The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 78: Fall of Man

in the battle between Enel and Luffy, this arrogant and ruthless God of Skypiea wanted to destroy the Upper Yard.

In Qin Yi’s view, Enel’s pursuit of the unknown is really obsessive and crazy. Although he is a ruthless man, he has the desire to explore the outside world.

At the same time, Enel’s talent is excellent. At his current age and with no one to teach and he could achieve such a powerful force, and Mantra, which is something ordinary people can not do.

he was only on his way to growth that the young man went astray and needed someone to turn him around.

Standing in the void, looking down at the Upper Yard below, Qin Yi can still see the worry and fear of the people’s faces even though they are far apart.

No one can accept and believe the crazy and dangerous thing of falling into the blue sea; the Upper Yard was ten thousand meters above sea level.

“Well, let’s get started!”

Qin Yi’s eyes turned into Rinnegan and then printed with both hands.

“Tengai Shinsei!”

The emptiness trembled inexplicably, and a circle of ripples appeared behind Qin Yi. People suddenly found that the sky became dark. After a couple of seconds, when the large meteorite blocking the sun appeared, everyone was frightened.


“It’s a Meteor, my God! It’s over; this island is over!”

“What shall we do? There’s nowhere to escape.”

“The way he said about sinking the island was to summon a meteor?”

On the ground, there was an uproar; the Skypiean were terrified. Even Enel was afraid at this moment. He never thought that the young man who could defeat him with one blow would have such a means. It was amazing!

“can he even summon the meteorites?”

“A terrible man!” Enel muttered.

Over the sky, Qin Yi summoned the meteorite, but now he took a deep breath, and his face became serious. The role of meteorites is only to give the Godland an impact to make it sink from the White Sea. After falling, when It descends over Jaya, the terrible acceleration of gravity is the most critical issue. He must find ways to slow down or even eliminate this speed so that the island can safely fall into Jaya, which will be called success.

As soon as he bent down, Qin Yi quickly swooped down.

At this moment, his speed rose to its peak, almost in an instant, he had landed on the ground with a roar.

The ground cracked, and a circle of cracks appeared around Qin Yi, his knees slightly bent, and then suddenly looked up again, staring at the giant meteorite that was whistling down.

“Everyone, grab everything you can grab next to you!” Qin Yi roared.

At this moment, he was gathering all the forces in the cells of his whole body.

The meteor above his head was no less than a mountain hundreds of meters high. If there is no transmission or mitigation of the impact force when it falls, the island will inevitably split under the shock wave it brings.

On the ground of the whole island of God, the wind was roaring, sweeping up, many big trees, sand, and rocks, people there closed their eyes.

It’s a shocking scene, a scene where adrenaline is soaring, a horrible moment of death.

I don’t know how many people have started shouting in horror to vent their fear of the end of their life.

Quickly, the sun was blocked by the gigantic meteor, and the whole island was shaded.

“Come on!”

Qin Yi stared at the meteor, and the storm suddenly came down, pressing a layer of dust ripples all around him, and the ground began to sink because of the enormous pressure.

“Earth Release: Earth Flow River!”

He raised his hands, he suddenly stepped into the soil at this moment, and his expression became crazy.

That is a trick to pass the pressure of the land to other places. It is a very useful Ninjutsu at this time.


 the huge meteorite was fallen, Qin Yi was pushing it with his hands


Ripples were passing down Qin Yi to the island below. The enormous pressure, even though Qin Yi’s Ninjutsu conversion, still had many shortcomings.

The whole island of God began to tremble violently; the wind was roaring, the island’s face changed dramatically, death seized everything around him, watching the rolling dust, the Skypieans hearts despaired to the extreme.

The island of God was shaking wildly. Qin Yi’s face was red and twisted. The meteorite that fell in an instant had almost infinite force.

He did not use Ninjutsu to reduce its weight; he wanted to use its pressure to bring the island down.

Ripples and dust poured in all directions towards the island of God. Almost everything within a kilometer of him was blown away.

after a brief, the island of God began to fall, and a large force was transferred to the island.

A series of strange, horrible voices came out, which made the people on the island close their eyes.

Enel’s pupils shrank, and he was not afraid of the enormous wind pressure. He looked around and found that the island of God was falling faster and faster.

After a couple of seconds, the edge of the island of God has been covered by the sky-white sea of clouds, which shows that this huge island has fallen into the white sea.

“It’s falling!”

Gradually, the speed was getting faster and faster. One minute later, everyone on the island felt the whole island suddenly light.

On top of their heads, they saw the endless white sea.

“we’re sunk!”

People looked up and shouted in horror.

Yes, at this moment, the Upper Yard had fallen under the White Sea.

the wind rushed suddenly, without the support of the White Sea, the island of God began to fall.

at this moment, Qin Yi smiled and punched the meteor out.