The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 2: Chapter 79: Roger’s Son


Qin Yi smashed the meteor into dust.

Immediately afterward, Qin Yi bent over and pressed his hands on the ground.

“Earth Release: Ultralight-Weight Rock Technique!”

The dust gathered around his body.


Strange energy fluctuations were rolling, spreading madly in all directions.

The energy fluctuation stopped just after it covered the whole island.

At this time, people caught in panic, only to find that the island under them began to fell slower after its previous sudden acceleration.

“Open the octopus balloons!” Ace was standing high, shouted at everyone below.

The Skypieans suddenly stood up and turned around. At this moment of life and death, they were rolling and crawling to the front of the previously buried bracket and then open the octopus balloons.

The sound of balloons spread rapidly across the island. After a couple of seconds, Ace, standing high, could see almost all the balloons floating in the wind.

When all the octopus balloons were opened, the island’s speed dropped another degree.

Qin Yi breathed deeply. Instead of relaxing, he flew up quickly and headed straight to the bottom of the island.&

“At the same height, the speed at which objects fall can have little to do with the quality.”

“I still need to apply an external force!”

Qin Yi’s understanding of this truth didn’t cost him many hours in the physics classes.

The speed of the island was suddenly reduced, but soon, it will accelerate again and reach the limit.

He flashed until his figure was turned into a light, and after a circle around the island, he came underneath.

“Earth Release: Ultralight-Weight Rock Technique!”

 He applied the Ninjutsu again; he grabbed the bottom of the island. The huge island was once again shocked.

Qin Yi gritted his teeth and stood underneath, holding the island.

Then, the massive island of God began to slow down.

Half an hour later, the Skypieans were looking down, could already see the endless blue sea, the high waves, that shocking everyone.

“Is this our hometown, Jaya?”Wyper and other Shandians soldiers, looking at the bottom, can not help but sigh.

“It’s beautiful!”

At the same time that they saw the sea, the pirates and the people of Mock town also saw the vast island that was falling.

“My God, there’s an island falling from the sky!”

“There are people on the island, are they angels?” People looked at it all and felt incredible.

After the shock, everyone quickly reacted, what would happen if such a huge island fell into the sea.

“Fuck! Hurry up! Change direction, Stop driving ahead. Do you want to die?

“Crazy, crazy, get out of here quickly!”

“I don’t want to see angels later. so neither now.”

the quiet sailing boats on the sea were all beginning to turn quickly and fall into panic.

On the other side of Mock Town, Mont Blanc Cricket, who had just stepped into the shore from the sea, was stunned.

“What is that?” Looking at the sky in a daze, Cricket felt the darkness coming, and his pupils were shrinking.

Gradually, when he saw everything in his eyes, his whole body trembled.

“Really! The legend is true! What Noland said is true!”

He searched for the traces of the Upper Yard all his life but did not expect the truth would come to him on this day. Once washed up in the sky, that brilliant civilization returned!

He couldn’t stop tears running out of his eyes. Cricket knelt on the ground and burst into tears.

He’s not a liar, Noland is not a liar!

“It’s time to withdraw. Even if it falls, it will be safe from here!” Qin Yi was still under the island of God, was thinking.

The vast island of God is only a hundred meters below the sea. If he does not evacuate, he would be under the sea soon.

“Just, Mock Town!”

Shaking his head, Qin Yi did not care so much at this time, and it was too late to hesitate.

Because the island of Jaya was washed up into the sky, so now it falls in a position that is not much different. Even Qin Yi observed that when the whole island was at sea level, he was satisfied that the two islands would once again become complete.

He withdrew and flew quickly out of the lower part of the island of God.

At the moment when he withdrew strength, the entire island began to tremble, and its speed suddenly accelerated.

Almost instantly, the island had fallen heavily into the sea.


The sea trembled, splashed the water. Moreover, it spread in all directions. Throughout the sea, there was tremor and vibration, waves, and small whirlpools appeared.

Where Cricket was, the sea swelled almost instantaneously, pushing toward the Mock Town.

In the place where Kulik was, the sea water almost skyrocketed in an instant, pushing in the direction of Magic Valley Town.

“Come on, come on! “

“Welcome home!”


Opening his arms, Cricket was full of excitement, expressing his emotion.


The sea rushed in and drowned Cricket, together with his house, and it took him farther away.

In Mock Town, the people were almost at the same time covered by the rushing seawater, and then float up. There were screams all over the island.

“Safe landing!”

Qin Yi stood in the air with a smile on his face, looking down at the island, the water was all over the scene, drowning everything.

Not only was there no guilt in his heart, but there was even some pride in it.

It took four or five hours for everything to calm down. People who have recovered are shocked to find that Mock Town had grown bigger.

No, or instead, the missing part of Jaya, appeared in everybody’s eyes.

Near dusk, two people were silent in front of a black stone monument on Gaya Island.

“So, what does the last sentence say?” Ace whispered.

“I have come here and will lead this passage to the farthest ends of the world. Gol.D Roger the Pirate!”

Robin was puzzled and said slowly.


Ace raised his head and looked out into the distance with a sad look.

“Have you been here, too?”