The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 6: Shangri-La

“Your Majesty?!”

General Yang was shocked.

He learned from legends that the ancient emperor, who ruled two thousand years ago.  has great power. If he resurrected, he will sweep the whole world and unite the whole world.

If he could dig enough maybe he could check if the legends are true or not after the long process.

But what he didn’t expect was that the old emperor could talk. He was really alive!  

without hesitation, General Yang and his army knelt before Qin Yi.

“There is no need for courtesy, and the resurrection of me and terracotta warriors depends on you. Now it is sealed, and I cannot release my power.” Qin Yi said.

General Yang felt awesome when he listened to the great emperor talking to him personally.

“Yes, Master!”  General Yang shouted loudly.

The legendary ancient Dragon Emperor is still alive, and even if sealed, he can still have the ability to transmit sound. General Yang could not imagine this incredible power.

“Well, the Emperor going to sleep for a while, after the resurrection, I’ll unite the world!” Qin Yi said.

“the Emperor hired you his minister !” With such a tone and attitude, General Yang naturally recognized the seriousness of the Dragon Emperor and became more excited.

“your majesty, I will not fail you!”

Qin Yi nodded, then regained his perception and slept again.

Once again speak his native language, he felt inexplicable familiarity and intimacy. But after his death, he felt that he was a new one in different worlds. When he became king, his mentality, feelings, and emotions were changing rapidly and imperceptibly.

When he was asleep, Qin Yi was surrounded by darkness. He could feel his King’s power, and all the strengths gained by conquering of Naruto’s world, but he couldn’t use it, he was completely sealed in this terracotta.

This is a kind of inexplicable rule power, even if the Qin civilization level has surpassed this world by levels, but this power is still beyond Qin Yi’s resistance, seems to be a super curse.

In the darkness, time seems to have lost its meaning. Qin Yi incarnated as the Dragon Emperor was waiting in silence.

he didn’t know how long after that, but Qin Yi’s eyes opened at this moment.

There the Eye of Shangri-La, in the hands of General Yang, collided on terracotta and then broke up.

At the same time, Lin pierced the dagger the corpse in the coffin, but after a second, her expression changed suddenly.

“it’s not him, this is a eunuch!!” O’Connell Family, shocked when they listened to her.

In front of them, a terracotta warrior broke up, wrapped in mud, stretched out his arms, and his horses’ hoofs were crashing on the ground.

“General Yang, what a beautiful job!” Qin Yi roared.

“The Dragon Emperor is awake!”

“This mummy things are not good!”

O’Connell and others are in a complicated mood and stunned.

General Yang was full of joy, kneeling to his majesty.

“your Majesty!” Qin Yi stretched his body and waved.

“stand up, no more courtesy!”

He realized that his body at the moment was still made of terracotta, only able to move at will. his real strength still sealed.

“The seal has not yet been completely broken.  I still need Mystical Water.”

With an indifferent look for the few people in front of him, Qin Yi knows that these guys are the protagonists of this world.

Even though these people are as fragile as ants in his eyes, they cannot be ignored.

Suddenly, the little girl Lin leap straight to Qin Yi’s face with a dagger in her hand,

“What a great guts! ”

Qin Yi raised his right hand and grabbed the dagger with indifferent eyes.

“Get out Of Here! ”

When O’Connell saw this, he knew that they were not rivals for the resurrected Dragon Emperor. With a loud roar, he rushed out of the window and fled.

his eyes twinkled slightly, Qin Yi wanted to chase them out, but at this time, he felt that his body was stiff and somewhat paralyzed, and he couldn’t use his strength.

“The seal has just been unlocked, can the power be restored over time?”

However, this is not a big problem.  the strength in his body will recover quickly. Moreover, he is still a clay body at this time, and the seal has not been completely broken. Only by then, all the power will return to his body.

After a little thought, Qin Yi looked again at General Yang standing beside him.

“General Yang.”

“Your Majesty!”

General Yang is very respectful.

” don’t care about these little mice, my urgent matter is to broke the seal completely!” Qin Yi said.

“your servant understands!”

General Yang nodded and he had already explored the process of reviving the Dragon Emperor.

“Your Majesty needs Shangri-La’s waters to gain immortality. With Shangri-La’s waters, this evil curse can be undone naturally!”

“Yes, when the seal is broken, I can summon my army and unite the world!” Qin Yi said.

“As soon as possible!”

General Yang quickly said.

Soon, General Yang turned around and arranged.

In this era, there are vehicles such as helicopters. With the status and power of General Yang, although not so high, he can still do all this.

They soon found out the direction of Shangri-La.

Two hours later, General Yang was in front and led Qin Yi to the helicopter.

Qin Yi and others flew in the direction of the Himalayas.

“Your Majesty, we need to travel to a stupa in the Himalayas, that will reveal the path to Shangri-La .”

“I had the key, as long as we reach the Himalayas and I put the Eye of Shangri-La in the top of it,  the entrance will appear and you can enter Shangri-La!”

General Yang sat on the plane and said to Qin Yi in awe.

Qin Yi nodded.

He looked down through the window of the plane. It was the first time in his life that he took the plane. but it was not interesting.

At this time, Qin Yi was thinking. if he integrates these technologies into the Qin Kingdom, his kingdom will inevitably undergo another earth-shaking change.

A few hours later, in front of Qin Yi’s eyes, there were white mountains, which were the Himalayas.