The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 74: Mortals

the four’s eyes showed surprise, floating in the air of the island had made them feel very surprising, will there be a god?

With noise, the plane quickly crossed Angel Island and entered the sky over the God land.

This unique design aircraft, together with the inevitable engine sound, immediately attracted the attention of the Islanders.

“What is that?” it can fly in the sky!”

The Skypieans were looking at this thing that looks like a big steel bird, showing curiosity.

Inside the island of God, the Shandorians were hiding in the woods, ready to launch another attack on the island of God, to recapture their territory, when they found a rumbling sound across the sky, could not help but raise their heads.

“What’s this?”

“it headed to the place where Enel is!”

Weber’s eyes were condensed, and his face was puzzled.

“who dares to fly here?”

Kamakiri was surprised.

The whole Skypiea was afraid of the power of Enel. Within this territory, the people of Skypiea were trembling. Anyone knows that Enel’s highly developed mantra made him aware of almost everything happening in Skypiea.

“That strange vehicle can fly, and the people inside are very suspicious.” Wyper raised his hand and said.

“The group’s goal went straight to Enel. Let’s watch it quietly first,” he said.

His eyes twinkled, and he stared at the big bird flying over his head, heading straight for the heart of the island of God.

The rest looked at each other, and no one spoke. Wyper’s words were very reasonable. If there is a wave of outsiders fighting or confronting with Enel, that’s what they would like to see.

“According to the character of the guy, he won’t tolerate people in his territory!” He smiled, Braham said.

Behind him, all the other Shandorians fighters laughed. Everyone could not avoid such things as watching the theatre.

At the forefront, Weber looked calm and stared at the plane that cuts through the void.

At the same time, in the kingdom of God, Enel was lying on his throne, suddenly surprised.

An image flashed through his mind. Even though he did not go out to watch it, he had already got the case of Qin Yi and others.

“What reckless people, they dare to enter the realm of God.”Enel smiled.

“Such an impolite people should be executed!” He smirked, Enel slowly extended his index finger.

A blue thunder burst out and wrapped his whole arm.

“Take God’s punishment!”

“die! Mortals!” he said with a sneer, the arc disappeared in the fingertip of Enel.

Qin Yi, who was flying an airplane, can see the direction of the temple where Enel was located. The others look down from the windows.

“There is an ancient relic!” Robin was shocked and very curious.

“Don’t worry. When we finish our business, we’ll go and see it. I’m sure you will see interesting things here.” Qin Yi said softly.

Hearing Qin Yi said so, all of them showed curious eyes.

Suddenly, Ace’s expression changed, and he pointed ahead.

“Be careful, lightning!”

As soon as Qin Yi saw it, he dodged it.


The enormous blue thunder immediately struck down from where the plane was, crushing the trees.

“What’s the matter? How can there be lightning here? it’s sunny!”

Bucky was shocked.

The other three were also in a state of uncertainty. The lightning strike just struck suddenly with abnormal power. If it hit, their plane would be destroyed.

Qin Yi smiled.

“It seems that this god does not welcome us!”

After sighing, Qin Yi pulled the lever violently, raising the speed of the aircraft sharply.


The engine roared, and the plane suddenly turned into a streamer, heading straight for the temple of Enel.

Inside the temple, Enel was sitting cross-legged in his throne; his eyes turned fierce.

“Quite flexible!”

“Let’s try again!”

“God punishment!”

Stronger lightning burst out and instantly appeared in the sky above Qin Yi planes.

The sky suddenly brightened, and stronger lightning flashed across the sky, heading straight for their plane.

Qin Yi’s eyes were tight, then turned into Mangekyou Sharingan, capturing the fleeting trajectory of lightning and moved the plane to another side.


Lightning passed by again, splitting five big trees in a row and turning the ground into scorched soil.

“That’s terrible! What’s the matter with this lightning? Buggy screamed.

“don’t worry.” Qin Yi’s eyes became sharp.

The rudeness of Enel made Qin Yi angry.

The plane had approached the speed of sound, leaving a loud noise in the air.

In the semi-developed Qin Dynasty, the engine was on its limit.

“Oh? What a surprise!”

Avoiding a lightning strike again, Enel stared and stood up from his seat.

He looked forward, and he already could hear the roar of the engine.

“Come on, come straight to the God?”

“It’s big courage!”

One step, then Enel disappeared.

Outside the temple, the plane trembled, Buggy and the others were frightened.

“Get off the plane!”

Qin Yi smashed open the door of the plane with one blow, and the whistling wind came at once, making his hair and cloak fluttering.

“How can I get down?” Buggy screamed.

“Jump down!”

Qin Yi shouted and then jumped.

Ace and others were shaking their mouths, but it was unexpected that Qin Yi’s jokes on the plane had come true.

“Don’t hesitate, Buggy. Jump!”

Sanji stood behind Buggy and looked and kicked him directly.

Buggy was screaming.

The other three knew that if they did not jump at this time, it would soon be late, they closed their eyes and jumped.

Just after the five persons jumped down, the plane crashed into the palace ahead with a thunderous crash, and the flames rose several meters high.

In front of the gate of the God Temple, Qin Yi fell with a loud crash, splitting the ground.

Immediately after him, Ace and others fell in turn. When they arrived, Buggy was screaming in pain.

Suddenly, a blue beam suddenly broke out, and a tall man stepped out of it.

“You’re really bold!”