The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 98: New King

In the first battle, the Qin state defeat the Marine!

It’s a big story!

“Sengoku, as the King said, you can’t resist the attack of that fellow at all.”

“In my opinion, The Marineford and even Mary Geoise may have to be relocated!”

Said the King with a bantering voice, Sengoku turned his head sharply and stared at the man in Chinese clothes.

“After all, that fellow is.”

    “King!” The young King squinted and said.

    “King?” Sengoku said In a daze; he realized that the term might be different from what he understood.

    “What do you mean?”

“did the Admiral Fleet Sengoku feel that the man named Qin Yi is not from this world? No matter how much you look it up, you can’t find out anything, where he came from, and who is he, and even what is his real power or his men’s power?” the young man smiled.

    “Yes, but so what?” Sengoku said

Sengoku’s intuition made him feel that the man in front of him is powerful. Only when the man suddenly appeared here and seemed to help them, did he not refuse it in such a crisis.

“That’s because this King is not from this world!” King Yuanli said.

“Not from this world?”

Sengoku was shocked and then stared at him.

“Beyond this world, there are countless large and small worlds. We call these Sub-worlds, or other dimensions, small worlds, and so on. It’s infinite; there are countless kinds and beings.”

    “And this world is just one of those countless worlds.”

The words of Yuanli made Sengoku stunned, but that was the only explanation of Qin State’s sudden appearance

“You mean, Qin Yi came from outside the world?”

     “Yes, in that vast universe, there is a kind of creature named King. They are born with the ability to travel through all worlds, get civilizations from all worlds, make themselves stronger, and even, they can make their country constantly bigger, and finally, build a vast God-Kingdom across the worlds!” Yuanli said.

“The King is such a creature. Before King Qin came here, he had never thought that he would meet a king from his kind. It’s interesting!”

Sengoku looked at him with puzzled eyes when he heard the words of Yuanli.

“so, you came from outside the world too!”

“Yes, I’m also a king! And I annexed three worlds, and My level of civilization is about to enter the Star-level!” Yuanli said.

Sengoku kept a close eye on Yuanli, and he was on guard.

     He was so shocked at the moment that he could not imagine that these people came from other worlds. Looking back at this moment, Sengoku confirmed the authenticity of the words of the man in front of him.

Whether Qin Yi or Uchiha Madara, their characteristic was different from that of people in the world of pirates.

   “so, what is your purpose?”

“well, the Tiger has to drive the wolf away from his territory; this King is against my interest. I need the power of this world to build a country here.” Said Yuanli.

“Of course, I will cooperate with the world government and will not launch war everywhere like that madman.”

“I just want to establish contact between us so that they can have more friendly exchanges.”

Sengoku naturally would not believe him directly.

“You mean, are you going to stand on our side?”

“Yes, this time, I chose to help the Marine and fight the man named Qin Yi!” Yuanli said.

Sengoku just smiled.

He scanned the map of the Grand Line once again, and then, he issued a series of orders to the soldiers.

“Order the army to assemble at immediately!”

“gather the army above the sea area between Water Seven and Enies Lobby!”

“In any case, we cannot make Qin Yi be allowed to fight in Sabaody Archipelago.”

“This time, we have to do our best. It’s about the safety of the whole world!”

After a pause, Sengoku thought about it and said.

“Besides, what happened to the call of the Shichibukai?”

“Except for the absence of Pirate Empress Boa Hancock, they have responded, and they will arrive at the headquarters tomorrow.” The Marine answered solemnly.

 “Good!” Sengoku nodded.

“In my opinion, fighting with the Qin troops with the strength of the Navy alone, I am afraid the pressure will not be small. I suggest the Fleet admiral seek help from the world government.”

“If we unite the forces of all countries in the world, we will certainly be able to overthrow the Qin State at one stroke!”

“In this way, won’t the world restore peace again?” Yuanli suggested seriously.

After listening to this, Sengoku smiled but did not respond.

If he could ask the world government for help, he would have gone long ago. In fact, he had been in contact with Five elders before. And they believed that Marine power alone was enough, even they mocked him, to point out his incompetence.

 “These elders despise Qin, but I won’t!”

    Sengoku said, after a while, he raised his head and looked at the King.

    “You said that you could help the Marine, what can you offer?”

    When Yuanli heard this, he smiled, and his arrogance appeared.

“This king is here to give you the greatest support.”

Sengoku sneered, shook his head, and ignored him.

Another pretender!

It has to be said that the information that the King gave to Sengoku shocked him.

    “Beyond this world, there are other worlds!”

    “It’s really unbelievable!”

Once, Sengoku did not think so. But after deep thinking, there was a yearning and sincere curiosity in his heart.

    That was a simple human instinct!

Time flicked to the second day.

On this day, the atmosphere in the naval headquarters was rather solemn and dark.

A row of navies dressed neatly, formally, stood in two rows, leaving a passage in the middle. All levels of officers, vice admirals, at this time, were as if they were waiting for something.

Finally, around noon, a large ship approached the port of the headquarters.

The Marines had grim expressions and held their heads high.

“Shichibukai, Doflamingo!”

   He walked down from the boat with pink feathers, dark glasses, and haughty expression.