The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 71: Armament Haki

The Alabasta’s events, the celestial Dragons Incident, the 2Vs2 fight, and the final bounty, all raised the reputation of the Qin State to the level of the “Four Emperors.”

then, Qin Yi has perceived that the state of Qin had some connection with some rules of the world.

He immediately and decisively ordered the Council to conquer the surrounding island countries and rapidly grow and expand his authority.

he sent a large army with Uchiha Madara to cut off the reinforcement of the navy, and his target was to dominate the island countries west of Alabasta toward the Twin Cape.

These days, the power of the state was increasing rapidly, and his power of the king was also overgrowing. Similarly, he was more closely related to some rules of the world.

“According to this progress, if I could control the first half of the Grand Line into, then I could carry out the establishment of the Portal!” Qin Yi was thinking.

Once the “Portal” is established successfully, the army of the King’s World will no longer be limited. When tens of millions of troops arrive, it will become easier to conquer the world. Of course, according to the plan of the Council, he should not confront the world too roughly in their current situation.

A world full of oceans, dreams, supernatural abilities, and so on was of great value to the Qin State.

Qin Yi was comforted that the matter of annexing the surrounding islands was the responsibility of the Council and three generals.

The three generals were not noticeable since they came here, although they are strong, their power was shadowy and unknown, they’re comparable to the Admirals for sure, but Qin Yi chose to use Madara and keep the Generals as a secret weapon.

A few days ago, after the beginning, the conquest around the Qin state, the time of the three Generals immediately began.

Qin Yi, at this time, was responsible for recruiting Enel and then annexing Skypiea.

“The ability of Goro Goro no Mi is handy!” His eyes twinkled, Qin Yi was thinking.

Enel’s temper in the original work is not easy to deal with. He has a powerful Logia.

 there are not many attacks in Naruto’s world to effect to intangible Logia users.

Deva path, in general, can affect everything, even energy, and the negligible period that take the user of Logia to transform himself intangible by will, but this hard to reach, the whole process was done in almost millisecond.

However, there is no doubt that if you have Armament Haki, then things will become simpler.

“Armament Haki.” Qin Yi was thinking.

Just if he could get the three types of Haki, Ace now one of his people, but it seemed that no one under his control knows how to use Haki…

“Your Majesty, everyone is ready. you can begin the process of conquering Skypiea.” Robin came up and said with a smile.

“Robin.” Qin Yi turned around.

“Sanji is making a fuss with Buggy again, and Ace was bored, and he is drinking in the bar at this time.”

“Your Majesty has been here for a long time. Is there something on your mind?” Robin asked.

On the day that After Qin Yi met Robin, she was shocked and frightened, but unexpectedly, Qin Yi invited her to join them.

“The little girl lost in the sea, do you want to have a home?”

“Join us, and you don’t have to live a hiding life anymore.”

“And I will take you all over the world, and those you yearn for and want to know you will all know and take in the future.”

He said just these short three sentences,

however, he made Robin’s eyes twinkling; she stared at his eyes for a long time, this person in front of her know her and, acutely aware of her dream.

Whether it’s for surviving or pursuing her dream, Robin chose to join.

“it’s not a big deal.” Qin Yi shook his head.

It is not necessarily for him to have Armament Haki for the moment. He also had many means to suppress the devil fruit’s abilities, such as a Jian sword made of Seastone to him.

The style of the ancient sword Jian showed the dignity and the Majesty of old times in China, which is very suitable for Qin Yi’s identity, and therefore, he named it Qin Jian.

At this time, Qin Yi was carrying the Jian sword.

Qin Yi was always yearning for the legend of ancient immortals of China. However, he knew the difference between his strength and this of those fairy worlds; he is still fragile.

when Robin heard what Qin Yi said she was suspicious and confused, but she didn’t ask much.

“Now, since they are all ready, let’s go!”

Qin Yi did not delay anymore and turned to leave.

He waited in the streets of Mock Town to try his luck and find out if any people had control over Armament Haki, but for several days, he gained nothing.

However, at this time, Qin Yi suddenly stopped.

He raised his eyebrows slightly and looked ahead.

There, a huge man dressed in coarse clothes was walking forward calmly.

When he was five meters ahead of Qin Yi, he stopped.

“The King of the Qin Kingdom?” The visitor’s face was solemn, he asked.

“Yes, who are you?” Qin Yi was surprised.

“My name is Bachu. I started practicing since I was four. Now I’m forty-five years old. I heard that your Majesty is powerful, so I want to have a try.” Bachu nodded and said.

Qin Yi’s eyes narrowed, knowing that the person in front of him was a person who wanted to take the opportunity to become famous.

He smirked and opened his right hand: “Come on, then.”

 All the pirates on the street were looking at this scene with shock. When Qin Yi came here, there were still many people who challenged him, but with each death or defeat, there were fewer and fewer people who dare to challenge him.

This man called not a famous person, but he looked brave to all the pirates here.

Everyone was sure that this is the end of this Bachu.

Soon, Bachu’s face was grim; he clutched his fist violently.

he breathed angrily and then wrapped his fist by Haki when his whole arm was covered around, Bachu roared and dashed to Qin Yi.

“Is this?!”

“Armament Haki!”

On the other side, Qin Yi felt a shock when he realized what Bachu meant when he said he was practicing for forty years, but it was an extended period.