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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 94: Star-Level 2!

 “Very well, there will be more than enough time for this mission!” Madara Smiled.

Qin Yi had expanded their time ten times of Naruto’s time; it became ten months.

Ten months later, if he could not unify the World of Naruto, then Uchiha Madara would be shameful.

After a glance around, Madara sneered.

“Hashirama, you are really a soft man, you couldn’t do anything with such a large backup.”

“our lands here are the same as that we have since the kid left.” There was an embarrassment in Hashirama’s face. He did not like to do it with violence and cruelness. Besides, at this time, he felt that he was wrong; it was difficult to obtain peace without some force.

“If you can’t do it, give it to me.”

“I will let them know the grace that they left that embodied in Hashirama!” he smirked.

An hour later, the Ninjas of the State of Qin started attacking.

At the same time, the other four countries got the news.


“You know, it seems that my brother is crazy, and he wants to challenge our United States of Ninja by himself!”

“Then let him know how powerful we are!”

“prepare for an attack, let’s show them our real power!”

The four countries quickly reached a United front. After giving orders, the Ninjas from the four villages immediately moved out and gathered together to form a coalition of 50.000 or 60.000 ninjas.

When the four Kages stood together and looked at their troops, it was the first time that they had seen such a dense and large number of alliance troops, and they felt more confident.

“This time, Hashirama, you must wake up and choose our side.” Tobirama was thinking.

Four hours later, at the edge of Konoha’s forest, the alliance army saw the Ninjas of Qin’s Kingdom rushing fast upon the sea; the Alliance army roared.

“show them who we are, kill them!”

All of a sudden, they ran, roared, and rushed to the sea; Their faces were grim, and they had a crazy look.


The Ninjas of the State of Qin roared at this moment, and they rushed forward.  

Looking forward to where the four Kages stood Tobirama looked, the number of Ninjas in the State of Qin was far lower than that of them. That’s why the four Kages looked calm.

“This will be so hard, Hashirama!” Tobirama smiled.

The other three Kages also watched the battle silently. They expected the defeat of Qin State for the moment. As long as the battle continued in this situation, they had a big hope that they could curb the other side’s arrogant ambition.

Soon, the two armies will collide.

Looking from a high place, the number of the four-nation Alliance forces far exceeded that of the Qin State. This battle seemed that was doomed from the beginning.

However, just as the two armies were about to collide, the pupils of the four Kage suddenly contracted, and their faces showed a shock.

“Is this?!”

“No, no, how is that possible?”

“How could he have this number?”

The four Kages were stunned.

 What did they just saw? At a glance, the space in front of their eyes was densely packed with ninjas.

 Ten thousand? Fifty thousand? Eighty thousand? Or hundreds of thousands, countless ninjas, roaring up. Only then did they collided with the Alliance forces, which were crushed instantly by them.

And, what made them even more frightening, the number of these hordes was overgrowing.

 “come on surrender Tobirama, Qin State Army 300,000 Ninjas, this is not a strength you can resist!”

 Hashirama suddenly jumped up, releasing his “Sage Art Wood Release: True Several Thousand Hands” and shouted, “I will make them obey.”

Uchiha Madara’s chakra erupted, forming Susanoo.

Their power frightened the coalition forces of the four countries.

“Three hundred thousand! How could they have many such ninjas!”

“with Madara and Hashirama, fighting together!” The Kages were in a panic.

The number of horrible ninjas in front of them was beyond their imagination.

The two armies were fighting.

“It won’t take that long at all. Hashirama, you’re too wishy-washy!” Madara smirked and jumped into the battlefield.

Hashirama nodded with a dull smile and followed him.

King’s World, in the capital city of Qin State.

Qin Yi stayed in the capital during this period; he slowed down the ratio of time in the World of One Piece ten times.

Even if the Navy wanted to prepare for war and start a fight, he still had time.

If Madara and Hashirama can complete the unification of the World of Naruto before then, the conquest of One Piece will naturally be much more manageable.

At this moment, Qin Yi was sitting in the newly built palace, meeting with all the advisers from the three kingdoms.

“Mr. Zhuge, Mr. Mengde, and Lu Bu.”

Among these people, Qin Yi was familiar just with these three; he nodded to the rest.

“Your Majesty!” When they saw Qin Yi, they bowed down and saluted with awe.

Coming out of the Three Kingdoms into the vast World, and experiencing the terrible disasters before, they all know the vastness of the World deeply. The emperor in front of them had far more power and authority than the emperor of their World.

That was a real emperor, a terrible creature like he was the God of the World.

“First of all, I would like to welcome you to the Council. Secondly, I hope you understand the information contained in the fire of civilization as soon as possible.”

“Several of you are talented people; I believe you will soon be able to grasp the new strength.” Qin Yi made them relaxed.

They had long been interested in the power of the people of this World, and now the emperor accepted them and made them close to him.

“Your Majesty, Thank you!”

“Well, this is the right of everyone in our country, do not thank me.” Qin Yi waved his hand and didn’t care about it at all.

He then introduced the six members to the public.

Qin Yi wasn’t interested. The only thing that he was thinking about was what happened to Gandalf.

“Our strength is far from enough; we should improve our strength as soon as possible!”

It can be said that Qin Yi was completely immersed in this critical and persistent pursuit.

Among the many worlds, Qin Yi had set his sights on the next goal.

“The Legend of Sword and Fairy.” He whispered.

Feeling the strength of the immortal Qi power, Qin Yi naturally wanted to contact this force, to make his civilization leap again.

Compared with other myth Xianxia Worlds, The Legend of Sword and Fairy series is undoubtedly more suitable for him to enter at present.

Ten days later, while Qin Yi was resting, he felt shocked, the power of the king grew sharply, filling the gap he had lost in the past, and far beyond.

At the same time, the level of civilization in the King’s World changed at this moment.

“Star-level 2II!”

Qin Yi opened his eyes, and he was stunned.

“The world of Naruto is unified!”

“The level of civilization had upgraded.”

“Besides, the new King’s skills had awakened!”


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