The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 76: Great Mercy


Enel was angry, the cold smile on Qin Yi’s face pierced into his heart at once and made him suffer from humiliation.

“you will die!” With a roar, Enel stood up in pain, and his whole body was lighting with blue lightning at this moment.

“50 Million Volt Bari!”

However, before his thunder and lightning could be released, a punch quickly rushed in front of his head and then hit him in the nose with a loud bang.

 after crashing a series of buildings, Enel was thrown like a dead frog.

the two punches erased Enel’s pride and arrogance.

He can predict the attack of his opponent, but he felt fragile in the face of this shocking young man.

these punches looked normal with no fancy or unique, Logia…power but made Enel confused.

“How could such a fist hit me?”

“my Logia form did not react at all, and I couldn’t predict his attacks with my Mantra, he hit me so simply!” Enel felt that it was unbelievable but had to believe it.

he got humiliated, and it was more painful, humiliating when he heard Qin Yi said:

“Do you really want to fight me?”

Enel was angry; Qin Yi punched him again.


Enel’s head and the ground beneath him crashed, his body was smashed directly into the shape of a crashed cockroach by this punch, the blood sprayed from his mouth, Qin Yi damaged his internal organs.

“the last advice that maybe you’ll listen to it, surrender to me!”

After the curved figure fell again, Qin Yi smiled and said to the eyes of Aini Road.

“I’ll kill… kill you!”

Enel gritted his teeth and sighed.

Just then, and another punch fell into his face, the ground beneath him was further splitting.

Behind Qin Yi, Ace and others came.

“It’s rare to see such a violent scene by your Majesty!” Ace shook his head.

“he is so violent, why!” Buggy covered his eyes.

“I wonder if your majesty will hammer him to death.” Sanji lit a cigarette, he said.

“He plans to put this fellow in his pocket; the power of thunder fruit, if developed, will certainly be a great boost for the Qin State.” Robin’s eyes twinkled.

As far as she knows, there are two Logia users in the Qin Kingdom, Crocodile, and Ace. If they add Enel, who has the fruit of the thunder, they will have three Logia Users.

the most significant advantages of the three Admirals that they have Logia.

In a sense, if Enel is subordinate to the Qin State, then the Qin State will have the same advantage that the navy had.

“That’s a very anticipated situation.” murmuring, Robin thought genuinely.

Once the Qin State had the power to confront the navy, it could be said that it was no less powerful than the four emperors. Because of the special place it occupies, the Qin State will have a profound impact on the world.

It can be imagined that once the first half of the Grand Line is in the hands of the State of Qin, what will happen to the world?

At this moment, Robin had a profound experience of Qin Yi’s ambition and courage.

“However, even if the first half of the Grand Line is controlled, there are still differences with the Navy and the World Governments.”

“Where did he get this confidence? Want to fight the whole world?”

There is only one thing that Robin could not understand.

Even the four Yonko never thought of dealing with the whole world, but could only stand up against the navy. The entire world is so vast that it is difficult to fight with the strength of Pirates alone. Then, where did this sudden King come from?

During this period in the Qin State, Robin even found that not only Qin Yi was confident, but the generals and soldiers, whose eyes were full of undisguised ambition and confidence in the world and Qin Yi.

In the front, Qin Yi was still hitting Enel, splashing blood, the scene was ruthless.

Qin Yi has long had the idea of controlling violence with violence against manic guys like Enel.


“Ask you again, join me, or I will kill you!”


After some punches, Enel raised his hand and weakly said that he surrendered.

In his heart, this smiling young man is not a human at all, but the Devil, this bastard is even worse than him. However, when he has to choose between life or death, he will choose life.

“very well then!” Hearing that Enel had finally surrendered, Qin Yi nodded with a smile.

a flash of blue lightning appeared on his right hand, which made him joyful.

“Good ability!”

Subsequently, He approached to Ace and others.

“Cure him, and then give you three days to gather all the people on Skypiea.”

“Well, it’s supposed to be easy, we have Enel now.” He said Qin Yi’s eyes twinkled.

Half a day later, Enel woke up with a bandage on his face, and his eyes were full of furious glances at the four people. However, when Qin Yi, sitting cross-kneed in the throne in front of him, shrank all over again.

nightmare, this guy was his own nightmare.

“Enel, since you wake up, that’s good.”

“gather all the people of Skypiea on this island!”

“the soil should return down; this island should return to its origin!”

Qin Yi’s eyes were deep, he said lightly.

On the island of God, there is a large amount of gold, which are necessary resources for the development of forces.

“This is my place, how can those mortals!”

Enel was about to open his mouth to refuse, but after Qin Yi stared at him, he shuddered back.

“Dare to argue with your majesty, this tallboy.”

Buggy snickered from behind Ace.

“Take action tomorrow, don’t waste time.”

Qin Yi again ordered.

The next day, the five people set out and announced Qin Yi’s order.

“All the people on Skypiea

 listen, God is merciful now.”

“You all follow me to the island of God!”

“Those who violate my orders will surely accept God’s sanctions!”

Enel’s voice reached everyone on the island.

At this time, Wyper, who was still on the island of God, and other Shandian fighters, became confused.

“Is he crazy? Will he Let everyone enter the island of God?