The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 101: Three Scars

 Meanwhile, on the sea of the New World, a pirate ship with a flag of a skeleton with three scars was sailing fast.

 On the pirates, the pirates were confused.

 “Shanks, why should we go?”

 “Such a battle is not something we have to engage. It does not seem to have anything to do with us?”

 Lucky Roo asked.

 “I’m afraid that’s not what you think.”

 Shanks said slowly.

 “it’s important to maintain such a balance to this world!”

 “It’s terrible to cover all the Grand Line and even to wage up wars all over the world!”

 “It will kill many people and bury numerous innocent lives.” He said.

 “So, the purpose of our trip is to stop the war!”

 With a deep breath, Shanks said, and the figure od Luffy appeared before his eyes.

 “The world needs a man who can lead him to the right track!”

 “Not an ambitious overlord!”

 Just then. In front of the pirate boat, a wave raised, tens of meters high, and slapped at the ship.

 “But, Shanks, are you not afraid of the storm?”

 Yasopp asked with a smile.

 “no matter how scared I am, I will calm it down!”

 Shanks closed his eyes and said slowly.

 The waves advanced and rushed toward the pirate boat, which shook violently. As the ship was about to be swallowed up, Shanks opened his eyes sharply.

 Suddenly, the whole sea seemed to get deterred by an unparalleled sense of Haki, and even the coming waves were at a standstill at this moment.

 Then, the waves began to crack and turn into droplets of water, like losing its driving force, falling.

 In the blink of an eye, the sea became smooth, and even the cloudy sky had returned to a clear sky for miles.

 “You see, even the sea, will be afraid.”


 Shanks looked ahead, and his momentum reached its peak.

 Behind him, his crew members felt relieved with a smile on their faces.

 “This is our captain! Haha!”

 Time passed by, and soon it was night.

 On the sea of Long Ring Long Land, Qin’s huge fleet has begun to rest.

 On top of the biggest flagship, Qin Yi frowned and was thinking.

 “Madara, Hashirama, clan leaders, the officers of the high ranks.” “

 “There is enough ammunition. Soldiers sent from home should soon be able to join the battlefield after they are familiar with this world.”

 “Then, what needs to be considered is the strategy of the Marine.”

In the daytime, the Qin scout had found that the Marine that had stayed in the nearby waters and watched their movements had retreated and disappeared quickly. What does this mean? Qin Yi soon figured it out.

“is it a battle against the backwater. Oh, no, or it’s better to fight with all your strength.”

“Hold all your fingers together, hold them into one fist, and then have a direct flight?” Qin Yi smirked.

 The Marine must have concentrated all its forces in a particular area ahead. Faced with the ever-expanding fleet of the Qin State, it would be foolish for the Marine to disperse its forces and try to intercept them one by one. The only useful strategy is to concentrate all their armies in a position that is strong for them and then muster up all our strength to fight a big battle.

 “Shichibukai, Cipher Pol, Impel Down staff, Marine Headquarters, can put these forces together, and quickly organize to form the strongest fighting force, there is only one place!”

  Qin Yi reached out and pressed it in the chart before him.

 “Is it near the Water 7?”

 “What a gambling war, Sengoku!”

 “As a wise Admiral, do you have the confidence to pin your destiny on your plan?”

 Qin Yi sneered and closed his eyes.

 An annual high tide that takes place in Water 7 called Aqua Laguna. Sengoku chose the battlefield here; it is undoubtedly a risky choice. Even though this considerable tsunami had no impact on the strong men on both sides, if it suddenly sweeps in, it would be devastating to the soldiers.

 From this aspect, it is evident that Sengoku doubted about the future of this war.

 He even took the tsunami into account to improve his victory rate in this war!

 However, what Sengoku did not expect was that Qin Yi had a deeper understanding of this world than him, in some ways.

 At the same time, on the head of Qin’s fleet, in the head of a warship.

 Madara was setting under the moonlight.

 Suddenly, a tall woman figure appeared behind him; just then, the figure rushed up.

 Madara pupils suddenly opened, this woman jumped high, he leaped aside, easily avoided it.


 She said with a soft hushed voice.

 Under the moonlight, the tall figure, the gorgeous face, and the fair skin It is Boa Hancock.

 “You’re sneaking again! Hancock!”

 Madara looked at her and said.

 His eyes were calm; his face was expressionless.

 “Madara, I have a crush on you; it is a feeling beyond my control; you don’t know how strong it is… Madara, it is a noble feeling.”

 Hancock’s face blushed, she said.

 Madara was silent.

 He stared at Hancock carefully for a while.

 “I don’t like women who are younger and taller than me.”


 He made Hancock tremble twice as if she got stabbed twice.

 Then he leaped lightly, crossed Hancock, landed on the deck, and walked forward.

 “do not sweep aside me!”

 Hankook raised her head sharply, her face had become gloomy, her waist twisted, and her long slender thighs shook violently, kicking him.

 Madara avoided her kick and disappeared, and in the next second, he reappeared behind her.

 “By the way, I don’t like women who are weaker than me!”

 At this moment, Hancock fell softly to the ground, and she could not get up with the last burn.

 The soldiers around saw this scene and sighed secretly.

 “he broke her Heart, this belle!!”