The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 97: the waaagh begins

At the command of Qin Yi, the vast army of Qin State immediately started moving.

Just three hours later, at the Nanohana harbor, warships set out to sail.

One hundred warships were next to each other, and on them stood the soldier of the Qin State with a grim face and cold eyes.

“Everything along the way is our enemy!”

“our target is the Sabaody Archipelago! Set sail!” Above the warships, the officers roared.

The exclusive dark gun barrels were glowing, releasing a hot radiant. This was a technological product different from the world of pirates. In the course of Qin’s expansion, the domestic military factories did not stop working.

With the technology of the Dragon Emperor’s world, the fire of civilization in the Qin kingdom was embellished with the science and technology, which they would naturally use.

In addition, under the fusion of Ninja civilization and scientific and technological civilization, a new flame will be born. Both sides rely on each other to promote and produce more advanced power.

“vanguard troops, hurry up, clear all obstacles!”

When they heard the order, warships immediately made a triangular dash forward.

The surface of the sea was broken, and the Qin Ships cut through the wind and waves. In an instant, the speed had reached its limit, leaving white waves above the sea.

Qin Yi and his elite followed, riding on a colossal flagship surrounded by ships.

“Our goal, this time, is to occupy the whole Grand Line.”

“The navy, the world government, sooner or later, there will be a war, no matter when the war is launched, there is no difference.”

“We need this world reinforcement, I have a presentiment, even if our civilization level is higher than this sector, but this will be a hard battle!”

“This battle must be quick, swift! too fast to make it harder for them to react!” Qin Yi roared.

The beginning of a massive war was bound to be accompanied by long preparation time. Qin’s pre-emptive strike will undoubtedly take the Navy by surprise. On this basis, he wants to extend the accident and occupy the greatest battlefield advantage.

“Your Majesty, General Yang is ready to send 500,000 troops!”

“At this time, 500,000 troops are entering the world of Pirates one by one!” In front of him, Major General officers said.

Qin Yi nodded, 500,000, including standard weapons. It took time to mobilize them. Moreover, all the complicated factors should be taken into account in such cross-border operations. Such a huge army, even if it arrived, can not be immediately put into combat, but also need to be familiar with the world for a while.

“Qin Lin, Yang Yi, Fang Lan!” His eyes flashed, and he roared.

“Your Majesty!”

“You three are in the vanguard, responsible for conquering everything in our road ahead!” Qin Yi said.


The three generals nodded, then their figure flashed, disappeared in front of him.

If these three men are discussing official positions, they are all of the same ranks as General Yang or higher. They have been following Qin Yi all the time because they really have the qualifications. Now that the war was about to begin, they are going to contribute.

Next, Qin Yi looked to Hashirama, Madara, the Kages and clan leaders, and then closed his eyes.

As soon as they come to this world, they will launch the command of the war. The reasons are as follows: first, the level of civilization of the Qin Dynasty has changed, and its strength has gone farther; second, there is no need to delay.

Although the method of soft conquest can obtain more benefits and keep the vitality of the world as complete as possible, the rules are not in line with the situation of Qin State at this time.

The immortal cultivator (the Black Turtle), the accident of King Shangjiang, made Qin Yi realize that the universe is not peaceful.

The King at the Initial Stage, like any other race, must get through this period as soon as possible, grasp the real power, and make his national civilization burn more vigorously.

“This is not a game of traveling through different worlds and experiencing all kinds of life.”

“It’s a real struggle; we have to act like predators.” Qin Yi’s eyes were deep and murmured.

As he said, the King had the power to travel across the world, but it was not to play games. It’s for surviving, become stronger to become the predator who eats and not gets eaten in this vast universe.

When Qin Yi came to this world, he was faced with the pressure of survival. Familiar with the state of the world of Naruto, he solved the imminent crisis.

But his relaxed living environment, without strength, disasters will still come.

He used the King’s eye, through which he saw all the tribes struggling to survive in the universe and kings striving for development.

That skill gave him a real lesson so that he had to remember it forever.

“Time is life.”

Only by conquering the world, burning the fire of civilization, and constantly changing ranks can he survive safely.

This is why Qin Yi understood that the road of the conquest of many kings was iron-blooded, cruel, and ruthless.

Because of this, they were able to expand their kingdoms and become more powerful.

The move of Qin’s army made the whole world roaring. People did not expect that Qin was so bold that it took the lead in waving a knife to the Navy and the world government.

“Crazy! The state of Qin is mad, and the government is mad!”

“A tyrant, what a tyrant! It’s not enough to sweep away the first half of the Grand Line. He wants to conquer the whole Grand Line!”

“It’s crazy, Qin state’s government, his name will be kept in the history books!”

The world was boiling, and the Marine was shocked.

What a joke, Qin Kingdom, the new uprising kingdom, took the lead in waging war!

On the seventh day, Qin’s huge fleet had been pushed across Long Ring Long Land.

“inform the headquarters; we can’t resist them!”

On Long Ring Long Land, dozens of naval warships fought to the death, but facing the rain-like horror shells and shark-like terrible missiles, they collapsed.

The thunder was roaring, accompanied by the explosion of nearby warships. The vice Admiral above the marine flagship shouted.

“Retreat, retreat! we can’t resist them!”

“How could they have been so well prepared!”

“It’s impossible!”

A naval vessel had collapsed under the impact of three waves of artillery shells from the Qin Ship. In the end, only five or six warships fled with flames and shattered parts.

In the marine headquarters,


Sengoku was raging, he hit the tabletop hard, and his face was gloomy.

“How fast! Where on earth did these troops come from?

It’s hard for admirals to understand that even though Qin occupied half of the first half of the great waterway, they could not have such terrible military reserves in such a short period.