The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 66: Next Time

The black dragon roared again; the wind rushed, the white clouds were torn apart instantly, Qin Yi rushed downward next to Madara.

“Good timing? right!” the black dragon came and brought a strong wind with him.

After this, the black dragon’s body transformed into a human body. Qin Yi appeared on the scene.

“another one!” Sengoku stared at Qin Yi, and the other side’s appearance was unusual. He was like a user of a Zoan devil fruit, which made them shocked.

“Admiral, he is the new king of Alabasta!” At that moment, the soldiers on the other side were recognized him and shouted in shock.

The expression of Sengoku changed dramatically, and his eyes became fierce instantly.

“You are the new king?”

Qin Yi smiled faintly, glanced at the familiar people in front of him, and then said, “It’s me!”

“Are you with him?” Sengoku asked.

Before fighting Madara, Sengoku had already got the news that Aokiji was sunk into the sea, which shocked him and gave him a bad feeling. He was more doubtful that this Qin State and Madara have some relationship. The outbreak time of these two events is too strange. As if there was premeditation between them, the accident of the Celestial Dragons and Akainu just happened, and Aokiji was caught.

“Madara Sama is one of my people!” Qin Yi said.

Sengoku and Garp were both horrified.

They were struggling from fighting Madara, and he was fighting them together without showing any sign of defeat, and before he beat two Admirals, Akainu was raised to a moon, he was seriously injured and he still unconscious at this time. Kizaru’s face smashed, and he was about to die…

Such a force is shocking, and it is not rude to say that the strength of Uchiha Madara is no less than that of any of them.

 this man is at the top of this world!

At this moment, this boy who considered as the king of Madara and Qin Kingdom appeared before their eyes!!

“The Emperor of Qin!” Sengoku sighed.

Garp pupils shrank, then he flashed out, directly he came before Madara, charging a punch.

Madara blocked by his Gunbai, the strength of this punch reflected, and after that, he started fighting Garp.

“Sengoku sama, would you start to play with me?” Qin Yi smiled.

Sengoku’s pupils shrank, his eyes were frozen, and the golden light on his body started shining. With a halo in his right palm. Then, his colossal figure suddenly got bigger and bigger and then rushed to Qin Yi.


As soon as Qin Yi waved his hand, the surrounding space was fragmented.


 Sengoku retreated sharply. It was a great shock in his eyes.


His shock wave when it collided with Qin Yi’s punch, broke apart. He felt as if nothing could stop this strange attack.

This feeling was like the tremor force of the Whitebeard, but it was different from it. Sengoku couldn’t understand it.

“Not just Paramecia!”

when Sengoku saw Qin Yi’s eyes turned into Rinnegan felt confused.

“They have the same eyes!”

“what?” Suddenly, the expression of Sengoku changed again.

Hot flames rose from Qin Yi’s body and spread rapidly in all directions. In a blink of an eye, it covered the ground within a kilometer range, turning everything present into a sea of fire.

“isn’t this Mera Mera no Mi!”

On the other side, Garp’s expression suddenly became very grim, and then his face was distorted with rage.

“That’s the power of Ace!”

“You Bastards, did you hurt Ace?’

This rage made Garp’s next punch carry unparalleled strength. When it hit him, Madara was pounded out by a fist.

“This old man is too strong!”

Faced with such physical skills and mighty strength, Madara was discolored. His body dragged a thousand and five hundred meters on the ground before he stopped.

Before he could respond, he looked up in horror and saw Garp’s fist again and hit him with a bang.

With a sudden retreat, his punch smashed his face to the ground; his face was covered in blood.



 this punch made a big shock in the whole island, followed by a large area of ground collapsed, debris rolled and burst out, spread in all directions, the earth began to shatter, and dust rose.

Garp’s punch cracked the ground in the dozens of miles around.

This power made Madara shocked.

“This power!” Qin Yi was confronting Sengoku and noticed that the ground under his feet was trembling violently and slightly discolored.

Garp’s fighting power was beyond his expectation, but this was reasonable. The man who can fight Roger, the king of pirates, and is regarded as a The Marine Hero, even though he was old at the moment, his force that bursting out at this moment was beyond imagination.

However, Madara was the legendary leader of the Uchiha clan.


Five Truth-seeking balls rushed out violently, roaring, forming black lines, twisted, and approached to Garp.

“This again!”

With a roar, Garp punched forward.


after five consecutive punches, he smashed all the Truth-Seeking Balls, Garp rushed again to Madara.

” Super Shinra Tensei!!”

Madara’s pupils shrank, and his expression became crazy.

The old guy in front of them, whose strength was beyond his imagination, he had to exert all his power. Otherwise, he will die!

 no one was able to stop the raging Garp.

On the other hand, Qin Yi and Sengoku were clashing face to face but did not start showing their real powers.

“Admiral Sengoku, I have the same strength of Madara, or to be honest, my power is beyond his.”

“It’s bad for both sides to fight here.”

“If we use our powers, I believe that the residents of the Sabaody Archipelago, as well as the Navy gathered nearby, will be smashed.” Qin Yi said, and Sengoku listened quietly.

He perceived that the other side was not a fool and that the purpose of the battle was not to show off the force but to have a unique goal.

“What do you want?”

“I hope the Navy will give me a date, and this battle will stop here.”

“I know you still have Shichibukai, the world government. I can wait for you to call the five elders.”

“Next time, we’ll have a big fight.”

“Today, it’s not the right time, nor here!”

Qin Yi said.

The pupils of Sengoku shrank, and his eyes sharpened.