The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 73: God

Qin Yi boarded the plane after them.

After instructing the four men to fasten their seatbelts, he was ready to start the machine.


He was sitting in the pilot’s seat, with a long while. Qin Yi released that he couldn’t drive it, this is not video games, The atmosphere was a little awkward at the moment, and the four of them stared at him curiously.

“The power of the king.”

In the face of a series of really same buttons, Qin Yi could only search quickly in his mind.

After three breaths, he had the experience and the skill of a pilot, pressed the buttons quickly.

The plane began to tremble, and all four people’s expressions changed.

The shaking became more and more intense, and the sound of the propeller’s rotation was aloud.

Qin Yi’s eyes sparkled, and he smiled.

“let’s go!”

Qin Yi roared.

Suddenly, the plane began to move and accelerate. The four characters stared at windows with surprise.

The tremor became more and more intense.

“Too fast!” Buggy shouted.

He had never seen such a vehicle before, and it was far more than a sailboat.

“Get ready; we’re going to fly!” Qin Yi was in high spirits.

Piloting an airplane, flying over an island located in the sky, in his previous life, was something he never thought that he would do.

Quickly, as the plane speeded up to a limit, Qin Yi suddenly pulled the lever.


Suddenly, the front of the plane rose toward the sky… then the whole plane flew.

“it Flew; we’re flying!” Sanji shouted, the plane was farther and farther from the ground; he was shocked.

“we’re flying, Oh my God, we are in the sky now!” Buggy shivered, was looking from the window.

Ace was so excited; he found that after following his Sensei, he had seen too many incredible things compared with the adventures of pirates.

“Skypiea, the legendary Skypiea, does it exist?”

Robin was sitting in her seat at the moment; the tremor of the plane made her feel uncomfortable, not as excited as the others. On the other hand, there are only legends about the existence of an island located in the sky, and no one has ever seen it.

However, the king in front seemed quite sure of the existence of this island, and even he has already prepared the mean of transportation.

What made her even more bizarre was this thing called an airplane flew into the sky.

Qin Yi was excited. It’s so refreshing to fly an airplane.

At this moment, all the five people on the plane could see it was the blue sky, and they get higher and higher. They can even see the large white clouds ahead.

“Your Majesty, may I ask a question?” Buggy suddenly thought of something and asked aloud with a smile.

“Yeah!” Qin Yi.

“How shall we go down?” Buggy asked with a laugh.

“How to get down?”

Qin Yi was stunned and then laughed.

“Jump down!”

As soon as he said that, the four of them were stunning in their places.

“Are you kidding?!”

It’s impossible to jump down, of course. It’s just a joke from Qin Yi.

Qin Yi laughed and flew the plane up straight.

Half an hour later, the plane got closer and closer to the sea of clouds.

They all felt that as long as they reach out, they will able to touch the cloud.

Just then, their expressions gradually became natural. Looking at the white sea of clouds in front of them, and their eyes sparkled.

“This is the sea of clouds.”

“From the ground, I can’t feel such a sea in the sky!”

“So, beautiful!”

The four of them were amazed.

“Will there really be Skypiea? Are there islands floating in the sky?” Robin muttered, still can’t believe it.

“Haha, get to our destination right away; get ready!” Qin Yi smiled.

The plane was less than 100 meters away from the vast sea of clouds, and almost instantaneously, the aircraft crashed into it.

In the back seat, the four people were yelling. Moreover, they couldn’t see anything behind the clouds. At this moment, the adrenaline of the four people soared, and they felt the excitement

The feeling of flying, the sense of ascending toward the sky, is infinitely fascinating!

Even Qin Yi was shouting at this moment.

Soon, the plane rushed out of the White Sea, the four people’s eyes bright, the mood began to calm down.

“We got over it!” Buggy shouted.

Qin Yi lowered the aircraft’s head and made it fly smoothly.

The four sprawled over the windows and looked down.

“Is this?” For a moment, their eyes were full of shocked look.

Below, almost within a short distance, there was a vast white ocean, and high mountains, magnificent and shocking.

“Fish! There are fishes in the sea!” Sanji shouted, and the other three stared down, shocked again.

“Here, it’s an ocean, not an ordinary cloud!” Qin Yi said.

As the plane was flying quickly over the white sea, an island appeared in front of them, Ace screamed.

“There is an island there; it is Skypiea!!”

At this time, the four people were utterly shocked. In the air, there will be islands.

Qin Yi was looking at the island in front of him, realized that the island was the Angel Island.

As he approached, he saw the earth and forest trees that were the same as those in the blue seas. It was the other half of Jaya Island that was blasted up into the sky by Knock Up Stream hundreds of years ago.

“That’s the island of God!” Qin Yi said.

The four men looked down and were shocked when they saw the island that looked like an ordinary island but in the sky.

“Look there; it’s an angel!”

As the plane passed over Angel Island, Buggy screamed and pointed down.

“Where are we going, Your Majesty?”

All four of them were very curious about what was going on here; they were all baffled about the fact that the plane did not land.

“The island of God.”

“let’s meet the legendary god, Enel!” A smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, Qin Yi said softly.


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