The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 5: The Emperor

he looked at the ocean with his Sharingan, but he didn’t notice of the abnormality of the world.

After a while, Madara said.

“There is a ship coming!”

The three generals immediately stood up. In this short period of time, they had found it clear that there was nothing on the island other than a small village, there is nothing else and no threat to them.

“Ship? Is it coming towards us?” Yang Yi asked.

“Look at its path, it is coming toward us.” Madara‘s eyes were indifferent.

Soon, the ship was already close to them. Madara and the others were standing on the coast, they could hear the loud voice of the pirates singing. The skeleton sign depicted on the canvas has been seen hanging at the top of the mast.  

“Hah, follow me and I’ll take you to the Grand Line, is there anybody here? who are you?”

The ship approached, there was a man with a captain’s cap his bare upper body, with a fierce beast tattoo on his shoulder. with short weapons on the right of his waist that the four men could not understand and a sword on the left.

Hearing the sound, the four people looked at each other quietly.

Because of this language, they can understand it! Unbelievable, this language is exactly the same as the world of Madara.

“Madara.” Qin Lin shouted, Madara nodded slightly, and the others understood each other’s meaning.

“Hey, why don’t you answer me?”

The Captain stood in front of the four people, pulled out the short weapon at his waist and pointed at Madara. If Qin Yi were here, he would recognize it as a revolver.

Madara raised his right hand.

“Madara, do not rush, look at the situation first.” Qin Lin hurriedly stopped Madara.

He knew that Madara could kill him and his crew not matter his power.

The Captain stopped.

“haha? It’s really disappointing!”

the captain’s cap thought about it and put his gun on his waist. Then he ignored the four people and looked at the village on the island.

“Let’s do it, sea dogs!” The Captain roared.

Then, strangely enough, the captain and his crew bypassed them and rushed directly into the village behind them.

After a few moments, the tragic scream came out, Qin Lin’s face changed.

“They are robbers!”

The bloody smell in the air has clearly revealed the identity of these people.

“Well, we are not robbers, but pirates!”

“pirates, you know?”

The Captain and others came up and said with a grin.

At this time, the pirates were surrounding the four people, with cold mouths and looked at them as if they were dead.  

“You must die too!”

he pointed the gun to Madara. Subconsciously, before the Captain felt that the four strangers were not weak. But when he back again, he decided to get rid of them.


The captain shot.

But the next moment, the pirates were shocked, and even the treasures that they had looted fell to the ground.

“How can this be?!” The captain was shocked,

he took two steps back.  

He was confident in his gun skills, he got a bounty of eight million pieces. just because of his gun skills.

However, at this moment, he messed up from less than 10 meters.

it’s not his mistake. It’s the man in front of him who dodged the bullet!

Are you kidding?!  

Suddenly, the captain shot again. Then he saw Madara in front of him, turning his eyes into blood-red.

Then, he said with an indifferent tone.

“are you done,  piece of shit!”

He made the generals stunned with his charismatic atmosphere.

Suddenly, the wind blew up, Madara was leaping, and a kunai in his waist was just already in his hand.

After three steps, the kunai flashed out brilliant light and radian, cutting the air. In front of the pirates.

When Madara came behind the pirates, everything was over.

“Puff puff!”

The blood splattered out, and the captain fell behind. He trembled on his knees, He wet himself.

“I’ll leave you, just you have to answer me for a few things .”

These words made the Captain stunned.

The three generals were speechless, and  Madara was too straightforward. If the captain did not agree, he will die.

“you can’t talk then.”

“die then!”

After a long while, Madara said.

The three generals were quiet and finally, Qin Lin opened.

“What does Madara Sensei plan to do?”

“collect information, find the organization of this world, and take it,” Madara said coldly.

well, Madara is such an arrogant person. 


The three generals were helpless when they saw flames of destruction burning in his eyes.

They have a bad feeling. It seems that as time goes on, Madara will make a mess in this world.

On the other world, Qin Yi did not know how long he will take in his sleeping, and finally, he heard the sound of the outside world.

“Finally, is it here?”

Now he felt everything in the outside world.

The man in the military uniform kept roaring and directed the soldiers to move his figure.

“Be careful, don’t knock it! If  you damage him, I will take your lives!”

He saw the face of the officer, he was Huang Qiusheng who played General Yang in the movie.

“Is this my servant?”

Qin Yi said.

Naturally, he would not be as ruthless and cruel as the Dragon Emperor in the original book, and he knew very well that he wanted to unify the world. In addition to the undead terracotta warriors and horses he owned, he must rely on these troops. This Yang general is one of them.

Next, General Yang will transport him to the museum.

“General Yang.”

After thinking for a moment, Qin Yi said to General Yang.

Inexplicably, General Yang, he heard someone calling him, and immediately he was looking for him.

“that’s me the Emperor!”

Qin Yi said again.

General Yang was shocked.