on the seventh day of the vacation, Kakuzu was surrendered and joined the Qin kingdom.

When Qin Yi took out the image of Kakuzu, his face was swollen with a blue nose. you can see what the poor have experienced in the past six months.

Then, one day before going to bed, his face inexplicably emerged one by one, and the power of Wang is also growing rapidly.

At the same time, in the world of Naruto.

a river surrounded by mountains forming a huge valley.

At the entrance to the valley, a man with armor was standing there. In front of him, a group of panicked ninjas.

” Uchiha Madara, what the hell are you going to do here?”

“Why a man like you come suddenly here?”

“Breaking our mountain gate, finding us, what are you going to do? We have already withdrawn from all the disputes!” Hyuga Ninjas shouted,

“No reason?” their leader roared.

“Just I think of you here alone, if you want to unite with us, we want your clan.” Uchiha Madara said and stepped forward.

As he stepped forward, the ninjas all retreated.

“What do you want us to do? We can’t use our bloodline, we are from the branch family?” Their leader roared.

“Don’t talk nonsense, just join my country.”

“Otherwise, today, your family will be not just a branch from history.” Uchiha Madara said and his eyes turned to Sharingan.

Their leader shocked and shouted.

“We join, join!”

When they saw this murderous look, this Hyuga branch couldn’t hesitate.

At the moment when the leader shouted this sentence, all the people present immediately felt a mysterious atmosphere like they were connected with each other.

In the palace of Qin Kingdom.

Qin Yi knew about this scene through the power of the king and smiled on the face.

“Madara Sama you are really a Legend!”

With the strengthening of the kings’ power and the expansion of the country, there are more and more magical means available to him. For example, he can know the information of anyone in the country, and for example, can watch some scenes in his place.

It is also the king’s privilege to live in the palace of the king and know about his people.

This time, even if it is on vacation, Qin Yi is happy to laugh out loud.

Holiday has become more relaxed. The travel of Uchiha Madara is to bring some useful power into the kingdom of Qin Yi. Of course, there is some of the non-compliance, that this great ninja God will directly destroy.

A month passed quickly and Qin Yi’s vacation was finally over.

During this month, his king’s power enhanced every few days.

After the vacation, Qin Yi returned to the world of Naruto.

At this time, Naruto’s world had already spent five months.

The development of the Qin Kingdom is very fast, there are 20 Jonin now, and 60 ninjas from the Uzumaki clan. And the numerous people who have been conquered during his vacation period.

when he returned, Kakuzu came to him.

“Qin Kage Sama,” Kakuzu said politely.

“Kakuzu kun.”

“what’s the matter?” Qin Yi stunned and smiled.

“I hope that Qin Kage sama let me go and conquer Takigakure,” Kakuzu said.

Qin Yi eyes flashed from admiration. “Oh? Are you sure?”