The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 100: Waiting For You

 King Yuanli’s words made the people present stared at him. They wondered where the courage of this seemingly ordinary young man who dared to threaten Doflamingo.

 “Very good.”

 Doflamingo bent his neck and stopped. He glanced at Sengoku and the others and found that the Marines were calm in expression. He sneered and went away.

 “Goodbye, Sengoku Sama, we will meet during the Great War.”

 “It’s hard for me to get along with weak pretenders!”

 Then the Donquixote Family left with a sneer.

 “Well, tomorrow near to Water 7, I hope to see all of you there.”

 “This war is of far-reaching significance. I don’t want you to ignore or despise it!” Sengoku glanced at all the people present.

 He looked at the dispute between Doflamingo and Yuanli but did not say much. Neither of them is right in his eyes. One is a villain with a dark background; the other is an Alien! He didn’t even know how strong he is.

 “rest assured, I am very interested in the Qin Kingdom, which has made tremendous chaos in the whole world!” Mihawk stood up and said.

 Then he turned and walked out the door.

 Bartholomew Kuma stood up silently.

 “I like war the most. I hope that when the war is over, the fleet admiral Sengoku will leave experimental subjects for me.” Moria smirked and left.

 “Sengoku sama, please rest assured that I will be there!” Jinbe said.

 For the Sake of the safety of the Fishmen, Jinbe will naturally be at the heart of Marine affairs.

 “Well, thank you very much.” Sengoku nodded

 Shichibukai, each of whom is an unruly person, and even some of them are wicked and ambitious villains. But these people are also useful to the Navy and the world government. The three sides were making a freak balance. Neither party wants to break that balance without significant purposes.

 “Where are your men, King Yuanyli?”

 When the Shichibukai left, the Sengoku turned around and asked Yuanli.

 “Fleet Admiral Sengoku, the King, respect his word, but you should know that my power isn’t in the best situation.”

 “He has built a Portal through the two worlds, but I have not yet, so.”

 “That’s why I cooperate with you.”

 “I will engage with a thousand of my elite soldiers.” Said Yuanli.

 “A thousand elite soldiers, with you?” Sengoku was surprised.

“Yes, Fleet Admiral Sengoku, please rest assured!” Yuanli said confidently.

 Sengoku was silent, was thinking of the thousand soldiers behind this man, and then he shook his head.

 After a long while, he murmured.

 “Gabby, man!”

  Yuanli heard it clearly. His whole body was shocked, he was embarrassed, but soon he became calm again.

He admits that there is still some gap between his world civilization level and the world of pirates, but the people he brought this time are indeed elites.

 After the Qin army conquered the sea area near Long Ring Island, the vast fleet stayed in that area.

 In this great war, even the worst pirates had to hide far away. Faced with this terrible fleet, no one dare go to sea during this time.

 That was the first time that the Grand Line people witnessed such a thing.

 The sudden rise of the Qin State and its vast forces in a short period had covered the entire Grand Line, to this moment, its scope had expanded to the Long Ring Island region. The Navy’s control of the Grand Line reached a shallow point at this time.

 That was a hazardous signal! It means that the coming war will be the last war between both sides.

 If Qin State wins, it will take the Marines territory and will be stronger, but if it fails, will it disappear from the world?

 At this moment, although the Qin State seems to have a significant advantage on the territory, the Marine has been ruling for so many years, it can not be ignored.

 No one knows the outcome of the war without its beginning.

 This day is doomed to make the world sleepless, and countless people terrified, looking forward to the next day!

 In the New World.

 “King Qin! The old man is more and more curious about you!”

“Either a madman or an astonishing man dares to do such a thing!”

 “will you come to the new world? The sea has been silent for too long, and the old man expects a strong man like you to come! “

 “Gurarara “

 The Whitebeard was laughing loudly.

 The crew members of the White Beard Pirates were shocked. For many years, they had never seen Oyaji feel as excited as he was today.

 But that fellow, who was called Qin Yi, is really bold! How dare he do that! It’s clear that the whole world is going to be turned upside down!


 Then they saw the Whitebeard jumping up from his seat, pulling up his spear next to him and waved it forward, making a sound of cracks in the air.

 In the void ahead, a massive shock wave whirled, roared, and rushed rapidly to the sea.

 Everyone on the shipboard was shocked.

 They couldn’t see the last point reached by the shock; the sea was splitting in front of their eyes.

 “The Old man is not that old!”

 “Come on, boy!” The Whitebeard roared

 At the same time, a behemoth man stepped out of a pit; he is a bearded man with two horns, naked upper body, and a rope tied around his waist, it seems that he is the devil.

 “Men should kill men!”

 “If you win against the Marine, If you come to the new world, please kill me!”

 “Kill me! I really don’t want to live!”

 Kaido was drinking, looked up, and drank a jar of Sake.

 “Kaido is waiting for you!”