The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 83: Papers

“As long as Qin Kage Sama arranges some ninja squads, I am sure that I can defeat the village of Waterfall and conquer them!” Kakuzu said confidently.

Qin Yi smiled: “How many ninjas do you need?”

they discussed then Qin Yi said.

“go to Gandalf, take the ninjas that you need.”

“I only have one request.”

“don’t fail!” Qin Yi said with indifferent eyes.

Kakuzu trembled and said: “Please rest assured Qin Kage Sama, I will complete the task.”

After that, Kakuzu went out.

Kakuzu is full of hatred towards Takigakure, he is naturally very excited to be able to take revenge.

Qin Yi looked at his back and smiled.

With the development of the country, some extensions have not required to do them by himself; For example, the conquers of Uchiha Madara, and now Kakuzu.

At the moment, the most important thing is to improve his strength.

After a week, Kakuzu led 500 Ninjas to the entrance of the gate of Takigakure.

“Kakuzu Sama, what’s the plan to attack the village?” said a captain of a squad.

“Direct attack!” Kakuzu roared loudly.

After he finished speaking, he jumped high and rushed to the village.

“What a tough guy!” the captain said and waved his hand.


In the meantime, the ninjas of the Qin state quickly rushed into the village. Even if it is only five hundred ninjas, the ninjas of Qin state are so powerful. Their unique ninjutsu, Knot Seal, and seals technique, amount of chakra… it can be said that they are the strongest ninjas in the world.

The kingdom of Qin Yi has a unique physique that no country has ever possessed.

In just five hours, Kakuzu and the army has captured Takigakure.

“Surrender to us, or you will all die today!” Kakuzi was filled with hatred and he wished that he could destroy the village now. However, Qin Yi’s order made him suppress his grudge.

Kakuzu is slightly relaxed after he killed countless ninjas in the village.

“Kakuzu, I didn’t expect you will join the kingdom of Qin, you traitor!” The Kage of Takigakure roared.

He glanced around and found that the village was down, with despair and helplessness in his eyes.

he has no choice.

“We surrender.”

In the end, the Kage of Takigakure bent and dropped his head and gave up resistance.

In the Qin state, Qin Yi who was practicing Chakra, once again feels that the power of the king has improved, he smiled.

“It seems that Kakuzu had succeeded, very good!”

As his strength advanced to Jonin, the practice of Swallow everything Technique is no longer effective as before. There is an upper limit for any ninjutsu, and Swallow Everything Technique is not an exception. After reaching the Jonin level, the efficiency of this technique is greatly reduced because of the rapid development of chakra volume and the limit of chakra capacity.

Therefore, the soldiers who used this technique to reach Jonin level chose to cultivate themselves with Chakra practicing like Qin Yi.

As a result, the speed will undoubtedly drop sharply, but on the other hand, the enhancement of King’s power has also made him happy.

Compared with Chakra, Qin Yi undoubtedly attached more importance to the power of the king. This is the real source of power, he can learn the essence of all worlds power if he can awaken the real power of the king.

With the annexation of Takigakure, the power of the State of Qin was once again strengthened.

However, such frequent warfare activities have disturbed the five major powers.

Three days later, a ninja from Konoha came to the door and handed a scroll to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi opened the scroll and carefully read the contents of it.

This is a harshly worded diplomatic paper, Hashirama was expressing his dissatisfaction and seriously demonstrating that this is a violation of the six-nation agreement and a manifestation of non-compliance with commitments.

If the state of Qin repeats, Konoha will take compulsory intervention measures to maintain the stability of the entire Ninja world.

“The world superhero, Hashirama Senju?” Qin Yi smirked.

He came to this world for the purpose of aggression, war, and nation building. It can be said that the original intention is contrary to Hashirama. With the passage of time and the progress of events, the opposition between the two is fundamentally expected.

Of course, Qin Yi has no intention to fight against him. Instead of directly dispatching troops, they took diplomatic measures, which also obvious that Konoha has not willing to fight him.

“I will be quiet for a while, just borrow this time to improve my strength.”

“There are too many restrictions on the Pseudo-Seeking Ball if I can make the Truth-Seeking Ball.”

“Wood Release, Rinnegan, are indispensable things.” Qin Yi thought.

Qin Yi has never been forgetting about these things, such as Truth-Seeking Ball, yin and yang release… he has an idea. Once he gets this power, he will become the king of this world.

At that time, even Hashirama will be not a threat.

Next, the diplomatic scrolls of the other four major countries also arrived in turn.

After he read from the scroll of the country of water, Qin Yi smirked.

“did I cause this guy an amnesia.”

“just wait, your day is coming.”

Compared with the scroll of Konoha, the Mizukage is even tougher indicating that if the Qin State will not stop, they will immediately send their troops.

As for the other three countries, Qin Yi was not bothered to look at them and threw it in his office to let his subordinates burn it.

Thus, after the two annexations of the Qin State, the world of ninja temporarily fell into a stable and calm state.