The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 65: Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto!


    Immediately following the arrival of the captains, they quickly brushed Matsumoto Rangiku’s shoulders and reached Yamamoto’s side, lined up, holding Zanpakuto, looking forward.

    “Tōshirō Hitsugaya, retreat!”

    Yamamoto shouted with solemn eyes.

    In the sky, Hitsugaya, who fought against two captain-level enemies, had bloodstains all over his face and body at this time, completely at a disadvantage.

    Fighting two at the same time, even he was somewhat powerless.

    “Huh!” With a sigh of relief, Hitsugaya suddenly swung his Zanpakuto and pulled out a long string of ice flowers. The cold air was spread all over the place, and the two officers were forced to retreat, he retreated.

    Seeing that the enemy about to flee, the officers of Utopia wanted to chase him, but was stopped by Qing Feng below.

    “No need to chase, let’s see what they want!”

    Qing Feng turned his gaze, staring at the leader of Soul Society standing in the front, and the captains lined up behind him, he grinned.

    “Gotei 13, Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto!”

    “You seem to be a little surprised.”

    He stepped forward and walked to the front of Utopia’s Shinigami.

    At this moment, except for Chengdui and Aizen, the other captains of Gotei 13 have already arrived, and a large number of Shinigami gathered here.

    The two camps are now facing each other, staring at each other, and the atmosphere was extremely tense.

    “Who are you? What is your purpose!?”

    Yamamoto asked in a deep voice.

    He leaned on the wooden crutch with both hands.

The ground shattered in an instant, and a wave of air centered on him, blowing his robe and shooting in all directions. When it reached the front of Utopia Shinigami, an extremely powerful wind had formed, causing the people in the front row to retreat and squinted their eyes.   

  “Oh? The old guy is strong!”     Qing Feng’s eyes shrank, revealing a trace of fear.

     Sure enough, as the intelligence said, the captain was stern and powerful.

     After leaning a little, he smiled again.   

  “as the representer of our country, I’m here to ask for something from the captain!”

 “What?”     asked Yamamoto.

    ” Soul Society authority!”     Qing Feng’s smile dissipated, turning into icy cold.

     “too much to ask!”     Facing Qingfeng’s words, Yamamoto just said lightly.

     “Then, we had to take it ourselves!”     Qing Feng suddenly raised his hand and said coldly.

    Suddenly, he waved his right hand.

    “Kill me then!”

    In the opposite of him, Yamamoto’s eyes, who was a thousand meters away, flashed an icy chill, and his body was stiff at this moment, and an invisible storm centered on him, The formation of a whirlwind quickly blew out.

    ” step back!”

 his voice resounded with endless majesty.

The faint words made the Shinigami of Soul Society behind him retreat one after another. Even the ten captains behind him all walked back quickly, for fear of being affected.

    “the Commander is really on fire!”

    “Obviously, he’s angry!”

“For the first time in nearly a thousand years, I’m really looking forward to the thrilling power!”

    the captains were talking with each other, the Shinigami behind them also stared at the front, inexplicably excited.

    Yamamoto, founder of Gotei 13 of Soul Society, the first captain, the founder of the Shin’ō Academy, His status is so high, and his life is almost equal to the history of Soul Society.

    At this moment, the suddenness of the war did not make the Captain-Commander panic. Even at this critical moment, he abandoned all distractions, how about the souls, other Shinigami, it didn’t matter all he has to do now is stop them.

    The other person who claims to be a Utopia country means that he is not a person from this world, so he is an enemy. And such a big fanfare, the sudden attack, his arrogant attitude, and brutal means have made the captain completely angry and murderous!

    How does he vent his anger? With flames, only flames.

    Directly ahead, the Shinigami of Utopia rushed in large numbers, their eyes were crazy, their expressions were full of confidence, strength, and killing intent. From everyone’s face, you can see their intentions towards Soul Society, as well as their unquestionable ambitions!

    “Soul Society is the Souls realm!”

    “No one can come!”

    Yamamoto roared.

    The crutch in his hand suddenly peeled away at this moment, and his Zanpkuto appeared in everyone’s eyes. the temperature in the air began to rise at this moment.

    ” Reduce All Creation to Ash, Ryūjin Jakka!!” The

    He said it made everyone present shrink their pupils.

    Because at the next moment, this ordinary-looking, but the oldest and most powerful fire Zanpakuto began to tremble.

     A flash of flame rose, appeared from the blade, followed by burning the entire Zanpakuto handle.

    The wind started to blow, and Yamamoto’s robe trembled, and the flames burned more and more vigorously.


    Suddenly, Yamamoto’s calm eyes glared, and the extremely majestic fluctuations of Reiatsu on his body shot out in an instant, and the flame on the blade was already as hot as the sun.

    The temperature of the place had suddenly risen by forty degrees.

    Then, his long sword flashed, it was already horizontally in front of him, and he swung it fiercely.

    ” Ennetsu Jigoku(Flames of Hell)!!” he shouted, and the flame above the blade expanded, enlarged, heated, and extremely burning.

    ” Crackling!” “hissing!” “Sting!” The mixed voices rang out at this moment, and a huge pillar of flames suddenly appeared around the Shinigami army while running.

A pillar of flames appeared and then roared. A series of sounds came out. Dozens of huge flames pillars appeared at this moment. The extremely warm flames scattered around, wrapping and swallowing Shinigami around.


    Suddenly, a scream came out. The silhouettes of Shinigami of Utopia twisted and disappeared in the flames.

    Whether it is an ordinary Shinigami, or vice-captain-level or captain-level, at this moment, they will not be spared, and they will dissipate one by one under this hot flame.

    The flames spread quickly, covering several thousand meters ahead in the blink of an eye, enveloping the army.


   after a couple of seconds, Yamamoto shouted loudly.

    “Boom boom boom boom boom!”

    An extremely loud explosion sounded, the ground shook, and dozens of sky-reaching flame pillars swept all over with a terrifying aura, devouring a large piece of the army.

    There is no escape from this fire!

    Just then, Qingfeng’s pupils contracted and he gripped the handle of his Zanpakuto.

    And the lucky ones who still not burned already were shaking from horror!