The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 70: Haki

The coast of Mock Town was full of boats. All kinds of flags indicate that they are all pirates.

However, beyond that, Yaguri and others saw a ship with a colorful flag.

“It’s the State of Qin!”

Yaguri’s pupils shrank, recognizing that the ship was for the Qin State, its fame had recently spread madly in the first half of the Grand Line.

The State of Qin has initially been Alabasta’s Kingdom. However, it was replaced by a mighty army some time ago and renamed the Qin Kingdom. Among them, what is more, striking was that they have two strong men who can compete with the top big pirates.

All the pirates were terrified of the power of this country in the first half of the Grand Line.

The existence of a bounty of 1.8 billion Belly was unimaginable to them.

“What are they doing here?”

stood on the bow of the boat, Yaguri and others saw a group of soldiers with solemn uniforms, counting what was going on at the port.

“Captain, what shall we do?” Seeing the army of the Qin State, the crew were afraid.

“Look up; there is no such a problem on the island, I think everything is cool” Yaguri frowned and thought for a moment, and murmured.

In fact, they have no choice; they arrived here, and supplies were almost exhausted after all their purpose of going to Mock Town was to get the necessary food and clothing supplements.

The crew hesitated for a moment, and then the boat moved slowly towards the shore.

When they reached the shore, they got off the boat.

At the harbor, a soldier from the group, there said softly.

“Jaya now is under the jurisdiction of the State of Qin. we hope you have fun, but you must pay attention to your actions.”

“first of all, please, merchants and pirates come here to do a registration.”

Yaguri and others felt shocked.

 Mock Town has always been a chaotic careless zone; it was a headache even to the Navy. Today, however, it seems that the Qin State had wholly controlled the island.

They even regulated it. What shocked Yaguri and others was that at the harbor, the pirates with the bounty of 50 million and 80 million, were listening to the officer’s words and registering their identities despite their strange expressions.

that was incredible!

“Kid, don’t mess around; look over there.” Suddenly, beside him, an old pirate grinned and whispered.

The old pirate’s bad breath made Yaguri and others frown, but he looked toward the old man told him. Instantly, his pupils shrank.

“Is that?!”

“Yes, that’s the King of the Qin Kingdom, who has a bounty of 1.6 billion Belly. Although he was not a pirate, the Navy named him The King of the Stolen Kingdom!”

“Who dares to mess up with him here?” The old pirate laughed.

Licking his lips, then he said.

“You know what? Boy, when the King came back from his fight with the Navy, he was like a madman, sending out his troops and fighting everywhere.”

“He expanded and conquered the first half of the Grand Line towards the Twin Cape, and now seven countries have been incorporated into his territory one after another. “

Yaguri and others stared: “How can it be?” What the hell does he going to do?

“What he is doing? I’m afraid that the King of the Stolen Kingdom has a huge plan. He is crazier than the revolutionary Dragon and more open and exposed. his desire and hope are public to all the world.”

“he conquered Jaya this morning.” The old pirates said, he seemed a little excited.

For years, none of this has happened. In recent years, it can be said that the Qin Kingdom was the major event. Since the founding of the kingdom, the huge events were sequentially beginning from the slaughtering of the Celestial Dragons, defeating Admirals, destroying bases, and now the significant conquest of the Qin State, the world has been full of upsurges. The Qin state was like a superhero movie. Everyone wondered what the King was going to do next.

“It is clear that the Qin State itself is not strong enough. It is seizing the time to devour islands and develop its forces to fight against the world government and the Navy!”

The old pirates said.

Yaguri’s eyes widened. “But, the Navy does not react?”

“How? Most of the Marines Headquarters and the Basement of Sabaody Archipelago fought with the King and Asura from Qin State. Still, it was shocking and taken for granted that the Navy is defeated!”

“Besides, The Qin state has placed heavy guards over the waters near Alabasta, with a total of 50 warships, and blocked the main sea lanes tightly; This is to prevent the reinforcement of the Navy!”

“Among them, the one who has the bounty of 1.8 billion Belly, Blood-eyed Asura, Uchiha Madara!”

“This time, what the Qin Kingdom wants to do, will shake the whole world!”

Yaguri was shocked by the successive news: “What about the pirates? did not react too?”

“How is it possible? How could be that the unbound pirates not respond?”

“with their great ambitions and dreams, but all who faced the King at this period have surrendered and become subordinate to the state of Qin.”

“many brave men challenged the King, but none of them could stand for a minute. Did you see the pool of blood in the street? Many of them are pirates with bounties higher than 100 million Belly.” Said the old man.

Yaguri shivered all over when he looked at the pool of dried blood.

He was horrified but followed by that exciting feeling.

“Something big is going to happen!”

The state of Qin was so bold and brave that it did not doubt to challenge the Navy face to face, but what’s more terrible is that what this country was doing is turning the corner of the World Government.

Yaguri stared closely at Qin Yi, admiring his courage and majestic.

How many people in the world dare to do such a great thing?

At this moment, many people, like Yaguri, were excited about the actions of the Qin State.

Qin Yi was thinking about many things.

“his reputation is enough for the moment, But his power far from the Yonko.”

“Besides, I must master the three Types of Haki as quick as I could.”

“And I must go to Enel!”