The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 96: waaagh

The four words flashed in front of Qin Yi’s eyes in a flash; He understood the meaning of it.

“Gifted, you have a talent that is far superior to others of your kind, you can understand everything you touch directly!”

Qin Yi blinked.

What the hell? Is that all?

The skills of the King are the unique talents that make them rule and the most basic and powerful guarantee for their survival. The talent that each King awakens is different; some stimulate an Ability; some will take pure power; some even can teleport in space and time, etc.

It’s like the ability of the devil fruits in the world of One Piece, with It’s all kinds, but the King’s power is far more powerful than the ability of the devil fruits.

With the growth of King’s power, this ability will become more and more abnormal until finally, it touches the rules of the universe.

But what about his new ability?

“hmmm?” Qin Yi smiled.

If he had awakened skills such as time and space, he had to use it carefully and even takes big risks early. But this ability, it seems, is a king’s skill, which is one of the best choices? As plunder?

Does this mean a more outstanding talent to see?

For a while, Qin Yi did not understand the meaning of this new awakening skill. This life-long gift requires him to spend a long time to experience and understand.

He couldn’t think about it anymore, Qin Yi turned around and went back to the palace.

When he came back, he saw the four Kages, Tobirama was grim.

“The four suffered, but I believe that joining the Qin State must be the luck of the whole world of Ninja.”

With a faint smile, Qin Yi said to the four Kages.

The Kages alliance forces couldn’t resist the power of Qin State, especially with Madara and Hashirama.

“Unexpectedly, the chaotic era is ended by you, Qin!” Tobirama Sighed.

He was surprised to be suddenly brought into this magical place by his older brother, and when he saw the magnificence and grandeur of this foreign place, he was even more shocked.

“Qin, you came from such a world!” the Tsuchikage said.

After the defeat, the four Kages accepted it calmly. If true peace can be achieved, they will naturally be willing.

“Ha-ha, since you already join my country, I would like to trouble you to do their best in the future.”

“As you can see, our country has just suffered a disaster, which is just a stage in which all the wastelands are waiting to be revived.”

“All information and skills from your world and more are available in the Fire of Civilization. You don’t have to suffer.” Qin Yi said.

The Kages nodded.

After knowing his majestic identity and seeing his vast world, the four Kages naturally felt more awe for Qin Yi. In their previous contacts with Hashirama and Madara, they also knew Qin Yi’s status and his terrible ability as a god.

“Well!” Nodding, Qin Yi turned his eyes to Madara and Hashirama.

“Now that the world of Ninja had been settled, then the next is the world of One Piece!” Hashirama did no expression, But Madara smirked.

“I don’t have any opinions; Since the World Government has already raised their weapons, we naturally have to fight back.”Qin, Yi nodded. Before they left the world of One Piece, the Marine’s aggressive actions were widespread.

On the fringes, the two armies have launched small-scale tentative operations.

“So, General Yang!” Qin Yi looked at General Yang.

“Your Majesty!” General Yang said.

“Dispatch the army to the world of pirates and prepare for war.” Qin Yi said.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” General Yang shouted, but soon, he hesitated.

“Your Majesty, the Three Kingdoms World, under the plan of Zhuge Liang and the others, we will soon be able to occupy it.” Qin Yi was shocked.

“Will you soon conquer the world of the Three Kingdoms?”

“Yes!” General Yang said.

After a glance, Qin Yi decided.

“Then make it two armies, and the three Kingdoms will be conquered hand in hand with One Piece.”

“Yes, your Majesty!” General Yang hit his fist on his chest and shouted.

On the second day, Qin Yi led Hashirama and Madara, three generals, and the Leaders of the Ninja clans into the world of pirates.

The country has been badly damaged. At the moment, Qin Yi left the Council responsible for the reconstruction work.

Qin Yi was about to face the situation of World War I with the Navy and the world government. What Qin Yi needed now is strong people to fight in his side.

At this time, in the Marines headquarters, Sengoku was leaning over the table, studying the Grand Line map with a grim expression.

He was sketching with red circles for the war places. The fleet admiral of the Marines was studying the appropriate attack route and marshaling the whole war.

Sengoku paid great attention to the sudden appearance of Qin State.

It was many years since he witnessed such a troublemaker, actually, since the death of Roger.

“The strength and origins of that fellow are mysterious.”

“Who is it?”

Doubts filled his heart. He had sent agents to search for the identity information of people of Qin, but they couldn’t find any trace.

It’s like they’re not from this world at all.

“the fleet admiral Sengoku is in good spirits!” Suddenly, he heard a voice came from the door.

Sengoku turned around with a frowned face and saw an ordinary marine.

“Who let you in? Go out, and don’t bother me.” Sengoku said.

“ordering the King to go out, I’m afraid that the fleet admiral Sengoku will regret it! I have some information and intelligence that you need urgently at this time.

“Besides, the king can also provide the Fleet Admiral with help to resist the attack of the Qin State.” The Marine said, with a strange smile.

Sengoku noticed the man’s abnormality and raised his head sharply.

“Who are you?”

Sengoku was shocked, and even more when he saw him transformed in front of his eyes.

He was a nobleman wearing a chinses pink robe.

“You can call me King Yuan Li!”

Sengoku’s pupils shrank.

At the same time, Qin Yi and others have returned to the Qin King’s Palace.

After sitting on the King’s throne for a moment, Qin Yi’s expression gradually became fierce.

“Listen to my word carefully.”

“The army sets out to go along the Grand Line, and take all countries and islands along the way.”

“All will be my kingdom!”

In the palace, the discoloration of the courtiers is an instant realization of a fact.

The war has begun!