The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 95: King’s Talent!

The limitless power of the King was transmitted from the void into his body, and the six-pointed star in his eyebrows becomes more and more brilliant.

The great harvest of conquering a whole sub-world came at this moment, Qin Yi felt comfortable, and he was full of vitality.

He had conquered the world of the Dragon Emperor before, but that power of the King was far from being comparable to this moment.

A world of stars and stars, the majesty, the foundation, and the power given are incomparable to the customs.

The magnificence, the depth, and the strength of a world of star-level are incomparable to an almost natural world as the world of the Dragon emperor.

A light radiated from Qin Yi’s Black Dragon robe, which made the kingdom people became dizzy.

Gradually, Qin Yi’s eyes became more serious, his figure longer, and his majestic aura much bigger.

After receiving this considerable power, Qin Yi’s eyes were becoming more and more confident.

“Is this the power of conquering a world?”

“It’s much, much stronger than founding a state.” He muttered, and Qin Yi now had a judgment on the exact civilization level of Naruto’s world.

Star-level II, after ultimately conquering the entire Ninja World, he knew the rank of the world of Naruto now.

That was the second-level civilization of Star level, not the first-level civilization of Star Level. That is to say, the information he received before was not accurate, or was simply the level that his kingdom can take.

“In this way, there was also the possibility of inaccuracy in the Civilization Rank of other worlds!” Qin Yi was thinking.

The information that the eyes of the King gave him in the Portal was rough, general, and not specific. In this case, there will inevitably be errors, which cannot be avoided.

If you want to know, or really judge the real level of the target World, you have to go in.

The vast power of the King was seas gathered toward Qin Yi. At that moment, this unique power was almost continuously conveying to him, making him feel extraordinarily vivid and satisfied.

Half an hour later, he slowly raised his right hand.

Suddenly his whole body buzzed, and the air trembled, followed by a large amount of King’s power swept out, through the projection of the Portal, to the world of Naruto.


The whole world was roaring centered on the kingdom of Qin, and the brilliant color bloomed, forming a vortex, then expanded, and spread to the whole world.

A soft and bright light was spreading to the whole world at a steady, slow but unstoppable speed.

Half an hour later, the light covered the whole world. At that very moment, Qin Yi’s eyes were slightly frozen.

“Is it interesting, can’t you get in?”

He realized that this power really covered the whole world, but stopped when he arrived somewhere. Compared to the massive area of the Naruto world, this place is only a few tens of meters apart, but it cannot reach it.

“Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki?”

With a sneer, Qin Yi didn’t care either, and his hand trembled slightly.

Suddenly, the huge area of the whole world began to merge with the King’s world.

From that moment on, people from both worlds can see each other clearly, and they can move to the other place directly.
Qin Yi didn’t care about the land that had the will of the Sage of Six Paths. He needed the big head, and the minor details were not important to him.

With the thorough integration of Naruto’s world and the King’s world, Qin Yi waved his arms again.

“Reshape the world!”

“Buzz sound,” “rumble!”

The area of the King’s world was expanding again; the stars were moving forward at a remarkable speed, turning into particles, with mountains, rivers, forests, and deserts. Once shattered, flattened mountains, cracked rivers, destroyed everything, just then, the land was breaking, the hills suddenly rose, rivers recreated again, all plants were recovering.

Everything sprouted again, and everything on this planet became alive again.

Qin Yi was now like a creator, carefully, conscientiously, remodeling, and building his own country.

For six hours, Qin Yi gathered his King’s power and made his country more perfect, huge and magnificent.

When everything was restored, all things within the territory of the Qin State have revitalized again, and all the people were excited, jumping and cheering.


Gently sighed, Qin Yi’s eyes slightly tired, but brighter.

“The unity of the world of Naruto made me much much stronger!”

Talking faintly, Qin Yi reached out and pointed to a point ahead.

“Howl!!” On the

In front of him, the huge seven-tails appeared, looking at Qin Yi with fear and awe.

“You unlocked my seal. Why?”

Qin Yi smiled and ignored it.

He slowly closed his eyes and quickly felt the high power in his body.

Nine tails rushed up into the sky behind him, and a layer of Chakra quickly covered him, forming the Kyubi shape. The horrible Chakra waved wildly, stirring up dust.

“This is nine tails!” Chōmei was shocked.

He could not believe that the young man in front of him could use the power of the nine tails.

He was stunned.

“Eight-tails!” “Six-tails!” “Five-tails!”

The power of one tail beast appeared in Qin Yi’s body and was perceived by him, including his Chakra. In the end, one end appears in turn.

The power of the nine tail beasts gathered at Qin Yi’s body at this moment.

“all the tailed-beasts, then!”

Qin Yi opened his eyes, his body sparkling, an aura of high Chakra covered him.

“Jūbi (Ten-Tails)!”

Chomei was shocked and trembling all over. And felt the power of the ten tails at this moment!

“Outstanding power, far beyond the past!”

He felt the energy fluctuation bursting out in his body at this moment, Qin Yi’s mouth showed a smile.

His forehead was split and opened, and Rinne Sharingan appeared.

“Rinne Sharingan.”

At this moment, Qin Yi became Jūbi (Ten-Tails) Jinchūriki. He looked for all kinds of forces in the world of Naruto. With the King’s power, he gathered all the energies together, almost reaching the general strength of Kaguya and the sage of the six paths.

Silently felt this power, after a long while, Qin Yi’s eyes flashed.

“There’s also a new king’s skill awakened!”

The unification and integration of the world of Naruto made his civilization grow into the second Level of Star-level, and give Qin Yi a new skill.

“King’s talent!”

In a flash, he understood this new skill.

“This skill was similar to the innate gift of Gods, or Divine Beasts, the innate gift of kings, and each awakening is different!”

“And my gift skill is.” Qin Yi’s eyes fixed.

“extraordinary Genius!”