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K.T.W Volume 4: Chapter 66: Zanka no Tachi

    The flame spread out, covering thousands of meters, and everything in it has become hell.

    The flames reflected in the pupils of everyone, making them nervous, sweating from their foreheads, and they couldn’t help but holding the handle of their swords, It seemed that only this way would make them feel a little safer.

those sky-reaching fire pillars, bursting out of flames, god knows how many of the Shinigami got burned.

    A legion of Shinigami was wiped in a blink of an eye.

“wage a war against Soul Society? let me show you the consequences!”

    Yamamoto waved his Zanpakuto, and the flame flickered, burning.

    Around him, the void was distorted, and under the high temperature, it became turbulent, with ripples undulating, and the temperature of a large area was constantly rising.

    Above the ground, even though the flame was getting smaller, it is still burning.

In the swaying flames, everyone’s eyes were filled with shock and awe of the terrifying attack.

    “Everyone, get back, let the old man take care of this!”

    “Avoid accidental injury!” Yamamoto roared and began to walk step by step toward the field.

    And as he walked around, the soldiers of Utopia were also terrified.

    Although there was only one enemy, this old man, who was less than 1.7 meters tall, gave people an extremely powerful pressure, his originally squinted eyes opened even more at this moment, radiating an extremely sharp light.

“The sudden appearance of such a large number of foreign Shinigami makes the old man worried, and he is raging!”

    “Yes, Soul Society is his life!”

    Kyōraku Shunsui and other captains, discussing.

    They all knew that the Captain-Commander was really angry this time, Shinigami Army of that scale suddenly appeared in soul society for whatever reason, it was shocking, everything was jeopardizing.

    The consequences were extremely serious.  

   “All the soldiers who have reached the captain level, all go out to fight Yamamoto!”

 Taking a deep breath, Qingfeng drew his Zanpakuto, shocked his body, and his Reiatsu broke through the sky. Behind him, dozens of figures’ Reiatsu sore up.

     The mighty power fluctuations rolled over, making half of the sky tremble.   

  “Bankai!!” The next second, neat roars came out, causing the pupils of Soul Society Shinigami to shrink.

     “There are so many of them!” 

    “Even if it’s only a primary mastery, but this power is gathered together, it is quite terrifying!” The captains said in a deep voice.     

Yamamoto saw this scene, and his eyes were sharp, and the Zanpakuto in his hand was shaken.


 “Zanka no Tachi!”

    At this moment, his steps accelerated, and a series of footsteps were heard on the ground. In the blink of an eye, Yamamoto had stepped into the fire, bathed in flames, and his power reached the limit.

    “Kill him!!”

    Qing Feng roared, thunder and lightning rushed on top of his Zanpakutp, twisting into dense lightning.

    Thunder Zanpakuto!

    The silhouettes of the two parties suddenly rushed and collided in the next moment.


    Yamamoto’s Zanpakuto and Qingfeng’s Zanpakuto collided, and a strong wave of air broke out. At this moment, the flame and thunder were entangled, forming a whirlwind, hovering into the sky.

    “No matter what method you used to become a lame Shinigami!”

    “How could you enter Soul Society!”

    ” get out of here for good!”

His eyes were suddenly sharp to the extreme, Yamamoto burst out a very strong atmosphere.

    Qing Feng’s pupils contracted, and after the two immediately collided, he felt an extremely strong force and the violent momentum of the other party.

    Strong, he is extremely strong!

When the two swords stopped for a moment, Qingfeng’s body began to tremble, and he was stepping backward. the captain-level officers who followed behind him were shocked.

    Qingfeng’s strength is absolutely at the forefront of Utopia, even though there are 36 nobles above him, but he is powerful and famous all over the world.

    “hiss hiss!” After a couple of seconds, Qingfeng’s arm was wrapped in flames, and as his expression changed drastically, Yamamoto slashed.

    “Puff!” The flames rushed, and Qing Feng’s hand fell to the ground with the Zanpakuto.

    With one strike, Qing Feng’s arm was cut off.

    “Ah ah ah!”

    Qingfeng retreated, screaming.

    On the ground, in the blink of an eye, the arm holding the Zanpakuto was melted into a gas by the high-temperature flame and disappeared quickly.

    Zanka no Tachi!

    A fierce Bankai, known as the most powerful Zanpakuto in Soul Society. About 1000 years ago, he fought Yhwach, the leader of the Wandenreich, and he won against him!

    The horror of this Zanpakuto unimaginable, it was evaporating the water in Soul Society little by little.

    “Is that all? boy!”

    Yamamoto’s voice was deep, his aura became more majestic, and the pressure on Utopia’s army was even greater.

    he actually tends to crush hundreds of thousands of Shinigami.

    “Kill him!!”

    Qing Feng backed away again and roared, his expression was gloomy, his face was sweaty.

    Behind him, dozens of Officers Captain-class quickly approached, roaring loudly, attacking Yamamoto.

    The old man stepped out, with a buzzing sound, and he appeared in front of their fastest Shinigami.

    With a hand holding the Zanpakuto, he clenched the other hand into a fist, and then a punch was blasted in the shocked eyes of the opponent.

    “Ikkotsu!” a punch hit the opponent’s abdomen, and instantly the Shinigami squirted blood, his eyes staring out, and after a short while, his figure flew out for a full kilometer like a cannonball.

    Immediately afterward, Yamamoto waved his Zanpakuto.

“Hiss, hiss, hiss!” The flames burst out, hitting the Shinigami officer in front of him and he was vaporized with the terrifyingly high temperature.

    Afterward, his body shape was like the wind, and he swung his sword again and again, beheading more than a dozen captain-level officers.

    The Shinigami army was ready to attack.

    “96 Hadō Ittō Kasō!”

    “81 Bakudō, Dankū!”

    “Kurohitsugi!” With the vibration of the other hand, all the Kido are released to defeat the attacking people.

    After a while, the old man suppressed all of them alone, killing 58 captain-level Officers in a row, all in seconds, making the Shinigami army of Utopia completely afraid and trembling.

    “the Shinigami is more than just a Zanpakuto!”

    “You can’t be called Shinigami; you are just puppets holding a toy that looks like a Zanpakuto!” After solving all the enemies in front of him, Yamamoto, facing the hundreds of thousands of Shinigami in front of him, said lightly.

    Zanka no Tachi was in his hand.

    Hundreds of thousands, for him, are just numbers!