The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 84: Recall

Time rolls on and now there are three years after Qin Yi and others came to the world of Naruto.K

On this day, there was a loud explosion in the forest on the boundary of the Qin State.

dust rose and a series of trees broke down, and the ninjas there were shocked.

“Your Majesty is experimenting with Ninjutsu again. This time, it’s more powerful than last time.”

“Qin Kage sama was getting more and more powerful. Is he strong enough to compare with the legendary god of the ninja Hashirama Senju?”

“I think Qin Kage’s power is over him.” The ninjas talked to each other.

In the past three years, the development of the country of Qin can be said to be changing with each passing day. In the first year, they did some diplomatic relations with to make their development easier and their employment task for the outside world was opened but it was negligible. In two years, the task completion rate and the number of commissions are not inferior to those of other big countries. the conflict between the country of Qin and the country of water is becoming more and larger because of the raids and loots to each other.

However, Qin Yi never forgets and forgives this but he was preparing for the right time. Without mentioning that the occasional confrontation between the two sides ended in the predominance of the Qin State.

While the ninjas chatting with each other, a figure appeared slowly, that made them trembled immediately.

“Your Majesty!”

“Qin Kage Sama!”

The person who came here is Qin Yi. He has dressed the Kage cloak at the moment, and behind him was six dark balls. which is slowly turning.

In this scene, Qin Yi was like a god.

In three years, the weak boy in the world of Naruto has grown and became a legendary ninja.

Qin Yi has been mastered  Pseudo-seeking Ball, Wood Release, Space-Time ninjutsu, Knot Technique, explosion release… It can be said that he will not be weaker than Hashirama if he faces him.

Of course,  he strengthens up silently. No one in the outside world thinks that Qin Yi will be an opponent to Hashirama.

” you must practice well.”

“War is coming soon.” Qin Yi said.

Such words suddenly made the ninjas serious.

“Yes, your majesty!”

The people of Qin Kingdom know their own special country. They know that the power of the country is derived from the power of people and from expanding. Under such circumstances, one day, they will launch a war outside. Does his Majesty’s words at this moment mean that the Kingdom of Qin will start another war abroad?

Does it herald another expansion of their country?

After talking to the ninjas, Qin Yi quickly returned to the village.

“Gandalf.” In the Qin Kage office, Gandalf was reading the documents on his desk then heard Qin Yi. The old man shook his head and turned around.

“Your Majesty, this period of time many documents have been piled up.”

Qin Yi

smiled: “Compared with the next big things we have to do; these documents are nothing.”


Gandalf’s eyes stared as he was surprised.

“Your Majesty has succeeded? Are you ready to start planning? ”

“Yes, I’m strong enough now. The power of the king, after the implementation of the plan, should also be enough to exert. ”


“So, from today on, we’re going to start!” Qin Yi said.

“Which country is our target?” Gandalf said.

After coming to this world, with the collection of information about the world, Gandalf understood. The strength of the five great countries is not like the small country they have dealt with before, but dozens of times stronger.


If you want to succeed at one stroke, you must accumulate enough strength. This is why they have been waiting silently until today.

Among the five great powers, there are many strong ninjas and numerous ninjas squads.

In the past, they did not, even two years ago, Qin Yi became the seven-tailed Jinchuriki, and developed the second stage of the Space Time-ninjutsu, Pseudo-Seeking Ball, but still not enough. Only today can they have a chance.

“of Course, is the closest to us, the country of water!” he smirked, Qin Yi’s ambitions were unmasked.

Compared with the vast area and the number of people in the water country, the Qin State cannot be compared at all. Even with the size of the King’s World, it is still not even comparable. If this country can be taken up, then the King’s Road Plan to conquer the world can be implemented immediately!

At that time, the King’s World will undergo tremendous changes, and the two worlds will coincide with each other in a magical and mysterious way. and he will be able to open another world.

“The country of water is close to us, and its geographical location is far from other countries. It is a good choice!”

“Moreover, the contradiction with us has become more and more intense recently!” Gandalf nodded.

Contradictions between countries will never stop. Differences between countries have long been doomed to this.

“Before this, we need to recall a person first.” Qin Yi suddenly said.

“Who?”Gandalf stunned.

” Uchiha Madara.”

“In this long time, I believe he has enjoyed himself outside.” Qin Yi smiled.

Three days later, a man with black hair and wearing armor came to the boundary of the Qin Kingdom.

The ninja who was stationed in the boundary said when he saw him.

“who are you?”

an Uzumaki ninja beside this ninja shocked when he saw him.

From the dangerous atmosphere. It seems that the person in front of me is not a man, but a terrible beast.

The man stepped and his expression did not change at all.

“Qin Kage called me back, are you really want to stop me?”

The tone is indifferent, but it gives people a strong pressure so that the ninja of Uzumaki suddenly stunned.

“Shut up, this is Uchiha Madara Sama!” he said and the other ninja stunned quickly.

“Uchiha Madara Sama, please, he has not seen you before you left, please forgive us.” The Uzumaki smiled.

Madara looked at them coldly and went on without saying a word.


He did not accelerate, so slowly disappeared from their eyes.

“Uchiha Madara? Is it really the legendary one?”

The Uzumaki thought of the legends they heard before.

“Of course, it’s him. Don’t make a fuss. Madara Sama has already joined our country.”

“I’ve heard that your Majesty called him back. I’m afraid something serious will happen!”