The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 67: Stop!!

Dare to challenge the Navy and the world government. Where on earth did the person in front of him come from?

According to previous intelligence, the other side occupied Alabasta and renamed it the Qin Kingdom. However, how dare this young King to begin such a confrontation with the world government, and he has just Alabasta under his control?

“I can arrest you today.”

“You’re more dangerous than the pirates!” Sengoku said.

When his right foot suddenly stepped on the ground, and the dust was flying, his vast golden Buddha body appeared in the top of Qin Yi’s head and punched down.

“In that case, let’s show you my power!”

Qin Yi’s face turned cold and fierce.

“Super Shinra Tensei!”

He shouted, and the air around Qin Yi was humming and twisting, trembling, and bursting out. The terrible and manic atmosphere swept away in all directions, and all things encountered in the midway were instantly pushed.

The walls, the buildings, the trees were cut off, trembling without stand in front of this repulsive force.

Just as his punch about to hit Qin Yi’s head, Sengoku was blasted by this terrible repulsion instantly. His face changed, and he collapsed directly.

The range of this repulsive force continued to spread, destroying everything and pushing it in all directions. After a couple of seconds, it has spread kilometers, fusing with Madara’s attack from the other side, forming an enormous range of repulsive force.


The air was inexplicably shuddering, and after a huge bang, a bigger explosion erupted again.

“Run! It’s terrible!”

“The whole island is going to be destroyed!”

“These two men are monsters!” The Navies saw smoke and dust rolling; they were shocked. They ran away with a shudder.

In front of this vast and untouchable circle of repulsion, no one could resist it.

At this moment, if you looked down from the sky, you can see two circles of repulsion, and ripples around all directions destroying everything.

This repulsive circle hit Garp and flew kilometers in an instant. Before this, Garp gritted his teeth and roared and punched it, but this was different from the previous Shinra Tensei, his attack just caused a slight ripple in the air, then he was thrown out.

the whole island was shaking violently, rows of buildings collapsed, and trees fell.

It lasted more than three minutes before everything slowly returned to calm.

By this time, the Navy had retreated elsewhere, and some even jumped into the water, looking at the dusty island with trepidation.

When the wind blew, and the dust dispersed, they saw everything on the island.

However, it was a shocking scene. The sight of big trees and neat buildings has disappeared, and Instead, there was dry, bare ground.

Everything was gone. Under that wide-ranging attack, everything was wiped out.

The blow directly pierced the island and exposed it to the sea.

“Bastards!!” Sengoku gritted his teeth.

He knew that his opponent’s blow was intentional, that is, to let him know his destructive power. It was a deterrent and a threat, but there was nothing he could do about it.

“Madara, it seems that the scene we created is not enough!”

Qin Yi jumped up and raised his right hand slowly.

The flame was burning and expanding rapidly into a massive ball of fire.

“Let them be completely shocked by our strength!”

“Let’s make a great first impression!”

Madara smirked and jumped next to Qin Yi.

“ok.” He raised his right hand.

The dark twists light accumulated, rotated, rapidly forming a baseball-sized energy mass, and then quickly grew.

“the Flame Emperor!”

“Truth-Seeking Ball!”

The two of them roared at the same time.

At this moment, behind them was a devastated, broken island; thousands of meters ahead, there were five thousand elite navies led by Sengoku and Garp.

However, at the moment, in the face of the energy fluctuations that broke out in the hands of the two, they couldn’t help but horrified.

“What are they going to do?”

Garp’s eyes fixed, and Sengoku’s face became extremely irritated.

“Garp! we have to block it! “

he murmured, the golden light was constantly condensing in his body, gathering strength.


At this time, Garp lost his playful nature. He knew very well that both of them had no less power than theirs.

If they couldn’t defeat them, they will immediately become a dominant force comparable to the Yonko.

Such a degree of threat was already extremely significant to the Navy.

Behind them are thousands of navies, and countless innocent civilians in the Sabaody Archipelago. If they couldn’t stop this attack, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Both sides were accumulating their strength; their expressions were dignified at this moment, then they turned fierce.

The roar was like a giant wild animal. Qin Yi and Madara launched out considerable energy.

At this moment, almost instantaneously, a hundred-meter-diameter truth-seeking ball with a vast kilometer diameter fireball rotating on it was rotating, sweeping the ground, rushing forward.

The Navies looked at this terrible tremendous energy fluctuation; everyone was trembling, holding his breath.

“Can they block it?”

These two strong men who don’t know where they came from are terrible!


When the energy ball launched out, Sengoku and Garp’s faces became fierce, and they rushed out in a flash.


The ground that had stood before suddenly burst open, and a big pit appeared.

The ball made a strange sound because of the fast movement.

The navies held their breath nervously and stared ahead.

The ball was approaching, and the two were running toward it.

When the ball came out, Sengoku and Garp suddenly stopped, and their faces became fierce and enraged.

 they stretched out their hands quickly; they pressed hard on the vast and incomparable mass of energy ahead.