The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 99: Interesante

 The Donquixote family was walking behind Doflamingo.

 Headed by Doflamingo, they strolled through the corridor to the headquarters.

 The marines felt nervous. The Shichibukai are one of the Three Great Powers that keeps the world in balance, along with the Yonko and the Marine headquarters.

 With the coming of the Shichibukai today, the Marines realized the horror of the next war.

 Half an hour later, the second boat slowly landed.

 “Gecko Moria!”

 Moria was smirking, stepped out of the boat, looking to the Marines, and took his men to the headquarters.

 “What’s going on to make that old man? Sengoku summoned me forcibly.”

 “I just found a funny experiment over there. It’s annoying that I haven’t had time to complete it yet.”

 As he walked, Moria said.

 Then Bartholomew Kuma came to the harbor with a twinkling figure and an expressionless face.

 Ten minutes later, Jinbe arrived quite peacefully.

 The Marines were still waiting. They knew that there is one Shichibukai left. And this Shichibukai, maybe the most powerful one.

 For an hour, the Marine’s bellies began to rumble. Even the officer standing in front of them looked terrible.

 It was time for lunch, and hunger made them feel uncomfortable.

 Just then, along with the coast, A small boat slowly docked, near the harbor.

 “Dracule Mihawk!”

 “He is finally here!”

 The Marine was in a relaxed mood and once again strengthened. If they wait any longer, they really didn’t know how long they can hold on. Fortunately, the man finally came.

 After the boat came ashore, Mihawk rose slowly and walked towards the building.

 Navy headquarters, in the conference room.

 Sengoku, Garp, the three Admirals, they were sitting in their seats at the moment, their hands on the table, solemn and dignified.

 The Shichibukai have different expressions at this time, Kuma and Mihawk’s faces were cold, Moria and Doffy were smirking, and Jinbe was wondering.

 Strangely, no one was speaking in the conference room at this time.

 “Sengoku sama, you summoned us all, what is the matter?”

Doflamingo said.

“just one more person hasn’t arrived, let’s wait till we’re all here.”

Sengoku’s words made the other Shichibukai surprised.

Need to gather all Shichibukai, can imagine, Sengoku summoned them for an important matter for sure.

“Are we going to fight the White Beard Pirates?” Moria laughed, his eyes full of doubts.

 Suddenly, a figure appeared at the door of the conference room.

When the man arrived, he attracted the whole audience’s eyes. Following closely, the man walked forward, took seat him, pulled it aside, and sat down. Finally, he put his legs up on the table.

Doflamingo smirked after a long gaze to the man.

 “Now that everyone is here, can the Fleet Admiral speak?”

 After he finished, he looked at his side again to the man with the Chinese suit and asked.

 “Besides, who is this stranger? Does he qualify to sit here and talk to us? He doesn’t seem to be a Marine!”

 Yuanli looked and Doflamingo, he closed his eyes and smiled then said coldly.

 “If a king is not qualified, you may have to get out!”

 Doflamingo’s eyes were cold, but he smiled: “Funny, few people in the world dare to talk to me like this.”

he looked at Sengoku: “I hope to get the answer that this man has something to do with the Marines, Admiral.”

 Sengoku knocked on the table with his fist.

 “Enough, don’t mess around here.”

 “Everyone here, from now on, is in the same a camp. I don’t want any conflicts between you.”

 “I hope you will forget your problems after we finish this thing do what you want.”

 His words made them sneer quietly.

 “Now that everyone’s here, I’m not going to go into the subject.

 “I invite you to come here today for the next war against the Qin State!”

 Two sentences made the audience’s eyes flashed.

 “Qin, as far as I know, they seem to have unified the first half of the Grand Libe. When I traveled a few days ago, I saw many warships patrolling the sea.”

Mihawk said.

“Yes, their power and the speed of expansion have become more and more terrible.”

“In recent days, the army has been allocated to the position of Long Ring Long Land.”

Sengoku nodded.

After they listened to Sengoku, they know that the Qin State is not only a single country but is more dangerous than the (Yonko) Four Emperors.

 “So what does the Fleet Admiral want to do?” Jinbe said.

 “I need you to join in because this war is not simply about the world government, Marine battle. It’s about the whole world!”

 Taking a deep breath, Sengoku slowly said.

 Subsequently, he gestured to the king.

 “The king of Qin has come from outside the world. Behind him is not just the state of Qin as you can see, but also a huge world.”

 “According to the news that King Yuanli sent some scouts to observe days ago, he had established a Portal, linking the two worlds, and he is about to summon a large army to appear at any time.”

 “It’s hard to stop him from moving forward.

“It almost needs the power of the whole world!”

Yuanli quickly said, introduce the general situation.

 After listening to everyone, all eyes were stunned.

 After a while,

“Fascinating story, war, then it is!”

Doflamingo clapped, stood up, and turned away.

 Before leaving, he took an in-depth look at the king.

“And you, we’ll see you again.”

Yuanli eyes turned cold.


 “I heard that you have Dressrosa.”

 “It is good land.”