The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 93: 10 Times

Hashirama smiled. The time in the State of Qin was almost unchanged, but in Naruto’s world, it was three years after he joined the Qin.

For such a long time, Hashirama was more potent than before.

“Madara and Hashirama, you are responsible for the unification of your world!”

“General Yang, assign an army to them. I want you to finish everything in the world of Naruto in the shortest time!” Qin Yi’s voice was indifferent, and his face lost its usual smile.

The immortal’s invasion woke him up. All delays and hesitations will lead to the weakness of his own world. Moreover, everyone will dare to attack his country and causes such losses. In this vast universe, the Star-level civilization is weak, and It is not even qualified to compete.

The most important factor is time.

“understood.” Madara nodded with indifferent eyes.

The foolish kindness of Hashirama made Madara upset. At this time, it was decided that war would sweep across the world and accomplish the task of unification.

“Besides, the reconstruction of the country must speed up.” Qin Yi said.

After the attack, the mainland crumbled, many people died, and the overall national strength declined. Fortunately, Qin Yi can bear it.

“make a big funeral for our heroes, and we will take their grief as a push to work harder in the future.”

“The people of our country will remember this catastrophe and how cruel the universe is.”

“If we are not strong, we will die. Only by constantly staggering along the road of the transition of cosmic civilization can we occupy our place.”

“Have the power to survive and control your own life.” The light words were profound; under this disaster, Qin Yi was no longer as relaxed as he used to be.

Before having some strength, he was not as safe as he imagined. The road of the king has never been smooth and never will be.

“I will give you one month with Qin time to unify the whole world of Naruto!” Qin Yi said.

“yes, Your Majesty.” smiled Hashirama.

Gandalf’s situation saddened his heart and made him see the world more clearly. Jumping to the world of Naruto was a kind of luck, but the future will be more cruel and rough.

“Then, we will take care of the world of pirates!” Qin Yi’s eyes flashed and slowly said.

In One Piece, the forces of the Qin State had occupied entirely half of the first half of the Grand Line, which makes Qin Yi as powerful as a Yonko or more. Moreover, it’s a pain in the a*s for the world government and the Navy.

Before he left, the world government and the Navy was preparing for the final battle.

In the face of the unbridled madness of the Qin State, the Navy finally had no patience, summoned the Shichibukai, gathered their strongest men, preparing for a full-scale attack on the Qin State.

The big storm will come soon, after a calm period.

Of course, in the face of such a storm, Qin Yi was not panicked.

Even if the world government launched an attack on him with all the powerful men in the world, Qin Yi would not be afraid, let alone just the Navy and some Shichibukai.

“I will not be easy this time; I’ll Boil these frogs in their oceans.”

“The world of Pirates should be unified as soon as possible and integrated into our civilization process!”

“General Yang, prepare our army.”

General Yang immediately responded. As a general of the Qin State, his most enthusiastic thing is to fight for the country.

after understanding and arranging the situation after the disaster, Qin Yi dispersed

After sitting in his seat for a long time, he slowly stood up and took a step.

Half an hour later, he was walking on the devastated land of the Qin State, with a sad heart.

In that small image, what he saw was not clear. At this moment, after witnessing and experiencing it personally, Qin Yi felt the power of that hand more deeply.

Rivers were deflated, the mountains were flattened, and traces of lines between the palms appeared on the earth. Countless buildings, scattered on the ground, everything was crushed.

Faced with such a scene, Qin Yi was shocked and feared slightly.

He thought that he only needed to think about wandering around the world, strengthening the level of civilization, and becoming stronger. However, at this time, suddenly found that this world is not like this.

In addition to facing the dangers of every world, the crisis in this universe is equally terrible.

“The black turtle!”

“King Shangjiang!”

Muttered these two names, Qin Yi’s eyes were cold.

In the air, besides the horrible spiritual fluctuations left under the palm of the black turtle, there were still faint traces of the power of the king.

Qin Yi can feel the vastness and majesticness of these two forces in the air.

“Energy levels far exceed the devil Fruits abilities and Chakra… even Haki.”

“Is this an immortal cultivator?”

At this moment, Qin Yi understood the world more clearly. The world like anime may be magical enough and superficial enough to be a shocking and compelling world, but its essence is still far below the worlds of Immortal Heroes novels, science fiction, and so on sub-worlds.

“What a yearning power!” Qin Yi murmured, raising his palm slowly, touching the vast spiritual Qi fluctuation in the air.

That was the power of King Shangjiang, and even his name was written here.

Obviously, it was his father who deliberately left them to him.

“Do you want to destroy me just because I peeked at you?”

“I have to say that you have offended me! King Shangjiang!”

Qin Yi’s eyebrows rose sharply, and the image of King Shangjiang appeared in his eyes.

“you will regret, King Shang Jiang, I will make you suffer!”

On this day, Qin Yi traveled across the country’s ten thousand miles of rivers and mountains, was feeling deeply the Qi Power involved in the air.

At dusk, he saw the army led by Hashirama and Madara; they were heading for the world of Naruto.

“let’s make their task easier.”

He reached out and stretched out his hand and waved his hand ahead.

“Dangdang Dangdang!”

On one side, the surface was distorted; a clock with ripples appeared in front of them all.

“At this moment, I can adjust the time ratio of the different worlds to ten times!”

The fingers fluctuated, and with the sound of squeaking, the endless brilliance bloomed on the clock. Immediately afterward, the people who had just entered the world of Naruto also looked up to the sky, and the light in the eyes fanned.

“The Time Ratio has changed!”