The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 72: To Skypiea

That is the Armament Haki! That was the ability that Qin Yi had been waiting for and pursuing.

Qin Yi’s eyes changed immediately and to Sharingan. The movement of Bachu was visible clearly to Qin Yi.

“Finally, I find it!” Qin Yi said.

Bachu’s fist wiped Qin Yi’s cloak, but he didn’t touch Qin Yi’s body.

Bachu was shocked; He expected to punch Qin Yi’s body a full blow but didn’t hit him.

The other side was as if he saw the attack before it happened, which made him feel wrong.

At the same time, Qin Yi already grasped the wrist of Bachu.

A large force broke out, and Bachu suddenly fell, slammed off the ground.

Qin Yi stepped back, and he slammed his opponent’s wrist to the ground.


A crash burst out, the entire street was shaken, and the dust splashed three feet high. In the place where Bachu fell, the ground collapsed, forming a big hole.

One move, he caught and pulled him, and Qin Yi beat him.

“too strong!”

“The gap between the two is too big.”

“Although I don’t know what strength was wrapped around Bachu’s arm, it is mighty. it was like it was steel, man!”


The onlookers watched this short battle; they all flinched, then shook their heads and sighed.

The power of Bachu is absolutely outstanding, but in the face of Qin Yi, it was naive like a three-year-old child.

At this time, Bachu’s face was down, and he was lying on the ground, his body was shaken, and he felt embarrassing.

However, what happened hurt his feelings more than his body; it collapsed his beliefs.

Forty years of hard work, he was training Haki, and the first fight for him but fell like this, he had no face to face the world.

“am I weak?” He had doubts about himself and was shocked by the world.

“I didn’t use all my strength; you should be fine; get up.” At this time, Qin Yi said, and Bachu shook his body.

Despite all the pain in his body, Bachu stood up with dignity.

“I lost; you are powerful!”

Bachu bowed his head. He is a sincere person.

“Oh? The people who lost in my hands have never survived.” Qin Yi said softly.

This sentence made Bachu’s pupil shrink.

“What are you going to do?”

“I’m really grateful for your ability so that I won’t kill you.”

“But, you have to join me in the Qin Kingdom.” Qin Yi’s eyes flashed and said.

“Join Qin?”

Babachuan. For Qin State, who recently appeared on the Grand Line, he naturally knew that Qin Yi was the king of Qin State and invited him personally to join the Qin State.

With little hesitation, he nodded.

“Well, I joined your country.”

Upon hearing Bachu, Qin Yi showed a smile.

Qin Yi looked at his hand.

“Armament Haki.”

After separation from the Bachu, Qin Yi and Robin turned around, and he was still smiling.

Forty-five-year-old Bachu, his Haki, can only cover one arm. It can be said that his talent was not terrible, and he had a new life and a strong hope. However, for Qin Yi, he is his best man in the first half of the Grand Line.

Moreover, his ability can be developed in the hands of Qin Yi.

He can awaken the Bara Bara no Mi of Buggy and had Armament Haki now.

More importantly, the Armament Haki had a good effect on the people he will deal with next.

Enel, who has mastered Observation Haki and Goro Goro no Mi, his insight, attack, mobility, have reached a level that ordinary people cannot reach. Because of this, he dominated Skypiea and became the God of Skypiea.

Just imagine if Qin Yi could make Enel join his Kingdom.

“Baggy, Sanji, and Ace.”

“It’s time for us to go to Skypiea.”

Robin said with a smile.

Suddenly, all three of them got up quickly.

“Is it finally time to start? Great. We were going to suffocate here!”

The three of them stretched out and said.

“Your Majesty, the soldiers have prepared for us your exclusive means of transportation.”

“It seems to be called airplane,” Robin said with a strange expression.

She didn’t believe that the iron boxes with wings could fly into the sky.

Quickly, Qin Yi took all the people to an open area on Mock Town.

“The soldiers have cleared the woods, and the ground has been repaired. It’s an airport.”

Qin Yi glanced at it and nodded.

The open space is so vast that it can be used as a small airport.

At the starting point of the runway, close to the position of Qin Yi and others, a small private aircraft engraved with Qin Logo was parked there.

This plane was specially built for Qin Yi in the Qin Dynasty. At that time, Qin’s technology was not advanced, but it was not difficult to build an aircraft. It was put on a warship before. It’s useful at this time.

“It’s my first time to fly on a plane!” Looking at the plane in front of him, Qin Yi was full of eager to try.

“That’s what the soldiers said. Your Majesty’s special plane. Can it fly up into the sky?”

Ace ran over, and Buggy and Sanji stepped walked up to the plane, touching it curiously.

“A bunch of iron boxes, can it really fly?”

Everyone was very doubtful. There are many magical things in the world of One Piece, but such things as airplanes have never really appeared.

“Don’t doubt it. Get on the plane. I’ll take you to Skypiea.” Qin Yi shouted with a smile.