The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 68: Dead Or Alive

His moment, high power surged out of their bodies and collided with the impact of that enormous energy mass. The air around them, at this moment, was distorted, and then burst out in a messy noise.

Sengoku and Garp rigidly blocked the energy ball path, and its large force shocked them made them withdraw a hundred meters before they stopped.

The burning flame was continually colliding with the shock wave of Sengoku, and the sparks were flying.

Garp, on the other hand, covered himself by Haki and entered into the Truth-seeking Ball.

his whole body was bursting with endless strength at this time.

The two of them were in a deadlock; they use all their force to keep the dangerous energy beam in their hands from exploding.

the energy was rotating and fluctuating, and sparks continued to flash, sending dangerous atmosphere out all the time.


After ten seconds, the two men shouted and raised their hands to the sky.


The massive ball of energy was instantly changed and shot straight into the sky. In the twinkling of an eye, it grew farther and farther, and eventually, it exploded in the high air with a loud bang.

The bright halo spread in all directions, gradually drifting into a ray of light, with a fascinated and beautiful color.

“We did it!” Sengoku sighed relief; his forehead was covered with sweat drops.

Garp was looking at the two men in front of him.

2 to 2, the other side is strong; if the war is launched here, the Navy will not be able to afford the consequences.

now he had a reason to believe that the two men before him had absolutely the strength to sink the Sabaody Archipelago.

“What on earth are you going to do?” Sengoku looked directly at Qin Yi and said.

“It’s still what I said before. How about fighting again next time?” Qin Yi smiled.

Madara was standing beside Qin Yi, raised his eyebrows, but did not say anything.

Previous battles made him realize that people in this world also have high power.

“Next time, then?” Sengoku asked, and he was about to go.

“What the hell do you want to do?” he asked.

Qin Yi raised his eyebrows and then smiled.

“build a kingdom that is covering the whole ocean that allows all people to be truly free and live for their dreams.”

“It’s a headache to see that the corrupted World Government still ruling the world.”

Hearing such words, the face of Sengoku changed and then said coldly.

“Crazy, man!”

Qin Yi smiled slightly, but he did not say anything.

“Next time we meet, I won’t let you go!” Sengoku said.

The two sides had fought for less than half an hour, but the island was sinking at their feet. Sengoku was afraid to imagine if the scale of the battle expanded what will happen to the casualties here.

Moreover, he can’t explain this to the World Government.


Qin Yi laughed and then turned around.

“Madara, we should leave!”

Madara stared at Garp and took an in-depth look.


Garp gritted his teeth and rushed out again, but Sengoku stopped him.

“Ace is all right!”

Garp was stunned, and his anger dissipated.

“There he is!” Sengoku pointed to the direction of Qin Yi and Madara.

Looking in the direction indicated by Sengoku, Garp was smiling for a while, then laughed loudly.

“Hahaha, this stinky boy, I worried about him, it turned out to be alive.”

In a collapsed street not far away, Ace and the three generals jumped out.

 Ace also saw him.

“Grandpa Garp!”

“Do you know that old guy?” Madara walked up to him and asked with a sigh.

“Sensei, he is my grandfather.”

Ace observed the confrontation between the two sides and the horrible situation of the island at this time and immediately understood what was going on.

“He’s powerful,” Madara said.

Ace smiled and waved to Garp.

“it’s been a long time, Gramps; you are still strong!”

“Bastard boy, do you want to taste my iron fist? Get back; you got to become a Marine!” Garp roared.

However, he was smiling.

“It’s time to go.” Qin Yi came over at this moment and said.

“Your Majesty!” The three generals saluted him.

Qin Yi nodded, smiled, and nodded at Ace, and then walked away quickly.

“Goodbye, another day, Gramps. I’m sure I’ll surprise you! also, as for being a marine, it’s impossible!”

“Not in my life!” After that, Ace quickly followed Madara.

Being able to fight with Garp it means a lot to Ace, Sensei’s strength is unpredictable. Ace knew very well that he could learn more by following this strong man.

Looking at the group of Qin Yi leaving, Sengoku was secretly relieved. However, when he saw the situation of the island in front of him, he had a headache again.

“Ha ha ha ha, Ace a funny kid, even with this group of people.” Garp laughed.

“Garp, as a navy, can you be serious?” Sengoku beat his forehead.

“This group of people is hazardous.”

“after Ace followed them, do you know what kind of end will you face?”

“Once something wrong happened, you’ll get all the blames for not educating him well!” Sengoku was mad and shouted.

Garp’s eyes shrank, then he laughed again.

“I don’t think they look like bad guys, either.”

Sengoku was utterly speechless, turned around, and left.

Half an hour later, the Sabaody Archipelago subsided, and the Marines returned to the headquarters.

However, the world boiled again. This time, it was more shocking than the previous one. The news was spreading to the outside world, which made countless people stunned.

“King Qin’s governing power, comparable to the strength of the four emperors, was in direct collision with the Navy headquarters, Sengoku the Fleet Admiral personally.”

“Blood-eyes Asura, Uchiha Madara, and the hero Vice Admiral Garp were in a long fight that hard to distinguish who won.”

“Two islands were sunk and shocked! There are still such strong men in the world.”

It’s incredible that such a big event immediately caused a tremor in the world. People from all over the world have shocked.

Since ancient times, the Grand Line has been the concentration of the strong. The first half is weaker than the new world. However, when people know that in Alabasta, in the middle of the Grand Line, there is another strong man who can compete with the four emperors, they are all shocked.

After one day, the bounty for Qin Yi and Madara was determined.

“the usurper King, king of Qin, who was in power, got a bounty of 1.6 billion Belly. He disdained the World Government, and had the ambition to dominate the world!”

“Blood eyes Asura, Uchiha Madara, got a reward of 1.8 billion Belly for killing the Celestial Dragons, countless navies and destroying several islands.”

Once the two bounties’ orders were confirmed, they flew rapidly to all parts of the world.

The whole world, once again, was boiling.