The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 69: Such A Man

King Qin! Blood-eyed Asura, Uchiha Madara!

These two names spread all over the world, resounding in every corner of the Grand Line. People were shocked by the sudden emergence of these strong men and admired their courage to confront the Navy.

The world government has stood for hundreds of years and accumulated many foundations, and the Navy is its vanguard legion, which is its most active Legion.

Now, unexpectedly, there was no fear of the Celestial Dragons!

The world was shocked, but was extremely curious too, what kind of man he is? Moreover, how long can the newly rising Qin State resist the next storm?

How can a small force resist such a behemoth like the Navy and the world government?

In the new world, on the Moby Dick.

Whitebeard’s eyes were fixed on the bounties papers.

“I want to see what kind of men they are!”

The first time he heard about Madara’s name was from the newspaper, but this time he saw his face from the bounty paper.

Cold, proud, overbearing, indifferent, made the Whitebeard immediately like him.

The massacre of the Celestial Dragons triggered a great disturbance. Beat the two Admirals, and they faced the Admiral of the Navy fleet and the hero of the Marine Vice Admiral and survived. Madara and Qin Yi had a significant impact on the Whitebeard.

So implicitly, Whitebeard had a hunch that soon, he would meet them face to face.

“Come on; I’m getting older.”

“While I can swing my spear!”

World Government, Mary Geoise.

“Sengoku, you have to explain the cause of this incident, the original reason.”

“you should understand the great impact of this, Sengoku!”

The old man with indifferent eyes said to Sengoku in front of him.

The Five elders were shocked when they heard about the incident in the Sabaody Archipelago. Hundreds of years later, someone even waved a butcher’s sword to the World Nobles. As the descendants of the twentieth kings, The Celestial Dragons have always been a noble race, protected and respected by the world. For ordinary people, each of them is a king. However, such a big event undoubtedly showed that prestige had been declining.

This event was a terrible signal, whether for the world government or the Five Elders.

“I understand, so this time, I’m here to ask you how to do it.” Sengoku looked solemn and nodded.

“It doesn’t seem to be necessary, Sengoku.”

“The five of us agree with your plan in dealing with such an event.” Said another elder, sitting cross-kneed with a sword on his knees, his eyes were cold and sharp.

“That’s to say; we must stop this trend in time and quickly!”

“Whatever the price.”

Sengoku was hearing the Five elders’ response to the war, and his tone immediately became more serious.

“I see!”

Subsequently, the images of both sides were cut off.

 “is Qin State related to the D?”

“No, it seems not, Their behavior, tone, name, and their abilities are different from the family of D.”

“According to Kizaru’s report, it seemed more like coming from another world!”

“That’s troublesome. there are other worlds in the legends, does it exist?”

“It’s quite possible. Otherwise, there’s no reason to explain their different warships and their unique abilities.”

The five elders were discussing. Before them, there were numerous records of everything about Qin Yi on the table. It was after reading these that the five elders decided that Qin State and Qin Yi were extremely dangerous.

“Let Sengoku give it a try first. If he can eliminate it, it would be better.”

“If not, the situation will be hazardous.”

“Don’t be impatient; the patient men win in the end.” One of them whispered.

At the same time, in Amazon Lily, Boa Hancock was reading the newspaper.

“Such a man, such a man, there is such a man in the world!”

“He seems to be fascinating!”

 The Snake Princess, with the tall figure, slender legs, fair skin, and a beautiful face, can charm thousands of men and women, was holding two bounties, muttering.

“Qin State.”

“I have to go and see their king.”

“This kind of man must be seen with your own eyes!” she stood up and made a decision.

However, this decision made the surrounding women horrified.

“Hancock, don’t be impulsive; you know that you are now one of the Shichibukai.”

“Contacting them will bring us troubles.”

“At that time, the Navy will be our enemy, and the people on the island will suffer,” Gloriosa said.

Boa Hancock’s expression was firm: “No, I must go and see!”

“I want to thank them personally!”

After that, Hancock strode out of the island, despite other people’s obstruction.

After the two other sisters of Gorgon looked at each other, and followed closely, but her elder was in a hurry to keep up.

“You’re going to do something terrible. Don’t be impulsive!”

Three days later, in the first half of the Grand Line, you can feel the tension that permeates the sea. This tension, mixed with cold killing, makes many sea pirate groups trembling.

The Yaguri Pirates was a new pirate group that has just stepped into the Grand Line. It is sailing in the waters near Mock Town.

“Captain Yaguri, this is Mock Town in front of us. There are a lot of Pirates with bounties of tens of millions belly in this small town. You can find pirates with a hundred million bounties occasionally. We should be careful when we get there. “

The pirate said solemnly to Yaguri, who was standing in the bow of the boat.

“You’re right. This town is really dangerous.” Yaguri nodded, wearing a captain’s cap.

He was only a pirate who offered a reward of 30 million Belly. Perhaps when he was in the Blue East, he was still a thing. However, here, an ordinary person.

If you don’t pay attention to it, you’ll end up dead.

“When we get to Mock Town in a moment, you remember, Look more, speak less. “

Yaguri advised.

Soon, the pirate boat drove forward and approached to Mock Town.

Just as soon as they approached the port, the eyes of Yaguri and others on the boat were wide.

“That is?!”